The Best Free Websites For Financial Market Analysis?

(upbeat electronic music) – Okay then, just a very
quick follow-up question to the video we did that
said what data do we use to determine a sentiment shift
in the overall risk tone. Now, what we look for, we mentioned, is overall equities, commodities, bond prices, currencies et cetera, and what Adam is asking is which free websites can we
use to get this information? Now there is one website that
has most of the information that we do personally use
as well, is

What's great about is you can create a profile for yourself and in that profile you
can have various portfolios that you build up to view a
certain type of asset classes. Now, for me, you can see I've
divided it up into equities, commodities, volatility bond
spreads as well as currencies. Looking at equities, this
is all futures markets, so this looks at both the
Asian as well as European and U.S. futures markets at a glance. Then we also have commodities where we can watch that
at a glance as well, whether it's copper, oil,
silver, gold, et cetera. We also have volatility
where I'm looking at the VIX, the TYVIX as well as the OVX and GVZ, which is gold volatility, oil
volatility, bond volatility and the VIX futures.

Then at bonds we also have
all of the normal bonds that we have on the trading
view charts as well. In terms of spreads, the
ones that I like to look at is the LQD, these are ETFs, LQD and HYG, LQD is the investment
grade corporate bonds, and then the HYG is the
high yield corporate bonds. So also look at those two. And then the currency one, basically, you set it up the exact same way we've set up Reuters with the base currencies at the start which basically gives us a very quick view to see whether a particular currency, you see the weak across the
board, like we can see the CAD, or strong across the board, like we can see the Ozzie
dollar, as an example.

So that is a free site that we use that has most of the information
that we're looking at. So I hope that can help
you out there, Adam..

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