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Guys, do you recognize that researchers have discovered an “” ocean”” in which there is a lot water, that the existing 5 seas on earth can also be consisted of in it of course individuals, scientists have discovered the 6th ocean of the planet, after 8 years of difficult work and this sea is found in the shift zone between the top and also reduced mantle of the planet really, a research study team of researchers was looking for an unusual ruby of “” Botswana””, in the year 2014 and after that, they saw a tank of water 650 kilometres listed below of the planet in which at first those researchers thought it was only surface water but when its deepness was checked out, then it came to recognize that it was the big ocean full of water however, scientists also believe that this sixth ocean can disclose the unlimited secret hidden in the midsts of the earth in future as well as we may find several keys that may be beyond human imagination well people, what do you think, what trick will be hidden in this secret sea discovered under the earth? do write in comment area as well as for such remarkable video clip, sign up for the “” A2 Inspiration”” channel, see you in the next video.

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