Lido Finance Review | Staking ETH, Luna, Matic , Polygon, Kusama, Solana, Terra #stake #ETH2.0

welcome back to the channel in today's 
video we're going to be reviewing   Lido also known as Lido Finance so Lido
Finance is a cryptocurrency staking platform   that is decentralized so you're able to stake 
on this platform ethereum terra solan kusuma   and polygon so we're going to go over each product 
just for you guys to see how simple this platform is is and this is obviously a great solution for 
those that are considering just to huddle. I made   another video in my other channel where i actually 
explain why Hodling is not a good idea and as   this video is actually a more detailed review 
regarding what is the best way to increase your reward for your cryptocurrency that you 
are holding for the long term so let's dive in   so as I said here you actually have the ability to 
stake your cryptocurrency in multiple different   blockchain so you have ethereum where the current 
interest rate or reward rate is four percent   if you're looking to stake Luna and you have a lot 
of Luna and you believe in this project you can   obviously stake it and get seven percent a year 
or if you believe in Solana then you can get 6.1%   and if you're a big fan of Kusuma then you 
can obviously get 22 percent and if you are   a fanatic of polygons you can obviously stake 
your Matic token and get 8.7% so you first of   all you log into your website you select what 
cryptocurrency you want to stake and basically you   decide what you want to stay and basically you 
link your wallet of that specific cryptocurrency   and obviously you then decide to transfer 
the amount that you want to transfer   and then basically what happened behind seeing 
that you're basically getting a one-to-one   wrapped token of that cryptocurrency so you 
have the original cryptocurrency that you   actually deposited that's been stake and 
basically it's been giving you rewards   based on what i mentioned and then you actually 
have the wrapped tokens and we can actually use it and   basically it's giving you more liquidity so this 
is obviously an amazing amazing concept   so let's say that you want a hodle and 
you find another way for you guys to   take advantage of the market volatility or 
any other reasons you obviously have your   long term the original cryptocurrency is actually 
working for you and incurring rewards and then   obviously you have the wrapped cryptocurrency 
that can actually use in multiple different   DeFi platform and obviously generate some additional 
rewards, okay so they have like multiple   apps that they work with so you have Aave 
you have Sushi Swap you have a Ledger   you have Maker Dao, Anchor Protocol and 
obviously it's been audited by big leader   industry in this sector and obviously you have 
different validators so you obviously have this new   project which i do not know I do not 
recognize this logo unfortunately so just for   the sake of it let's just do an illustration 
let me just connect my wallet i'm going to   use Metamask obviously you can use whatever a 
coin you want to use let's just use this one   as an example and then obviously I can decide 
to okay let's say this is the amount of Ethers I actually want to stake so I click 
obviously submit and i'll get an equivalent of   that ethers in the wrapped token called Stether 
now you have to obviously take in consideration   two things you have the transaction cost for 
basically doing the smart contract and obviously   you're gonna have the reward fees they actually 
charge so let's say you decide to stake 100 ethers   based on four percent a reward rate you'll be 
looking at four ethers per year okay very simple   math so they're going to be taking ten percent 
of that for ether which should be basically   will be the ducting 0.4 of that Ethers so that is 
their thing it's very simple very straightforward   and they've been around for quite some 
time and this is a great alternative   solution for those that didn't know that you 
can actually make money by not just hodling by letting your cryptocurrency validate 
transactions and obviously get some additional   rewards so all you need to do now is 
obviously select whichever cryptocurrency you hold   and use the wallet you have and then basically 
assign that cryptocurrency to that wallet and   start staking so i hope this video was helpful 
i'm also going to be attaching to this video a   written detail review with all the stuff for you 
guys to know and that's it until next time bye

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