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People, once “” Gandhiji”” was taking a trip in a train to “” South Africa”” in which he had acquired the “” fabulous ticket”” of the train however he had no concept that, back then the very first course ticket is just for white individuals in fact apartheid was taking place at its optimal in Africa currently that'' s why, in those trains also, the first course was booked for white people and also 2nd course was for black people consisting of Indians but not aware of this, Gandhi ji got a ticket in the extraordinary and when the eyes of individuals sitting with him fell on Gandhi ji so the white individuals pushed Gandhi ji as well as revealed him the way out of the train Gandhi ji said exactly how can you do this, I have an excellent ticket yet white people did not listen to Gandhi ji Gandhi ji really felt really unfortunate about this event and then Gandhi ji chose that I will certainly not leave from right here until I finish this racism and after that Gandhi'' s first Satyagraha was started, in which Gandhi ji invested 21 years of his life people, today is the 153th wedding anniversary of the birthday celebration of Gandhi ji i.e.the papa of

our country as well as on this advantageous celebration, from “” A2 Inspiration household””, we desiring you all an extremely “” Delighted Gandhi Jayanti””.

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