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You belong to me Lan Huong as Lan Huong An Vy as Hai M Gia Huy as Dang Huu Khuong as Hoang Duy Thai Vu – Vinh Rau – Huynh Phuong Thuy Kieu as Mong Phuong nam as Dong Trang Phung – Gia Lam – Kim Suri Director – Tran Duc Vien Episode 2 I have to take a bath before dinner. Yes These two boys destroyed my plan. You know them? Why not? We've met them this afternoon. Yes, I remember him. Why do you forget him easily? I think it's a good idea to forget. Let pretend not to know him.

Now he is there, we'll go the other way. No problem. There are three men here. But many are over there. Do you know where to go? Listen to me. I'm the brother here. And you don't know martial art. I'll take care of the boy in red. Coz he is small with no weapon. You fight the other two with weapons. Do you understand? Good, let's go. Brother! Brother Why are you standing there? After them. It's lucky for us that he was there. If not, we didn't know what to do Hi, have you two finished school? Yes, I've just come back from school.

Alright, go upstairs and get changed. Then come here and have dinner. Yes, mom Are they just back from school? Yes, they are. Alright. Why are you here? Sir, today she wants to prepare dinner. So I don't wanna bother her. I mean why are you sitting here? I change the battery for the remote, sir I've done my job. I wanna know why don't you come and open the door for me? There's something wrong with the bell. Why don't you fix the bell? It still worked before you came back. so we can use it. The remote was low battery. So I took the battery of the bell to put into the remote. So the remote worked.

That's why the bell didn't ring. How intelligent! You seem to be like the boss here. coz you're so busy. You should be the boss, dare you? You see, I can't give him command. Leave it, it's not worth arguing. Please go upstairs and get changed. then come here and have dinner. I've prepared your favorite dishes. OK. Upstairs, please. Upstairs, please! Go upstairs! Go! I have to obey the housekeeper. Yes, you must do it. Come one! score Come one! score! Oh, come on! goal! Mom, have you done yet? Let me help you. Well, bring this to the table for me. Yes, mom. Oh, put it here. I'll put here. Look! Look! Look! Are you a housekeeper in this house? Listen, sir the next thing So tasty! We have to talk about this. A very excellent housekeeper must apply the family rules not the social rules.

I have to try the food first, see it? Later, the whole family will follow, ok? It's not like you guys eat first, see my point? then I'll try later, does it make sense? I know who I am right, I know my position I'm just a housekeeper here. I don't dare to touch something high. My place is working in the kitchen. I've my separate meals. Then I'll prepare the good meals for you You can gather without my present. I leave now. Sorry for loud noise. Why is he so strange today? He normally has dinner with us.

Why is he so nice today? No, he is not nice as you think. He had eaten already all the dishes that I prepared for us. Really? Don't you see? I've cooked 4 chicken thighs. but there are only two left. Leave it, let's eat Enjoy meal, mom and dad! Alright! Here, try it. Let's me do it. Why doesn't sister come here? Try it, dear. Thank you, mom. Well, daddy! Boss, boss, boss! I've urgent thing to say. What's wrong with you, Lam? I'm talking with my daughter. You've been my assistant for ages don't you know my characteristics? Get out of here.

Oh, I'm sorry, sir. Let's enjoy our meal. Ah, what did you ask me? Oh, I forget, dad. Leave it, enjoy meal. Hey, Lam Yes. Why are you in hurry? I wonder about the doorbell I've rang many times but it didn't work. It had problem so how could it work? But it seemed strange It didn't work but caused electric shock I've just transfer electricity It's a battery bell but I used the battery for the remote so electricity was replaced. It's strange, I rang but it didn't work. Did you get electric shock? I've pressed the bell and I was shocked. Right, you're screaming. That's true. If you press now, you'll scream loudly. Then the house owner will open the door. You think that the owner is always home? So the car will come and take you.

What kind of car? Ambulance! Ambulance! Ambulance! Oh, it's so crazy I'm always here – in this house Are you sure? Of course, I'm always at home. Hello, I'm speaking, dear. Oh my god. Alright, I'll spend all tomorrow for you Remember, I'll go when all are gone. Yes, yes, I'll bring the bag. So you can put the toys inside, sure. Everybody is out tomorrow? Yes, but why? Oh, it's so dangerous. I'll ask the boss to fix the bell. Why he is so worried. To whom does the house belong to!!! Hm, I'm full already. Was the food good? I'm also full, mom. I'll bring the food for sister. Let me prepare the meal so that you can bring for Huong.

Yes, mom. Sister, I'm My. Open the door please! Sister, sister! Are you ok? Don't make me frightened! Sister Huong! I wanna be alone today. What's wrong with her today? Oh, today is…. Where did Thai take you to and you get injured like this, Dang? It hurts, uncle. When Thai comes here tomorrow he'll be in trouble with me. Leave it, uncle, it's not his fault. Why not? You are my precious nephew and now you're beaten like a dog I'm so angry! Do you feel better? Not yet, it hurts. Hm, are you a child? I've bought a gift which you like. You'll feel better when seeing it. Where is it, uncle? It's behind you. Oh god, why do you give me pink hat? And what is this? Oh my god! teddy bear! This one is so cute! Oh god, where's your mind? I'm not a girl. Hey, I know you like it. Don't pretend anymore. Now you have to be more open-minded. You can do whatever you like.

Nobody can ban you, huh? Enough for your collection. If you want to buy more just tell me, ok? Do you want "Hello kitty"? Don't worry, I'll buy it for you. Take care, now I have to find Thai. Sister, that teddy bear is so cute. It's just normal. I think it's cute! Why do you ask me to come here? Well, I..I have an important thing. What's it? Well, it… Be quick please! I'll go inside now. Wait! Please be my girlfriend! I'm afraid she can't be your girlfriend. Oh, teacher! Well, me neither. What is going on here, Mr Long? Oh, good morning. Nothing happens. These two just wanna give me a gift. Really? or are they falling in love? Why do you think that? Oh god, they really love me so they give this to me Right, I'll take it, come back to class.

Goodbye, teacher. What's wrong? they give me not you. Huh, I don't care about it. Good morning, teacher! Hey, Lan Huong. I've got something to tell you. You should talk to teacher. Let me carry this for you Since our friends are waiting. Goodbye, teacher. Well, Lan Huong. I've been form teacher for two years. There's nothing to talk about your study but relationship with classmates.

I think you should talk to them. In addition Oh sir, I think studying well is enough. I don't care about other things. I have to go now, sir. Right, clean it carefully. Clean that glass side carefully. It's second semester, clean carefully. Hey, Dong, Dong, Dong, there's dust here Jump over here and clean for me please. Ok, you are the best, wait for me. Hey, Hien. I see that you just give command. You ask Dong to do so much, Hien. Is it your business? Focus on your duty. It's dirty, clean it right now. Oh, why is it still dirty? I have swept already. Hey, Van. Dong is sweeping the ceiling and you sweep here how can it be clean? Move to another place. But I've swept that side already. So find somewhere to take a rest. After Dong finishes, you can continue. What should I do now? Do whatever you like.

What's wrong with you, Van? I told you to sweep later. You told me to do whatever I like. So I wanna sweep the floor. Ok, do it, do it, do what you like. Hey, Dong. It is high here. Suri can't clean it. Can you help me, Dong? Alright, I come now. Stop! Back to your work. Be quick, be quick! Hey Kim! Are you free, aren't you? Use the chair to fix the problem. What happens if I fall down? It's your duty, I don't care. Oh, I think you have problem. I think that you don't do anything. Don't think that you're monitor so you just give command and you do nothing. I forget to ask you to do cleaning. Suri, are you idle? Let's clean the floor together. Od god, I'm responsible for windows. Hey, My. I've waited for you, why so long? Anything left here? let me help. Oh, why do you carry too much? Where's Huong? Oh, my sister.. Hey, Huong. I don't care how you behave in class.

It's up to you to separate. But we're doing the common work. Why do you let My alone carrying the two water buckets? Is it suitable? You're irresponsible. It's not like what you think. My duty is to take water. Now the water is here, done. How strong she is, I like it. You all misunderstand. No, we don't. You often say good about her.

This is not the first time. Do you see that she never talks to any of us here in this class. And nobody wanna talks to her. Hien still has friends. What? What did you say? What do you mean by saying that? Tell me. Turn back and talk to me. Turn back, what do you mean? Think whatever you like. Oh god, you mean I'm fierce? I'm not like that. I just talk what I think. Why did you say so? Right, you're gentle like satan. Alright! What do you want from me? Hey, can I say a word? No, this is not your business. Now, let's go on. I don't wanna talk anymore.

Oh my god, now you can speak. Oh, I just saw a spider in Suri's back. Oh, she's fainted, take her to clinic. Hey, Hien, help me, I can't do alone. Alright, let's do together. Oh, poor her. My, let go with us. Why do you have to look at her? We've asked but she refused. Let go now. Oh my god, hey you guys. Oh, how can they run away? Are you still ok? I'm ok, girl. Thank you, girl.

So lucky that you are here. Please sell me these mangoes. Oh, but they are crushed already. How can you eat? But I love mangoes. Can I take them please? I have fresh ones here. But I wanna buy these ones. Right, thank you for buying them for me. Here is the money. Let me find the change. No need, thank you so much. Oh, thank you so much.

Oh, how kind she is! Recently, it rains a lot in this city. The motorbikes often have problem with spark bugs and water enter the petrol container. Now we just change the bug and it can operate well. Thai can do these things very well. He will show you. Thai, can you show Dang? Thai What are you doing? Why don't you answer me? Oh my god, uncle Phuong I'm playing game. It's called "Kiem hiep truyen ky" It's so attractive, I love it. Is it fun? Yes. Come and show Dang how to fix.

No game at all. Focus on your work If he doesn't show you, tell me. Yes, uncle. Focus on your work. Why do you take my mobile. Why talking so much, show me, please. Don't you know how to do? I'll fix it right now. This is very simple We just need to dry it and then stick it in, done. Have a look first. This is a small thing. Why can't you do it? Done. It's gonna start working now. One by one It's slippery, give me your sandals? Enough. Let me do it. Done. Oh god, professional! Why do you know how to do? I saw uncle Phuong did it once I've learnt from him.

You just learnt from seeing? Yup! How professional and talented you are! I have to learn more from you and uncle. Oh god, you are modest, aren't you? You will be good in this field. Fighting! Fighting! I'll support you. One more time Ok, one more time Look, we haven't done with these snails. How can the engine starts? When uncle did this, I went to bed.

Right, why don't we ask uncle to come and show us, he is professional. Uncle Phuong, uncle Phuong! What's the matter with you? Doesn't it work? No, it doesn't. You guys are so boring. Why can't you two make it work? Why is it so strange? Where is the problem which can't make it work? Uncle, uncle! Yes? Do we have to use the key for starting? Great! I've just pretended to let the key like that to test whether you recognize or not. I'm surprised that the newcomer can discover the problem but you…you are an experienced one and you don't know the reason why How can you start without turning on the key? And you made the motorbike like this. Make it as it used to be. You have to use your head. why laughing? You showed me you're professional. Shut up please. This is the rare time I made mistake. I don't often be like this. Oh, I forget, how about finding job? I've asked several places but they all required high school degree So, what is your plan? Let me try in some other places.

Maybe they don't need the degree. How brave you are! Coz it's me. Hey, Thai. Hello, friend. Who is he? Oh, this is Dang – my friend. and this is Dong – my friend. the one who I often talk to you. I mean the play boy who is shy. Are you kidding? Am I shy? It's cockroach. Damn it! I'm afraid of cockroaches. I'm not afraid of humans. Uncle! See it! You are a liar! I respect uncle Phuong so I'm afraid of him I'm not afraid of others. Where is Phuong? Oh, he is… Call him to go out! I'll do it, why are you so aggressive? I'm here, I'm here.

Let's go out and have a talk It's not convenient here. Sympathize me please. Please wait for me outside. Can you take care of Dang I have to talk with them a little bit. I see. Why do they find uncle Phuong? They find him two or three times. They often have private talk. So I don't know much. Don't be in relationship with them. I feel scared. Why? you've said that you're not afraid. I've changed my mind. Don't be kidding. There's no problem. Keep going on with your job. Hey Dong. Yes? Are they gone? They're gone – they just wanna talk.

Why did your friends talk less? Well, they have to do something. Leave it, go on with your job. I have to buy something right now, ok? Sister Huong! This is for you. Written by Nguyen Nhat Anh. Thank you so much. I did not buy this book. It's dad who bought for you. Huong! Why did you behave like this? When will you stop this behavior? Dad, she didn't intend to do so. You need to behave nice! You don't pay attention to anyone else. I'm talking to you now. Huong! Sister Huong! Dad, don't be angry. Don't support her anymore. Sister Huong! Stop! Stop, it's so dangerous, stop. What are you doing? Do you know the effect of committing suicide? What? Oh god, if you jump into water the police would come how can I sell goods here? Get out of that.

Hey, hey,hey, listen to me. Life is long and there are many bridges. You should get to the bridge over there. and jump into the river. so you can die. Don't jump in this bridge, ok? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. This is my phone number. My name's Mong and I sell nuts. Call me if you wanna buy nuts. Call me if you're still alive please. Don't call if you're dead. Hey, remember to turn right The bridge is on the right. Oh god, my nuts!!! My pure nuts from Tra Vinh. Leave it, don't be so sad. We can't do anything in this situation.

It depends on our destiny. No, I mean we can have a good life. Don't be too worried. Huong is not a child anymore. She know how to overcome difficulty. And, the rumor about kidnapping for selling organ transplant is not much So if Huong is caught for organ transplant They won't killed her, don't worry. What are you saying? Don't you hear? I'll speak loudly. I told you that Huong I heard already. Why do you say that? Oh, I'm sorry. Let me go and find Huong. Well, My. Listen to me. Yes? Remember to be careful! coz if you're caught with Huong Tell them that if you like, I'll give you. two kidneys, two kidneys. It's your kidneys. If they take two from one of you So one have and one don't have The family is not happy. Ok? Hey Vinh, what are you saying? You're too rich without having time to do the earwax. Hey, I'm not deaf. Since you're a housekeeper here why do you say like this? I'm so worried that I don't know what to say.

Shut up now. Now I'll go with My. Whenever Huong is home, you give me a call. And you, if Huong has problems, you'll be in trouble with me. How crazy you are! Well, boss, boss be careful! Well, he has stones in his kidneys. Nobody wanna take it. Oh, Huong! She has never been like this. I've work as housekeeper here for almost 10 years. It was worried when going out Today, no need to talk when going out. we can go with thousands of one two … I'm worried, why saying like that? thousands of more than ten seconds. Why doesn't she come back? I have to tell you that Oh, she's gone. Alright, I'm fine here. Why doesn't she ask for permission? She considers me as a housekeeper. How dare ? Dad, is that sister? Yes, I think that's her. Sister Huong!.

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