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Men, this is the tale of a holy mountain which is no much less than a place of expedition for “” Hindu””, “” Buddha”” and also “” Jainism”” but at the same time its also a mystical location where no one has actually had the ability to go till day indeed people, we are speaking about 6714m high Kailash mountain situated in the chain of mountains of China where it'' s a belief that “Lord Shankar”” himself does penance on the top of this mountain as well as it likewise says that as quickly as one climbs a little bit higher on Mount Kailash anyone becomes directionless and also so to climb without instructions, suggests to invite our very own death so no human has actually had the ability to climb up Mount Kailash till day and also the shocking thing is that more than 7000 individuals have climbed up the globe'' s greatest peak Mount Everest until now whose height is 8848m however no one has able to climbed at Mount Kailash till day whereas its elevation has to do with 2000 meters much less than Everest which plainly indicates that some such power right here in addition to being a secret, additionally quits peoples from climbing this hill well people, what do you think of this mystical hill you will definitely write in the comment section and for such amazing video clip, register for the “” A2 Motivation”” channel see you in the following video

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