Bill Gates Just Revealed The Best Programming Language for 2023!

Bill Gates has just revealed the best programming language for 2023 and guess what it’s not what you’re thinking Bill isn’t arguably one of the most successful programmers in the world today he’s been around long enough to know what works and what you’d rather put aside in this video we’re going to cover all the important stuff about his programming history the languages he used as a young developer and whether you could still use them in 2023 at the end we’ll highlight some of the most popular languages today and which ones you might want to choose keep watching Bill Gates as a programmer Bill may not be very creative with his fashion choices but if there is one thing that sets him apart it’s his long history of invention and tinkering around with tech objects he was born on the 28th of October 1955 and was barely 11 before he began to battle with his parents as he once said to a counselor I’m at war with my parents over who is in control when he eventually moved to Lakeside School in Seattle he became passionate about coding with the computer you would probably consider clunky by today’s standards he learned his first programming language basic which stands for beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code with this computer and it was also there that he met Paul Allen his future co-founder at 13 Gates successfully designed his first program and guess what it was for Tic-tac-toe he and Alan who by the time had become a bunch of nerdy computer intoxicated schoolboys also got a chance to use another computer operated by a Seattle company this was the PDP 10 and in no time both had learned to circumvent the time cap on the system enabling them to sign in as its operator and gain free time when that option petered out they moved on to the University of Washington where they pretended to be students to access their computers when they were discovered they simply switched to new computers in other buildings in the University a major highlight of Bill Gates’s early programming career was his and Paul Allen’s development of travel data a software that held to analyze traffic volumes this program was run using Fortran and it earned them a sum of twenty thousand dollars in Revenue during his days at Lakeside Gates developed a timetable organizer which was far more efficient than what the school had been using he also made a couple thousand dollars doing some programming work over summer Gates and Allen would witness what was probably their first business disappointment when traffic data took an early nosedive nevertheless by his second year in Harvard when he decided to drop out for Microsoft Gates was fairly ready for the tech world he had worked on programs for the government tried his hands at payroll software and had bunked with a number of private companies on their computer architectures doing all these meant that he was familiar with a number of languages including basic lisp Fortran and the PDP 10 machine language not to mention his experience at using his skills to make money the first product Allen and Gates offered in Microsoft was a programming language for the altairic microcomputer produced by mits this language was a version of basic and it constituted the sale that laid the foundation for the company’s future now should you use the programming languages utilized by Bill Gates well that depends on a number of factors for instance while there are a lot of people who believe Fortran is old and not worth learning scientists and Engineers will probably disagree at Nasa and other institutions that compute large amounts of complicated data Fortran is considered a very reliable tool some might even argue that it is easier for new programmers to master Fortran than languages like C and C plus plus if you choose to learn it try sticking with its recent iterations we would advise that you should not go any further than Fortran 2003 on the other hand basic is not so popular because it had been overshadowed by other languages it began losing its Edge in the 1990s when its competitors improved and catered better to emerging needs but while it might be dismissed as something you should only learn as a hobby it’s still a simple language very useful for first-time programmers your decision to learn any or both of these languages will ultimately depend on your level of skill and the area in which you intend to use them languages you should be looking out for in 2023 let’s see a couple JavaScript this language was created in 1995 and was initially known as livescript it shares similarities with its civil link Java but it also is unique in several ways JavaScript is widely used in web pages where it allows developers to create multiple personalities for end users it is used in the design of games mobile applications and web servers the language is highly recommended for beginners because it is both easy to learn and use also due to its popularity Learners can be sure of an extensive range of resources communities and employment opportunities Java one thing that sets Java apart from other languages is its adaptability to different operating systems it is described as wara which means right once run anywhere for this exact reason Java can be used on iOS Windows Mac and Android operating systems it is popular in mobile devices with billions running applications that were designed on Java some of the most popular platforms today such as YouTube Twitter and Amazon have back-ends that were developed around this language you will also find Java in sectors such as Finance electronic Commerce and mobile app development while the language is a bit more complex there is no shortage of communities and resources for programmers python if you’re interested in writing code for AI machine learning websites 2D 3D and gaming products python is the Undisputed leader in this regard it is also useful in back-end and app development with python developers can deploy several programming Styles including object-oriented and reflective when drafting code python is a great option for beginners because of its high level of readability user friendliness and interoperability it is ranked as the easiest programming language to learn with a broad online community that offers tips and resources the code is also supported by Microsoft Bill Gates’s company which pledged a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the development of its learning in 2021.

Bill Gates Just Revealed The Best Programming Language for 2023!

in terms of demand it is highly sought after by employers with the average annual salary exceeding a hundred thousand dollars and like Java it’s also popular among big Tech platforms such as Instagram and YouTube what other languages would you recommend for coders in 2023 let us know in the comments section and if you’re interested in learning python click the links in the description for access to practical resources have fun see you in the next video.

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