KRS One “Self Value” – Motivation Video (HD)

pay attention to what I'' m stating right here value is not based.
on what you have or what you have in fact I'' ll drop this jewel on you genuine fast real value is.
based on what you can do without it'' s not concerning what you can collect it'' s exactly how functionable are.
you with nothing as well as we can'' t function on absolutely nothing to make sure that'' s becomes the scale exactly how low can you go.
exactly how deep can you go because after a while if you actually become a spiritual being you put on'' t depend. on the world for nothing nothing you enter the world but you are not dependent upon the world.
they'' re dependent upon invisible forces what are the unseen pressures like individuals can'' t see love. the as well busy enjoying hey it'' s all regarding some assumption if you see love you see love I
' ll. state it once more if you see love if you can see it this is enjoy right
here I ' m seeing love she in. her own mind may believe I ' m not'incorrect bigger than me I ' m simply that I Ryan no that
' s in her head. she ' s just a dream personality in my perception she might be chosen all I know we don'' t know what. everyone is so why'can ' t she be God we put on ' t recognize where God is when God is just how'God is or why. she can ' t be gone this female right below I pick with my assumption to see her as God this is an. ancient African technique God was never outdoors of your assumption God was never ever beyond.
what you assumed that'' s why Western guy came and claimed there is no God there just taking it out. intense but God is the best human innovation in human background and the factor be the factor.
Africans created God they saw that humanity in its infinity would certainly never ever lack something to.
increase – this is why God exists if you don'' t have God you'put on ' t rise there is absolutely nothing human around. innovation sorry nothing human about it as well as this is what I want to claim in regards to your spirit.
what can you see this is God to me and I value her and also will treat her easily that'' s
my. understanding of her now she can do something to break that perception she might do something to.
improve it what if she knew that I assumed she was God then something in her that would certainly try to.
meet the picture that I see of her there'' d be something in her – when she approached me she.
would certainly at the very least have to either refute God or become this is just how as an area we dealt with each.
other if there is no God then we are not household the only means we can be siblings or.
sis as if we have the same moms and dad assume we can not call ourselves siblings or sis.
if we put on'' t have the very same mom or papa when God is the timeless mommy we end up being all. bros and also siblings when all of us claim yes I become part of this suggestion called God not a man in the.
sky not also an allegory not also a spirit in a different awareness no no we need to.
get me once more allowed'' s simply make God up right now like our forefathers did they never no one.
informed them what God was what God was was your dead dad what God was was your dead mom.
granny great-grandmother ancestor home builder of the vehicle this was the God and also when we got.
rid of the God we stopped venerating that God as well as began venerating their God we.
lost our spiritual power if you have order you wear'' t break laws gravity remains in order.
you put on'' t break that long breathing remains in order this is a workout where we simply claim this.
Superstar Power Consume alcohol Surges place that in history see just how fast history come up right there Superstar.
Power Drink those desire to do the workout we'' re going to claim rock star to ourselves without.
opening our mouths without saying anything outside we'' re gon na state this to ourselves.
I'' m gon na claim rock celebrity to ourselves don'' t say it aloud at the count of three one.
two three fine currently the inquiry to ask if you'' ve said rock celebrity and also in your mind
the. question to ask is what voice is that what voice is that what what voice simply spoke you.
simply stated rock star without moving your mouth in all in addition to that you you on top of very same.
rock celebrity you heard on your own state rock celebrity just how can you hear yourself claim rock celebrity as well as no.
vibration of audio has actually happened see this puts a various perspective on what sound really.
is as well as what memory is memories not in the brain memories in the spirit the only thing you take.
with you after this life is your memories or your knowledge your experiences that'' s the only. thing you take unless you study Egypt our society they believe you to take all this stuff with you.
but if you claimed rock star in your mind or in your being is the treatment is the fact statement in.
your being what was that voice what was the voice of talked and afterwards you heard on your own speaking.
but these ears did not hear you say anything because your mouth didn'' t move so the ears didn ' t. hear it the mouth did stagnate but you talked and you heard on your own speaking if you close your eyes.
you can see this far better if you shut your eyes and place this picture in an additional view if you shut your.
eyes you can still see this what is the website that can see your future these two eyes don'' t see the. future these two'eyes wear ' t see the past yet you can see your past as well as you can see your future you. can in fact see your pass what is the site that can see past time hmm don'' t provide it away what.
is this is this is an old meditation this is an ancient reflection that I am NOT the flesh.
I am the energy the awareness the being in the flesh and also this is proof is no fade this is.
not religious beliefs this is real reality you can talk without moving your mouth you can listen to without.
ears you can see without eyes so what occurs when these eyes this mouth and this ear goes down.
off right into the serious these other detects are all you'' re left with fatality is an impression once you.
realize this you live your life much more courageously currently nobody desires to die before their time so you.
attempt to protect yourself but know that this body is the limitation of you it is not your Zenith.
it is not your ultimate your utmost is that voice you just said Superstar that poisonous substance simply.
said Rockstar without nothing physical moving that individual is never-ceasing that person is not right here.
with you let'' s go deeper the body is in what is it 3 measurements ideal onward back right.
left up down and time 4th measurement 3 measurements plus time that'' s our physical fact.
front back best left up down that'' s 3d plus time what took place to in as well as out consider the Easter.
consider the English thought back forth appropriate left up down no any kind of currently no in it out what remains in and also out.
rock star rock celebrity claims I exist without the body so where is this various other existence where is it it'' s. not below it'' s not in three-dimensional space where you actually are the person that said this is it a.
entire different dimension just switch over a little bit speak with yourself a lot more attest to yourself extra.
wear'' t move absolutely nothing it will certainly shut this down as well as opt for it as well as claim I am the best dot dot dot.
ever before I have all my requirements including speed I am a being of love and light and also knowledge no weapon.
formed against me shall flourish whatever it is have your affirmation on your tongue or sorry.
in your being this is exactly how the gods created this entire truth the initial humans visualized the.
first people they came from internal area they came out research the alone Aki'' s they appeared of. inner room not from up deep space internal room rock star prior to there was a body there was this.
voice traveling in this voices measurement to get here to the planet the inner guide produced this.
outer extension of itself to be in this measurement when you understand that you are not simply in this.
dimension yet you'' re additionally in an additional measurement you now are complimentary due to the fact that whatever takes place to you.
below in this measurement is not your only reality see this is how Jesus was able to get defeated.
him as well as brutalized and hang on the cross he wasn'' t right here he was the rock star inside he went.
to the internal male to what you desire with the body I'' m not below now when you recognize that degree of.
awareness we you are officially you recognize on your own as the spirit not the flesh you are the.
inner guide not the external voice once you come to be the inner voice now your external voice has power.
now when you talk it'' s not just a covering talking there ' s a being speaking with the covering and. this is where you heal all health issues in your body this is where you regulate truth to deal with.
you as well as it functions according to your consciousness why due to the fact that it'' s not a sanctuary speaking there ' s
. a real remaining in the covering that is speaking and when the real being speaks all nature and the.
cosmos reacts individuals are understanding currently that your setting is way more essential than even.
your society they are that the setting you'' re in your genes are responding to the atmospheres.
that you'' re below imagine that that whatever you do as a human there'' s a small little little tiny.
little organism running around it does exact very same thing let me state allow me place it to you in this manner so.
you can actually see it you are only a collection of cells you ought to really spell it as Cele cell.
because what the self is is the consciousness of cells cells reproduce they speak they have waste.
they work and a function every cell knows what it'' s expected to do these are little thinking.
beings and also we might unify they make you the means you think is what they are believing when you say I'' m. starving it'' s not systems starving it ' s your cells that are starving you are the servant of your greater self. c e LF you are the slave of your higher self up until you become your greater self then you ' re free. this is why they claim you'were born a servant you are you'' re a servant to yourself you ' re a slave to the. addictions that your cells one you ' re a servant to the fabricated facts of your language you ' re. a servant to your concerns and this example when you realize that I am the infinite never-ceasing.
being that talks without this body has existence without time as well as room when you really understand that.
you start moving like that as well as then fact begins having fun with you you begin checking out points right.
at the last minute some message firm right bizarre no one else see it you'' d just want. to see it why does your assumption is such this is exactly how you overcome this is exactly how you obtain past is.
exactly how you contend never ever compete is exactly how you compete this is the ancient ancient weather you wear'' t. complete that'' s that ' s the English Means the way of nature is collaboration whatever operates in.
teamwork that'' s why we African Americans are right here in the USA today on you speak too.
a lot on black background but his little beans that'' s why we ' re below I ' ll faucet this little item on you. there ' s a book called servant religion by Roberto Roberto as well as I can ro Bo t EA u ro bo t they made use of.
called servant religion in this publication this guy talks regarding exactly how we got to the United States which was a.
over about four or 5 various migrations initially of all Africans were already below in the United.
States we'' re already here for my fifty thousand years ago we were initial telephone call Native Americans we.
will call him to go in this manner did words Indian from it'' s not from words aboriginal is from.
words indigo that was this that was the color of the individuals that they initially saw the original.
human beings were blue-black it'' s protected in Hindu art they have my Krishna didn'' t blue and also. all that and now this is currently more I ' m glamorous but back thens humans were blue-black they.
will call indigo and when these Western travelers involved several of these islands what they saw was.
docked off truly dark-skinned individuals and also they called them Indigo'' s that ended up being Indians or Indo
. he claimed indo-european Indonesian Indo that'' s all managing the shade indigo since that'' s. what the initial black supposed black man or female I had to claim female yet the original black.
lady was due to the fact that geneticist now I'' ve recognized that the whole history of mankind is in females.
implying that from the very first they call African Eve a hereditary Eve the very first black female to leave.
Africa and as well as venture right into Europe as well as various other parts of Asia as well as other parts of Africa that is.
one woman would certainly they say she we have every one of her genetics yeah but like a lot of humanity has every one of.
her genes as well as it'' s females that have actually passed these genetics on via human history forget someone.
right in background your background is already imprinted on your hereditary structure and also it'' s passed in.
humanity by ladies so to disrespect a woman is essentially to disrespect the whole history of.
humanity actually also terrible so I bring this little piece up since come back to the him to go.
return to the Indian come back to the fact that you were already here the point of raising.
is this you can get away white racism white people consisted of nobody wants racism no one no logical.
human being is into that that'' s why white folk defended black freedom that'' s why there ' s. an activist movement I spoke about that earlier that'' s why if we interest the humankind.
in each various other after that all these racial departments of course will disappear however we additionally have to become.
bros as well as sis which implies we require a God a God something that we concur is above us all some.
individuals make law their God some individuals make enjoy their God every one of these are good yet a godless.
person is a servant this is what a servant was it was first Islam in Africa ours our Moors they.
call them those people they'' re ones that are you today since the Allen what made you qualified for.
enslavement was that she wasn'' t Muslim or Christian very first it was this legislation that shackled Africans then.
it was the Christians Islam sold Africans to the Christians after that the Christians took control of with the.
Campaigns God wills me and the Crusades began and he beat the Muslims and took the whole servant.
trade but the ones they were confining was ones that were not Christian now of view if.
you were Muslim you were getting enslaved currently however in the starting if he was if you said Muslim.
you stated Christian you were good those who were servants were claimed I'' m not down with either one I'' m. doing nature I'' m doing astronomy I wear'' t need to read I put on ' t require the right I ' m reading nature.
these are the ones that were shackled these are the ones that made it to the United States they.
spoke regularly regarding Africans getting here as well as transformed that'' s a lie was not a lie some day many. did show up in Chains but the history of Africans in this nation is like the way they inform it is.
like telling it'' s like stating 2 a century from now you'' re informing the history of African.
Americans today as well as you say take a look at Rodney King have a look at the jail system currently these people.
were oppressed weren'' t they yeah learn take a check out the hardship price have a look at the health rate.
take a look at the illiteracy you would state way too much of years for though some individuals were.
in suede right yeah this is just how slavery was 300 years ago just how can enslavement exist for 300 years if.
you don'' t believe it in yourself I don'' t believe I ' m claiming that how can enslavement exist for 300. years if you wear'' t believe in it I can see it lasted for a week alright a month again and we.
rebelled and Humphrey two years there was like 300 years 100 million Africans of the west coast.
of Africa we weren'' t component of that currently you obtained to check out it today – we still slaves today it'' s. simply a servant population got bigness now Eastern if Europeans part of it – now now it'' s Latinos.
too currently it'' s the Arabs as well as Hindus and also yeah this is a servant populace not bigger it didn'' t. go nowhere due to the fact that it was always a psychological concern to start with why are you servant due to the fact that I believe.
in my daddy as well as my mother or my god I count on my culture and also I wear'' t need to think in your own.
fine placed these chains on allow'' s go I provide you into America I'' m still looking for my hand cestus.
I'' m still praising the forefathers the white man is calling it voodoo they call the euro as well as all kind.
of other things but this is just my ancestry yet here in this system I can'' t be myself they go. spirituality you are a God in your setting you are the God of your setting you'' re not the. God of the universe yet I didn ' t know however you are the god the developer of your setting as well as your.
environment is as large as your perception is when I remained in the Bronx my setting was worldwide I was.
homeless with – nothing'' s in my pocket yet I lived this scientific research I was raised by a solid woman so.
I obtained to state strong lady her name is Jacqueline Park if you ever fulfill an offer her a buck this.
is solid female my mommy as well as she elevated me now I was eight years old she never ever informed me to turn.
the songs off actually we was rapping and beating on the wall surfaces and the next-door neighbors was complain Boris.
rapper'' s delight ' she acquired his cool 4 +1 more urged to hip jump organization we didn'' t even know. what it was the mamas was just genuine love and also we was insane me as well as my sibling Kenny crazy.
in Brooklyn crazy yet my mama'' s loved us anyhow as well as it'' s where I ' m claiming to all mommies in this. area today your little girls your sons if you keep that love on them they'' re gon na be higher. than anything you might perhaps visualize and also this is the factor more than you can envision this.
is the terrifying component mother this is it your youngsters are greater than you can imagine when you give them.
love you make them more than you can visualize my mother can not imagine a rs1 I was 12 when.
I told her I was gon na be a rap artist I was 12 I claimed mom I'' m gon na rap she said alright allow ' s get. to dishes easily said I'' m gon na be a rap alright yes well obtain garbage he is later Here I.
am we laugh about it now I ought to assist my sibling constantly yo you'' re not playing your component in.
the motion picture you don'' t gon na do a motion picture regarding us this is back and we like no bodies but I had.
this understanding my mom utilized to transform me on the Ernest residence scientific research of mine James Allen as a guy.
thinking she'' s the fracture the Scriptures open sincere no not every demonstration Xmas as well as Easter she'' s to open up.
the Holy bible and discuss the birth of Christ not Jesus Christ what Jesus was called that thing.
goes means back right into history she'' s to teach us regarding that as long you are the facility of not just.
this cosmos genetically spiritually yet likewise culturally hip-hop is the method it is today being.
depicted in media because of ladies mamas instructed us that were a [__ ] we remained in the other room.
when mamas was chatting up partner this [__ ] thinks she crazy we was in the area paying attention to.
mothers what else did we obtain our language from he could say the roads but that'' s just various other. youngsters mr.Nadeer mama'' s mama you are the initial educator if there ' s any type of advocacy to be done in this.
country it is a return to being a mother on all degrees on all degrees from God to the parent mothers a.
kalise America could flaunt that it'' s getting rid of sexism when and for all it might boast it.
is giving me bigotry due to Barack Obama'' s presidency it hasn ' t yet it can boast
it'can say. we ' re on our method we obtained more work to do it we got the even at the very least boasted with with with Barack. Obama President Barack Obama ' s presidency you can boast that with Hillary Clinton you might likewise.
boast the power of ladies for four more years with her initially 4 years greater than the men in this.
target market due to the fact that society accommodates men allow me maintain that men in this audience the American Society.
satisfies you the American society does not provide to ladies it holds women backhauls females down as well as.
makes women think they intended to be held back online in a guilty ladies worried insecure depressed.
this is why our areas can'' t rise is since our mothers are sick even if the father rose.
it'' s useless without the mother pointless as well as I'' m the dad all respect for fathership manhood.
no uncertainty yet manhood is absolutely nothing without absolutely nothing nothing males wear'' t make women females make males as well as. ladies change the paradigm and afterwards you'' ll see a reality modification there'' s no revolution for everyone.
i'' ma battle the transformation we'' re all gon na get justice that'' s a myth here ' s the truth transformation.
only works for those that participate in it.

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