Hello guys and welcome to Til Vacuum Do Us
Part and welcome to 2023! I cannot believe we're already stepping into
the new year and I just felt like it's always best to start with a declutter video I feel
like with Christmas time and the holidays everything's coming in so now it's time to
release the items we're not using or we don't want or that brings bad vibes and release
them into the world to someone else that can enjoy them so that's what we're going to be
working on here today I'm decluttering this entire house I've been itching to do it over
the holiday break but I wanted to do it for you guys on camera so I am ready to go and
I hope you guys are too but let's go ahead and jump straight into today's video foreign [Music] the first place we're going
to be starting today is my closet because for me it's the easiest place to start I'm
not like um attached to any of it you might be but for most people it's going to be harder
to get rid of like personal items and things that you might use again like in the kitchen
but clothes typically is the easiest place to start so that's where we're starting today
you can either watch me declutter and do some decluttering later or you can take your phone
set it up in your closet and declutter with me [Music] honestly the hardest part with getting organized
is just getting started so if you can just find a way to get the motivation tell yourself
you're just gonna go pick out three things that you don't wear anymore or grab like a
Walmart sized bag or even a trash bag and say I'm Gonna Fill This up do whatever you
have to do but I promise you once you get going you're not going to want to stop or
slow down you just like keep building momentum and you just want to keep decluttering [Music] [Music] I have a pile and I feel like it's
looking really good like that is a lot of clothes you can already tell like my bar is
all um just spaced out like I'll go back and organize those later but you can see there's
a lot of gaps so my clothes aren't going to be like super crammed I can find what I'm
looking for so like I said I'll deal with that here in a second but I want to move on
over to this area and see what I can clear out of here [Music] there are two tops in
here I'm iffy about but I'm gonna go ahead and leave them because they're like winter
tops and we're just now getting to Winter if I don't wear them this winter I'll get
rid of them but like any of my summer tops that I went through the entire summer and
I didn't use them then I know chances are next year I'm not going to um right here with
all these shoes I feel really good about them they're not super crammed I feel like I reach
for all of these and wear them um the sandals I don't have many of so I'm gonna go ahead
and leave those once again this summer and I feel like this last summer I wore all of
these if I don't next summer or I start buying a lot more shoes I can do like the one in
one out rule these aren't like my favorite ones right here so if I get something new
this summer I'll just take those out and put the new pair in so that's another way you
can kind of declutter as you go when you get a new sweater pull an old sweater out or if
you get a new tank top pull something out so like if something comes into your closet
make sure something's coming out of your closet okay I'm only foreign [Music] so typically I like to tidy as I go
so once I was done with my clothing I went ahead and folded them you can put them away
if you want to see your progress you may just pick a room put it all on your bed put it
on your living room floor just find a spot so you can see that you're like making progress I think we did really good I just counted
my hangers and I have 23 so look at that now when I go shopping I know I have room for
it you guys always ask me how many hangers I have I wouldn't go based on hangers I would
go based on just pieces you love but you know if you have this many extra hangers at home
you have room in your closet if you go to the store and you're like I already have stuff
on my ground because I don't even have enough hangers for what I have in my closet then
it's time to declutter because as you can see I have all those hangers and all of those
hangers from just decluttering I've been decluttering a lot lately so if I can declutter anybody
can declutter now next um or not next this needs to get done but I don't declutter family
members items because this is their items so I'll have Chase do this later he's not
home right now so we're gonna move on into the bathroom these are like all the cabinets
I want to work on mainly um this drawer because it's all my makeup these are pretty organized
and then this whole guy so we're gonna get to work now [Music] every time [Music] I feel like a beauty products
are always sneaking their way into my bathroom and that's two reasons one I love testing
out products for you guys so you save time and money so I'm always trying out something
and then Savannah's really big into skincare plus she's super sensitive so she'll try things
out um if she loves it then I want to try it sometimes when she doesn't love it or it
just irritates her skin sometimes I test it out because I'm not sensitive skin like I
don't have sensitive skin like her um so there's just constantly this like rotation of beauty
products coming in and out of my bathroom [Music] some people [Music] try to get tired
if you don't have a reason [Music] just a little reminder make sure you're being
very aware when you're going through your items especially like beauty products I'm
so guilty of like decluttering this drawer and I left all these lipsticks in because
they were my favorite at one point but as I was looking at them they were either empty
dried out expired or they were a color I just used to love that isn't my favorite anymore
so just try to be really aware when you're decluttering [Music] this definitely needs to be cleaned
out it is so dirty down there but that's like a different day try to just focus on decluttering
don't try to do a ton of organizing don't try to do a ton of cleaning unless you're
just going to tackle one area at a time and then that works if you're just gonna focus
on getting this drawer decluttered cleaned and organized that is totally fine but if
you're trying to declutter a lot of areas just focus on decluttering I wish I would
have showed um a clip of this before I think I forgot to get it because it was so bad I
mean I know some of the stuff was like from the cabinets but there was so much like trash
and things in here that I didn't even realize I wasn't using so now that I've gone through
it I'm going to be more cautious and see like which lipsticks I'm grabbing the liners but
I do like to keep extra of those because I like to change out my lip color and I also
like to mix my lip color so if I get one I don't like I mix it with another one so I
like to just keep those but this is looking so much better I was I've been itching to
like get this done and that done in my closet so I'm feeling really good so far now we're
gonna move on and the next area that I'm driving me crazy because I host a lot so I keep a little more
in here especially like this drawer I don't use this stuff every day I need to kind of
organize it better but when family's over like we're all cooking so I need all of that
but all my serving trays and stuff I really want to go through this stuff because I'm
going a little more round and I have a lot of square platters in here because I used
to have square dishes but I gave those to my sister so I actually want to pull all of
those out and I'll just give them to her so I want to go through that same with up here
it's a lot of serving stuff just everything I need to open up all these cabinets this
is one I would declutter if it was up to me but my daughter loves her cups this is even
half of them because they're really in the dishwasher but she uses them like every single
day she uses them here she takes them to dance so that is just what it is but I am gonna
just go through I really need to get rid of these at some point and just order a new set
I thought I'd do it with Thanksgiving and forgot but they're all like cracked like all
of them so I probably just need to get rid of those and it'll force me into buying new
ones um dishes are looking fine I recently got these right before the Christmas time
and I bought like two full sets because I have so many people come over to eat and it
was so nice having all of this like I never ran out of a dish so that was super nice and
then my cups are good once again my dishwasher is probably full because that whole shelf's
empty but we are just gonna kind of work our way through and declutter as much as I can
but still have the things I need for when I'm hosting [Music] foreign [Music] a tip that's always worked for me when I'm
decluttering is to pull everything out of the space especially if it's like like items
and they even say like when you're doing your clothes if you're really trying to do like
a massive declutter pull all of them out and then put them back in and you're more likely
to get rid of more versus when you're just skimming through things that's kind of what
happens in my beauty drawer I was just like skimming over the lipsticks because in my
head I wasn't like seeing them anymore so when you actually take things out of their
area you will declutter more so keep that in mind if you're wanting to be like ruthless
and you're wanting to get a lot of your house take the time to do that that's what I did
right here in these cabinets and I was I was able to see everything touch everything decide
what I wanted and what I didn't and I'm really happy with how it turned out skies for the
rest of our lives [Music] I normally keep these first off I feel like
they match my backsplash is why I bought them but anytime we do like cheese dip it's nice
to have but in this set that I got I have like a ton of these bowls that actually match
my dishes because it came as a set um but you can tell I used to have this thing was
like I used to have like a salt and pepper shaker too but I don't think I need these
I'm gonna ask Chase just to make sure for some reason I'm having a hard time letting
go but we don't use them especially now that we have like all these bowls oh sorry that
probably was loud on camera sorry I think I have plenty of bolts don't you guys think
these can probably go that actually worked out really well because the bowls all used
to be right here and I never had a spot for this and it goes along with like all my baking
stuff because this is like all where my measuring cups and spoons are so it's perfect I could
even have another one right here if like I want to have one to do with Savannah or something
else comes in I already have space for it [Music] cause I [Music] cause [Music] [Applause] I'm just realizing that I have a thing for
cake stands or platters because like I have that cake stand I have those two those two
and then three tiny ones not to mention the one that's over there um I have this which
is kind of like a cupcake stand and then I'm pretty sure I have one in my office that I
have in my closet like with stuff displayed on it so I guess I hoard cake stands I probably
need to go through those but I feel like I decorate with them I don't so much use them
a ton like serving like I do always like keep one out here and I switch it out but since
I have the space and I use them I'm gonna leave them but this is one of those things
if you didn't have the space form you'd kind of have to choose which one you want most
and I feel like all mine are different like I have a black one I have the wood one I have
the white one so they kind of have different purposes maybe am I just justifying keeping
them I think I am [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we are doing a really good in here a cabinet
that I would like love today clutter is this one but we use it all now I will clean it
and organize it another day I wish I could get rid of stuff down there but like I said
it all gets used so definitely never get rid of things that you use if you use them it's
totally worth it next up is this area and I dread it if you guys have been following
me I don't even know how long I've been on here I think it's close to like five years
I rarely clean up here like in any house I've been in no matter what I just feel like the
attic the shed and this little area is Chase's domain it is not organized like how I would
it's just Randomness it's stuff we use but I'm going to do it for you guys today 2023
I'm tackling this cabinet [Music] so leave me a comment down below I want to know the
area or areas in your house that you hate to declutter is it like your kitchen is it
above your refrigerator is it your closet is your cleaning supplies what is it that
you just like try to avoid at all costs behind your eyes the way you're talking [Music] Chase [Music] I took down a lot of things so I could
process like I know I needed these I really only use them in like October and November
for pumpkin bread but I need to see if I find a spot for him if not back up they go these
I do may want to keep I don't know I gotta think about that I do have too many vases
I swear I clear these out every time and they just make their way back into my home um the
only one I Won't Give Up is this one I got it as a wedding gift and so I love having
that but I don't think I need this many I like love this one I just don't know if I'll
ever need one that big um and then these two I like but like I never pull these out so
I'm trying to decide like do I just keep the one I use I know I could do some fun like
DIY projects with this but I haven't ever so I probably won't so I'll figure out what
to do with these [Music] foreign [Music] I declutter a lot and I even
decluttered a lot like off camera Before Christmas before the holidays I knew people were coming
in but it's amazing how many things I was saving because I thought oh maybe I'll use
it what if I need that one day and then finally I realized I had so much stuff in my kitchen
that was what ifs and I finally decided I'm not playing that game anymore if I haven't
used it in a while like a lot of the stuff I haven't even pulled out in our current home
so if I haven't used it here I'm obviously not gonna use it so it was time for it to
go [Music] foreign [Music] now we're going to be going into my
laundry room area and you're gonna have to bear with me because it's messy a lot of the
stuff I've been bringing in here I've got laundry going some of this all clear out but
all these bins I want to go through some of them I'm in all the time the dog Bin's just
going to be messy we use everything in there but I feel like there's a couple bins I never
get in so I just want to declutter those I want as many of these as empty as I can before
we go to the new house because if I'm not using it there's no reason to pack it so we're
going to go through these four and then those four [Music] tonight [Music] [Applause] [Music]
once you get the hang of decluttering I promise you you're gonna actually enjoy it like I
get so excited to declutter I have to remind myself that I have to do it on camera because
you guys want to watch me but I feel so much better like my house will feel cleaner it'll
feel lighter my body will feel lighter like it's just so good for your soul I know that
doesn't even make sense but if there's a clutter in your house there's like clutter in your
mind and just by releasing that you will feel so much better foreign [Music] [Music] I always made it a priority when Savannah
was little to teach her how to get rid of things how to let go I never want to be someone
that just like really prizes like Earthly possessions and so I've always taught her
like material things are just material things they're not what life's about and so she has
all her favorite things that she keeps even has a little we have her baby blankets and
her stuffed animals but if there was a toy she was done playing with I always taught
her how we could let it go we could donate it we could let another kid have it and so
now that she is like a teenager which is crazy I have a teenager but now that she's a teenager
she does it all on her own I never have to ask her to take the Clutter I'll go in her
bathroom her clothing she only keeps the items that she's loving and using and what she doesn't
she shares with friends and her cousins and I just love that she has that instilled in
her from the beginning um because she's never going to be attached to things [Music] we've belonging to escape and here we are
driving nerves I'm gonna sit down and go through like all my Vacuum Supplies because I know
there's some of these that I use a lot but I need to figure out if there's some I'm not
using to get rid of um because they go with my vacuums and I think even some of my like
shampooers I dropped some of the treats when I was putting them into the bag so he's finding
every crumb he can find I think I'm gonna finally get rid of my Young Living oils and
diffusers I just don't use it anymore um and a lot of these are like close to empty anyways
um but like I said I just haven't used them I keep saving them just to save them but I'm
just trying to be like just really good about like if I'm not using it why am I storing
it I just rather have empty bins like just rather have empty space and so that one's
already empty this one's first aid so I like keeping that one and then this one's full
of medicine it's a disaster which you can't tell I mean you kind of can't it's sticking
out but then when we need to grab something it's there so I'm gonna go through this one
right here I'm kind of dreading it because you know it's just like do I need these pieces
do I not am I going to use them so let's just go and tackle it just to touch on a little bit more that I
was talking about earlier um I know a lot of people have a hard time letting go and
it's not that you're even attached to Earthly things it's that you're worried about what
if you're gonna need it again or you spent a lot of money on it and you feel like you're
being wasteful if you get rid of it just remember you can sell it and use that money to buy
something that you love use it to pay off debt and just keep in mind that when you release
something that you just have sitting in your house collecting dust there's somebody else
that's going to use it and love it and that needs it more than you so if it's just sitting
in there to me that's a bigger waste of time and money and resources than just passing
it along and letting someone else use it that could need it more in their life at that time
foreign [Music] [Music] we are making progress I'm feeling
good about it so two of these are empty right here this is empty this is empty this is medicine
this is first aid so that's all looking good down here this is dog dog treats this is dog
treats only because my boys were spoiled around Christmas so um typically they'll all fit
in one So eventually both of these will be empty so technically I only have four full
baskets so once I get through um the dog treats I'll probably make sure all these are empty
and then all these are full just because they're easier to get to [Music] Carefree living something
bad dreams [Music] I had a few other areas in the house that
I wanted to work on but they weren't like major areas so I just went through my TV stand
I had a lot of candles in there I had started burning and they didn't really have much left
and so I wasn't going to hang on to those I went underneath our powder bathroom cabinet
sometimes I store stuff in there and then I also wanted to go in my office closet that's
definitely a catch-all for me because a lot of the products coming in go in that closet
any leftover Decor that I'm not using or I'm saving for later goes in there it's definitely
just the catch-all and so I tried to touch on that Weekly if I can if not monthly but
if you have that just like high traffic space that you know just holds a lot try to just
work it into your routine to kind of declutter as you go so it doesn't become like a big
disaster that you have to spend days working on 2007 [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so you might be exhausted but I hope
you guys feel so much better if you decluttered with me otherwise turn this video off get
to going you don't have to do it all in one day pick a room pick a space pick a drawer
just slowly start working on it this month and you'll be so glad when you go into February
and your house is decluttered and then you can even work on organizing I am going to
be posting and organizing um videos to be on the lookout for that and I'll even put
up like an organized home tour I know I did that last year and you guys really enjoyed
it so you could see in every space and how I organize it and how I do it I feel like
that's really helpful I love when other people share stuff like that especially because our
houses are set up different so if I have something that you have you kind of know how to design
it better so thank you guys so much for being here I'm so excited to see what 2023 brings
I hope you guys have a wonderful day and a year and I will see you in the next one [Music] [Music] next time [Music]

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