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Guys, after “” Corona””, now the “” Bumpy Virus”” has actually started trashing mayhem yes guys, more than “” 11 lakh”” pets have been infected with the “” Bumpy Virus”” in the country and so far, this infection has actually spread out in 165 districts of 12 states of the nation due to which greater than 50,000 pets have actually shed their lives and the speed with which it'' s spreading out, there is a demand to state it a pandemic really, this virus is “” skin illness infection”” which is contaminating the cows and also buffaloes only as well as now the situation is such, that on a daily basis 300 cows are passing away just since of this infection; in Bikaner, Rajasthan individuals, if this virus was not stopped in time; after that it can end up being a deadly for human beings since, lots of people in Bikaner, Rajasthan; have begun consuming alcohol black tea as opposed to milk tea since they had a worry, that by alcohol consumption milk of a contaminated cows, they might get contaminated now no such case has actually come to the fore; that someone has actually been infected with the milk of cow as well as buffalo but still, we require to careful well men, we'' ve to take treatment of ourselves from these infections for such useful videos “” Share””, “” Subscribe”” as well as “” Like”” us, see you in the next video.

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