Indira Gandhi की दरियादिली पे पाकिस्तान को धोखा😲| A2 Motivation |

In spite of winning the battle with Pakistan in the year 1971 the Indira Gandhi government had launched 93 thousand Pakistani soldiers despite this, our 54 soldiers were still under the control of Pakistan as well as you will be sad to understand that, till date none of those 54 soldiers have been traced nonetheless, this problem remained to be increased in political circles for years the families of the soldiers kept begging with the government for their return yet no one got the info about those 54 soldiers as well as in the year 2015 when the Supreme Court asked the government where are our 54 missing soldiers? then the federal government claimed that, it is challenging to inform whether those 54 soldiers are to life or not because, Pakistan has constantly been refuting the truth of these soldiers being in captivity and due to these bad tasks, Pakistan'' s problem is somewhere like this today but individuals, here the big concern emerges that when we can launch 93 thousand soldiers of Pakistan then it could not release 54 soldiers what do you think? should create in the comment area as well as for even more such useful video clips, sign up for the “” A2 Inspiration”” channel see you in the following video clip.

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