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hi guys welcome back to the channel i just made a 
video talking about a day in a life of a financial   business analyst but in as i was watching the 
video i realized most people can confuse a   business analyst with a financial business idea 
so i decided to wait wait a second take a step   back a little bit so we took a step back and 
on this video i'm trying to explain as much as   broad high level what is the 
difference between a business   analyst and a financial business analyst the 
difference between a business analyst and a   financial business seller is what we're discussing 
less please stay tuned for the rest of the video   initially the first thing that you can realize 
between business analysts and financial business   analysts is that they the name seem more or less 
the same let's take business analyst for instance   if you're using the word business analyst and then 
you put another way to front of it call it senior   business analyst you can expect that the people do 
more or less the same thing the only difference is   one the senior guy might be doing something with 
high level sensitivity that the junior guy might   not have access to maybe a little bit more complex 
or a little bit bigger project might be given to   the senior guy while the junior guy doesn't do it 
so junior business analyst business analyst and   senior finance business analyst the difference 
might be very very very close to each other   and i used to think the same is true when you 
put another name in front of a business analyst   which is financial business analysis but i'm 
afraid it's totally different business analysts   look at requirement specification they write the 
document learn about processes and they can become   process engineers which means you tell them about 
this is how i do to my close arrest and they map a   process to say you first check what's missing from 
your fridge until you go all the way to the store   and then you bring it back and they map that 
whole process a business analyst will call out   take that process go meet with the people make 
a business case about what do people do to make   groceries so when it comes to financial business 
analyst their job has to do with looking at   any data that has got financial information 
on it initially i had been called the senior   financial business analyst and i was in a 
sales department i think the role that quite   fitted me best was sales analyst because i was 
looking at sales data and i was analyzing that   but in this case when you called financial 
analyst i think the reason why they took me   to the financial side it was most of our data was 
financially related and my education was actually   leaning towards the finance side so it becomes 
easy to call me a financial business analyst   financial business analyst looks at not just you 
know your normal income statement that's what   financial officers does but a financial business 
and it takes maybe surveillance is your ni   normal revenue and then they derive meaning from 
them whether they split it further or they add   other layers into it that's what a financial 
business analysts do so when you talk about a   day in a life of a financial business and it is 
they might at all not be talking about process   engineering they might not be talking about 
creating documents the only way that they would   be talking about making documents might be during 
presentation while this is unless the first thing   that they might be talking about is collecting 
information so that they can create a document   the other guys all they do financial business 
unless all they do is collect the data so that   they can get reports on the other one they collect 
information so that they can make a documentation   to say okay this project is visible we can go 
ahead with it while the other one says this is   where you're spending most of your time that's 
where you're spending so that's the difference   between the two and when i'm talking about the day 
in the life of financial business analysts that   you are you are sure to see me talk about 
data because the biggest thing that inputs   into their work is data while on the other side 
if you were talking about business analysis as a   business analysis what does business analysts 
do you'll hear more about going into meetings   which is the biggest thing you will hear about 
collecting requirements daily stand-up meetings   you'll hear about all of those things those are 
the key things that are required when it comes   to business analysis financial business analyst 
data data data data so as people as they see it in   their mind okay we follow this that is required 
so that's that's one of the difference between   those two so another difference is business 
analysts most of the time they sit within iit   information technology because they help with 
projects so you are sure to find them as a key   driver on project management financial business 
analysts they sit within the finance side   so you are more likely to see them as 
right hand man to some of the guys so you   you can see maybe a financial business analyst 
as right hand woman to a financial officer   but mostly the people that needed those people 
might be your execs or your heads of department   this is why when you talk what do you say my 
client you're actually saying the execs because   you they were they got you know an issue to deal 
with and then they brought it forward there's   another way the reason why i'm looking for for the 
one for these two is because they have the name   business analyst at the end of it there's another 
one in finance called the finance specialist   finance specialist the thin line between a finance 
specialist and a financial business analyst   so that one we can talk about it later they do 
more or less the same thing the only difference   is one goes out and then finds best practices 
right best practices in that field that's what   a finance specialist does as far as i'm concerned 
once you've found the best bra like you can still   analyze the data like financial business analyst 
after you analyze the data and you can see where   it's going you bring in another element 
to say but the competitor are doing this   so that layer makes you you know going into 
financial specialist where you spend most of   the time doing it it's ten rents an hour but 
what what's the best practice it's 25 75 right   now you know stuff like that this one in 
natural business and it's quite interesting   because even the what's required is quite 
different to what's required from business   analysis i think so i thought i should just make 
this video just to clarify the difference between   the two rows they look quite similar but they're 
not similar they're far far far different from   each other thanks guys for watching this video 
please stay tuned for another video coming up   you

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