1 lakh रुपए और 2000 डॉलर क्या है आपकी पसंद ? | A2 Motivation |

Guys, if you obtain a work of 1 lakh in India, as well as $2000 in America and if you were asked which of these work would certainly you select after that your answer would most likely be $2000 due to the fact that, $2000 in today'' s Indian rupees amount to 1,62,000 however by doing this, your doing your own loss just exactly how? allow me tell you in fact, when you do wage comparison between two nations after that you should find out about PPP i.e. Buying Power Parity which tells you by comparing the price of any type of same thing like if you want to contrast the salary of 1 lakh entering India with the salary of $2000 obtaining in America then you put the amount of salary of these two nations, on the PPP calculator and now you can see that the 1 lakh income in India amounts to the salary of $4321 in America i.e.twice that

of the $2000 work in America which indicates, if you select a task with $2000, you will have a terrible loss, not even money well guys, did you recognize this fascinating reality prior to this, and also if not? then most definitely compose in the comment section and for even more such impressive videos sign up for the “” A2 Motivation”” network, see you in the following video.

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