Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

one of my straight subordinates one of my
people that helped me he would he would call me up or draw me aside with
some significant problem some concern that was taking place and also he'' d state potentially obtained this
and that and the other point as well as I consider him I'' d claim excellent and also ultimately eventually
he was informing me concerning some concern that he was having some problem and also he stated I.
already understand what you'' re gon na claim I stated well what am I going to say he said.
you'' re gon na say excellent he claimed that'' s what you constantly say when something is.
incorrect and spoiling you constantly just look at me as well as state excellent and also I stated well yeah.
when things are going bad there'' s going to be some'excellent that ' s going to come. from it didn'' t obtain the brand-new high-speed gear we desired great didn'' t obtain advertised your time you obtain.
Oh objective obtained cancelled good we can concentrate on the various other one didn'' t obtain funded.
didn'' t get the work you desired got hurt sprained my ankle joint obtained touched out.
good obtained be unforeseen issues great.
we have the chance to figure out a remedy that'' s it when. points are spoiling wear'' t get all bummed out wear'' t obtain startled don ' t obtain. disappointed you. if you can say the word excellent means you'' re still active.
it indicates you'' re still bleeding and also if you'' re still taking a breath or currently you still obtained some battle left in.
you so stand up dust off reload rectify re-engage go out on the.
strike you.

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