Lean into challenge|Study motivation(Kdrama+Cdrama)2WEI-Survivor

The future is very costly as well as just those that are providers of technique can inherit the future ♪ Thought I couldn'' t take a breath without you, I'' m breathing in ♪ ♪ Thought I couldn'' t see without you, twenty-twenty ♪ ♪ Idea I couldn'' t last without you, but'I ' m lastin ' ♪ ♪ Thought that I would certainly die without you, but I'' m livin ' ♪ ♪ Thought that I would fall short without you, however I'' m ahead ♪ ♪ Thought it would certainly be over by now, but it won'' t stop ♪ ♪ Thought that I would certainly self destruct, yet I'' m still below ♪ ♪ Also in my years to come, I'' m still gon ' be here ♪.

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