Improve Your Logical Reasoning Skills 7 Hacks For Critical Thinking

and prove your logical reasoning skills it stands to reason that you can be logical when running a business your decision-making will become more rational and less emotional look around our great leaders of our time Barack Obama Einstein and Aristotle thought appear to have too much in common but they were all logical and rational thinkers and today seven hats I’m going to help you improve your logical reasoning skills before I do that can I ask you a quick fiver can you please hit the subscribe button a notification bell on my youtube channel by doing that not only will you be notified whenever I upload a new video it will also help me out for the YouTube algorithm as my videos will appear and more searches that’s got to be a good thing right anyway let’s get back to improving your logical reasoning skills 1 get chunky ok so you’ve got a problem it seems huge and insurmountable you’re panicking and can’t think of where to start as simple just break it down into smaller chunks let me give you an example you need to reduce your write points but the task seems to were whelming click them then and to areas like entertainment travel rent heating and see where you can cut back before you know what your problem is deal with to face facts dor confuse fact and opinion facts are things that you know to be true opinions are formed based on hunches emotions and perhaps are what / a factual evidence you need to be business decisions based on observations nor inferences three play the game practice as much chess Sudoku and card games as you can your brain uses different areas for decision-making and this will improve your memory analytical skills focus and tactics these strengths will need to be developed if you are to boost your logical reasoning skills for there’s been a murder read and watch as many modern mysteries as you can pretend you’re a detective and try and solve the case don’t be swayed by emotion write down the facts and see what clues are emerging before coming to a conclusion always trying to recognize the patterns practice puzzles where you have to figure out what number comes next and a sequence 5 analyze this logical and analytical skills all hand in hand think about what’s going to happen anticipate what the next move are planners question everything use critical thinking to do this and template what you see are there any patterns use all these skills to come to a conclusion sex what is the objective you’ve got a decision to make but it’s hard not to let emotions get involved that’s a bad idea though as you’re more likely to make a bad decision if you haven’t thought about it logically here’s a top tip just remove yourself from the situation of course I mean metaphorically not much we imagine your friend or colleague has to make the decision what would you applies them to do it’s easier to develop your perspective and be skeptical when you have dinner on behalf of someone else 7 natural bias don’t be swayed by your personal opinions prejudice will get you nowhere and can be extremely damaging reject favoritism are one-sidedness when it comes to business take a step back and be reasonable accept that being wrong as the end of the world but make sure you won from your mistakes entrepreneurs have been called crazy as they arrest occurs and can see things other people can’t but all I ask is that that is method to your madness what do you think let me know and don’t forget to like comment and share [Music] you [Music]

Improve Your Logical Reasoning  Skills  7 Hacks For Critical Thinking

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