ūüĒī #1 Weekly Forex Forecast | EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD OIL (17/10/2022) Forex Analysis

how's it going Traders hopefully you guys enjoy 
this weekly Forex forecast and make sure to   subscribe if you're new to the channel alright we 
are going to be starting with the US dollar Index   the past week the banks added 630 long positions 
and they got rid of 459 short position if you do   want this call report spreadsheet for Lifetime 
Access Link in the description down below to   patreon now remember I've been talking about the 
US dollar for a while now very strong uptrend on   the weekly chart and we pretty much contacted 
weekly demand but if you look at a daily chart   here it's very clear what is happening in my 
opinion we have lost momentum yes the overall   trend is still up but in this area of price we 
have lost momentum by removing this daily demand   now we are reacting off of this daily supplies as 
you can see we are reacting off of it perfectly   right now now this does not mean that we are 
going to see the US dollar just absolutely tank   from this daily Supply Zone although it is very 
possible that we do see a reaction lower off of   that daily Supply Zone to see the USD dollar push 
lower but in my opinion we have to be looking for   long still based on the weekly uptrend but in my 
opinion it is much safer to wait for Longs when   we remove this high and this Supply Zone because 
that would prove to us that this daily uptrend is   going to continue along with that Weekly uptrend 
so in my opinion if you're watching the US dollar   you should be watching this daily Supply Zone to 
a t this week it's very very important now that   does not mean that we can't just be buying the 
US dollar without this removed it's just safer   to see that high removed and that supplier move 
first before we actually do get in long so with   that being said let's look at some of the other 
pairs for some actual trading opportunities this   week all right on to the forecast for the Euro 
US dollar the past week the banks got rid of   3255 long positions and they also added 2928 short 
positions now remember on the Euro we have strong   weekly and pretty much daily downtrends as well 
it's not really a daily downtrend but the overall   momentum is down on the top two time frame frames 
now if you remember in last week's forecast if we   look at this four hour chart I talked in that 
video about how we needed to see this four hour   demand Zone removed first before we just hop 
in short to continue to trade with that weekly   downtrend and why did I say that well because 
this is a very strong four-hour demand Zone as   you can see we reacted off of it perfectly now 
did this demand Zone hold and did we go to the   Moon absolutely not it even Wicked right through 
the demand Zone but as you can see as soon as we   contact this demand it just it price shoots up 
so if you're day trading on a one minute five   minute or even a 50 minute time frame you could 
be correct to be trading with a downward trend on   those time frames but as you can see as soon as we 
contact this four hour demand price just pushes up   from that area so that is why I always take pride 
in my analysis and and and point things out like   this for our demand Zone and say when not to trade 
and that is very very important in trading now as   far as the Euro goes we still have those weekly 
downtrend on the Euro so we want to be looking   for shorts but just like I said last week I 
want to see this four hour demand Zone fully   removed first before we just get in short now if 
something like that like that does take place we   can be and there's a four hour Supply zone right 
here we could be looking for a 50-minute day   trade confirmation coming off of that four hour 
Supply Zone like that if that does take place and   if you don't know what confirmation trading is 
or if you want to learn more about confirmation   trading I have a full video series in the tier 
2 patreon YouTube membership where I break that   down and there's a lot of other things included 
in the membership just like a private Discord   group custom daily analysis and also private live 
streams every Sunday for that so with that being   said check out that membership we're happy to see 
you guys join the team so I'm just waiting for   this four hours demand to be removed first before 
getting in short but the euro is definitely on the   top of my watch list this week as far as trading 
goes because I want to be continuing to trade   with that Weekly downtrend now yes as I said on 
the US dollar it would be best if that US dollar   supply Zone on The Daily chart was removed first 
but like I said it does not make it doesn't mean   that trading short right now and waiting for 
that demand to be removed and jumping the gun   is a bad idea it's just a little bit more risky 
all right on to the gold forecast the past week   the banks got rid of 3 400 long positions and 
they also got rid of 9438 short positions now I   remember from last week's forecast I talked about 
how I got in Long at this daily Demand right here   but my stop loss is at break even right now so 
I'm I'm still in Gold long but my stop loss is   at break even so my risk is zero right now I 
also talked about how we are reacting off of   this daily downward trend line and I personally 
but I believe that we would be seeing a move up   from that trend line but as you can see I was 
wrong and we are pushing back down and we're   even basically breaking this daily Demand right 
there so we still have about about 42 minutes left   at the time of recording this but right now this 
daily demand is being removed so gold is actually   looking extremely weak right now the only problem 
with gold is on my macro time frame analysis we   are inside of a three-month demand Zone in a 
three-month uptrend as well it does not mean   that we're going to see a huge move from gold from 
here but there's definitely something to consider   so shorting is risky but going in long is risky 
as well based on my macro analysis so as far as   trading setups go right now to be very clear on 
gold I wouldn't even consider shorting until we   can fully get this daily demand removed now I 
would prefer to see this demand removed as well   something like this because then we would have a 
more clear daily downtrend and then shorting would   be a much higher odd situation so that's probably 
what I'm going to be waiting for here on gold as   far as Longs go we are going to need to see some 
better confirmation now we did on the daily chart   we did get the confirmation that price is going 
higher but as you can see confirmation is not a   perfect strategy and we did push back down so now 
what I'll be looking for is hopefully we will get   some sort of daily Supply right here where I 
just drew those lines if we can start to see   price push lower and then if something like this 
takes place and we remove this daily Supply then   if there's daily demand here you could look for 
confirmation inside that daily demand that's what   I'll be looking to do to add to my long position 
or re-enter a long position if I end up getting   stopped out at break even so gold looking pretty 
weird right now another option for shorts is we   do have a one hour downtrend you could have been 
looking for shorts in this one hour Supply Zone a   little bit little bit risky but day trading 
short on like a one minute five minute time   frame it's it's all right in my opinion and I will 
have a day trading confirmation video coming out   tomorrow or it might even be released right now 
based on uh what time you're watching this video   but definitely stay tuned for that so you could 
be day trading like five minute one minute time   frame for the short side but take a profit should 
be definitely taken pretty early based on the idea   that we are in very high time frame demand and 
reacting off of it currently all right looking   at USD JPY forecast the past week the banks 
got rid of a 1043 long contracts and they also   added 3187 short contracts now as far as the usdn 
goes very strong weekly Daily 4 hour and one hour   uptrends so you guessed it it's going to be Longs 
all the way here now in the last couple forecasts   I was talking about how I needed to see this four 
hour Supply Zone taken out before getting in long   and as you can see as soon as we broke out of the 
Zone what a beautiful breakout trading opportunity   there hopefully some of you guys got involved 
in that trade if you did let me know now as   far as the usdn goes right now like I said it's 
Longs all the way and I see one potential trade   set up right now there is this one hour demand 
zone right here I'm not a huge fan of the move   away so in my opinion you are going to need five 
minute confirmation to the long side uh before   just getting in long so we need confirmation in 
this area the same thing goes for this one hour   demand Zone as well especially this one so we 
need to see confirmation in both of these areas   of one hour demand now if this one hour demand 
Zone gets removed and so does that four hour   demand Zone well actually that four hour demand 
Zone will be right around here now I don't really   have this as Demand yet but I will draw it out so 
we have a potential four hour demand zone right   here so you could look for 50-minute confirmation 
Longs coming off of that and let's say that zone   gets removed as well well then where is Price 
headed we have to then go to a daily chart and   I don't really see any clear areas where price 
could be headed I guess you could say it could   be going to this daily demand here but I'm not 
a huge fan of it I don't really like this move   away so hopefully we can get a bigger push up 
which would make this daily Demand right here   more clear and then we can get involved long in 
that area so I do not recommend getting in short   right now on the usdn at all although yes it could 
work and if you are going to short it must be on   like a one minute or five minute time frame at at 
most based on these strong Trends so usdn overall   looking extremely bullish we just need to wait 
for those pullbacks to potentially get in Long   GBP USD forecast the past week the banks added 
6901 long positions and they got rid of 3 468   short positions now if you remember we have a 
very strong weekly downtrend a little bit of   hesitation here in the daily chart but the overall 
momentum is down and we are actually reacting off   of this daily Supply zone so when we have a daily 
supplies on here in a weekly downtrend we want to   be looking for shorts now I'm not in love with 
this daily Supply Zone I think it's a very very   weak Supply zone so with that being said I would 
not recommend just shorting right here and then   trying to you know get a trade off of that so we 
will need confirmation and if you look here the   confirmation is very very clear we have this 
four hour demand zone right here and we want   to see this four hour demand Zone removed because 
who knows we could see a reaction off of this for   our demand just like that to the upside and 
then eventually breaking that daily Supply   so since this four hour demand Zone was 
responsible for moving this four hour   Supply Zone that was responsible for removing 
this for our demand Zone I know that's a little   bit confusing I want to see this four hour demand 
removed so if we get something like this where we   get four hour Supply just like that that is the 
Zone we'll potentially be looking for a trade off   of that four hour Supply as confirmation now if 
you want to get this Zone throughout the week and   many other zones check out the tier one YouTube 
patreon membership where you can get my daily   chart analysis on a bunch of pairs as you can see 
on the screen right now for only five dollars CAD   per month so definitely check that out be happy 
to see you guys join the team and potentially   use my zones for trading opportunities so that's 
what I'm waiting for on the GBP USD pretty strong   weekly downtrend we just need to wait for that 
confirmation on the four hour chart to potentially   get in short now if this daily Supply ends up 
breaking then in my opinion we could start to   see the pound move up towards this weekly area of 
Supply up here but that is for another forecast   uh maybe in maybe even a couple weeks from now so 
we need to be watching this daily Supply as well   as this four hour demand to potentially look for 
a trading opportunity in GBP USD on to USD CAD the   Canadian dollar the past week the banks added 495 
long positions and they got rid of 3 700 and 3770   short positions now we do have a strong weekly 
uptrend as well as a strong daily uptrend and I   did predict that price was probably going to be 
going higher based on these two Trends and the   fact that daily demand was in control but if you 
look at the four hour chart it's just not the best   price action at all we did break Above This high 
but as you can see it was kind of a fake out than   an even bigger fake out and then there's a fake 
out down below so just very very choppy price   action so for that reason I haven't really been 
looking at the USD CAD now since we have strong   Trends on The Daily and the weekly chart uh we 
need to wait for the lower time frames to start   trending again just like the one hour chart that 
we are looking at right now we do have a one hour   Supply zone right here so I would love to see this 
one hour Supply Zone removed and if we have one   hour Demand right here this is the one hour demand 
Zone where you could look for a day trade coming   off of that one hour Demand on like a five minute 
or a one minute chart confirmation will definitely   be needed inside that area if that is the case now 
obviously if you look at the four hour chart yes   price is trending up like I said I don't love this 
price action it'd be much better if you can get a   very clear breakout with Better Price action like 
this and then getting in long as higher odds but   there's nothing wrong with waiting for that one 
hour Supply to be removed first before getting   in long so as far as shorts go I don't recommend 
it although it would be fantastic to potentially   get a short trade down of this weekly demand where 
then I would switch to Long at that Weekly demand   but I'm just not seeing any evidence of that just 
yet the evidence I would need to see for that to   take place would be on this four hour chart if we 
can get something like this where we can get this   four hour demand removed as well as have a very 
clear four hour downtrend then we could start   to day trade short on the 50 minute five minute 
or the one minute chart but until then we still   have Trends on the weekly daily and the four hour 
chart so it's Longs all the way just need to wait   for this one hour Supply to be removed first AUD 
USD forecast the Aussie dollar the past week the   banks got rid of 6923 long positions and they 
also got rid of 3 416 short positions now in the   comments down below let me know what pairs you 
guys are trading this week I'd be interested to   see what you guys think is going to happen in the 
market this week so definitely comment down below   I will respond to everybody now looking at the 
Aussie dollar here strong weekly and daily and   four hour downtrends but we are currently being 
held up by this one hour Demand right here so as   far as shorts go I prefer to see this low beer 
move first so we can continue with the one hour   downtrend as well but there's nothing wrong with 
trading short right now however you guys like to   trade now there would have been a couple fantastic 
shorting opportunities in here in this four hour   Supply but as you can see we could barely pull 
up to that Supply so clearly there was a lot   of selling in that area we just really couldn't 
get the pullback to that area so now what I'll be   waiting for here to keep it very simple is I would 
be waiting for new one hour Supply zones to be   formed along the way down and then we could look 
to trade those one-hour Supply zones along the   way but we need to see this demand and that low 
remove first before doing so now you could also be   waiting on the four hour chart for new four hour 
Supply zones to be formed and looking to short at   those four hour Supply zones especially since we 
have a weekly downtrend but what I do personally   hope happens here on a lot of the pairs even the 
Aussie dollar is that we start to potentially   retrace to the upside to higher time frame Supply 
where we can get a fantastic dip shorting or dip   buying whatever you want to call it opportunity 
off of those higher time frame areas of Supply but   as far as the Aussie dollar goes it's looking very 
weak we just need to wait for new four-hour Supply   zones or one hour Supply zones that we can look 
too short from the USD CHF forecast the past week   the banks got rid of 3277 long positions and they 
also got rid of 2315 Shore positions we do have   weekly and daily uptrends as well as a four hour 
uptrend and even a one hour uptrend uh on the USD   Swiss franc so with that being said it's pretty 
much Longs all the way although I hate the price   action I'm seeing on the lower time frames it's 
very very choppy and Wiki but at the end of the   day we have uptrends so it's Longs all the way and 
I'm actually not even seeing any potential trading   setups what I would be looking for here and this 
is going to be a very short forecast for the USD   Swiss franc because it's so choppy we need to see 
clear-cut high quality four-hour demand zones or   one hour demand zones to get in Long at now I 
will have those demand zones for the YouTube and   patreon members so make sure you're signed up 
for that if you do want to receive those zones   but right now I am seeing no zones that I can you 
know show the public forecast I'm seeing nothing   right now that is why it's important to have the 
zones throughout the week so that's what I'd be   waiting for here on the USD Swiss other than 
that it's there's really not much else to say   if you don't trade Supply in a man and you trade 
some other strategy that's fine but in my honest   opinion I do believe is going to continue to go 
up so however you like to trade it's pretty much   Longs all the way for now last but not least we 
have crude oil the past week the banks added 13   563 long contracts and they got rid of 3658 short 
contracts now I was I have been talking about in   oil we are reacting off of three month demand so I 
am looking for Longs and that is why I believe we   are seeing the rally in oil now it's not looking 
fantastic for Longs yet but I will show you what   I am going to be doing as far as getting in long 
and oil goes now I will be waiting for this daily   demand to be hit and then I will look for one 
hour confirmation coming off this daily demand   I have not decided yet if I do plan on getting 
long with a stop well below down here to Target   the all-time highs on oil because I do believe 
we could potentially go there in the next year   or so so I'm looking to potentially invest more 
in oil I am an oil long-term investment anyways   that I've been holding for a long time so I am 
looking to add to that position now as far as   trading goes there's a few options you could wait 
for this daily demand to be hit and look for a   one hour confirmation long coming off of that or 
let's say price starts to push up here we remove   this daily Supply any daily demand here will 
be used as potential confirmation trade coming   off of that daily demand so that is definitely the 
safest option as of now the next option is to wait   for this four hour Supply to be removed and if you 
have four hour demand here you can look to trade   that four hour demand once we get that four hour 
Supply removed that is a little bit more risky   now the other option for Longs is to just wait on 
a single time frame like the one hour chart wait   for this one hour Supply and this downward trend 
line to be removed and any one hour demand here   you could use this one hour demand for a day trade 
opportunity coming off of that so that's what I'm   waiting for here on oil remember my macro analysis 
is showing me that we are in three month Demand on   oil so I do suspect we could see a push up to 105 
in the next couple months that is why I'm trying   to set myself up to potentially get in Long on oil 
and if this daily demand ends up getting removed   then I might have to switch my thesis for now on 
oil hopefully you guys found this weekly Forex   forecast helpful if you did make sure to let me 
know in the comments down below leave a like and   check out the patreon or YouTube membership if you 
need help finding your supply demand zones it's   only five dollars cap per month hope to see you 
guys there and hope to see you in the next video

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