hello and welcome back to 27 fox neighbourhood i’m so gladthat you could stop by today i have a little bit of everything to get ready for the week andevery morning i spawn the bed tidy up around the house and get dressed for the working day and if thedishes are cleanse i empty the dishwasher and i’ll take care of the laundry most daytimes i take careof these things within the firstly hour of the day but on the weekends i usuallyget a little bit of a late start i try to spread out the maintenance cleaningover the week and the more i can get done during the week the less i have to do onthe weekends and i’ve managed to keep up with my programmes for the most part this weekso today i don’t have a lot to take care of there have been a lot of brand-new subscriberslately so i thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself my identify is Randi and i makevideos for cleaning and coordinating motivation and whether you are a new or long-term subscriberi would like to take a moment and thank you for supporting my channel and when i first startedthis channel i had no idea what the hell is happen but you have helped me to succeed in my wildestexpectations and of course i wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and if you arenew be sure to introduce yourself in the comments i love reading your comments andthey’re always so supportive and supporting and i may not have the time to respond rightaway but i always respond as soon as i can i need to tidy up in the laundry room i did a loadof laundry the day before and hung up some invests to dry so today i just have a few invests thati need to put away along with a few other things i have a few groceries thatdidn’t get put aside and they’re taking up space on the countertop and we restrain a bottle ofvinegar under the sink in the kitchen and another bottle out here in the laundry andboth bottles are almost empty so i’m going to combine the contents into one containerso that i can make room for the new bottle i have a blanket that i washed this morning thatneeds to air dry and i started to hang it up to dry but then decided to use the no heat settingon the dryer to speed up the dry term clothes that breath dry can be stiff and using the no heatsetting on the dryer helps to soften the fabric when the laundry hamper gets full i style thelaundry and pull out the biggest pile to dry and i’ll round up anything else inthe wardrobe that needs to be dried we each have a shelf in the closet tokeep clothes that we want to wear again and i’ll lent those to the washalong with any of the delicates and i keep mesh purses in the closet to washthings like sweaters and other tender items i’m going to load up the washing machine and usethe delay specify so that i’ll have empty drapes waiting for him me in the morning and so when i getup i’ll transfer the clothes to the dryer and by the time i’m finished with my morning routinei’ll have a load of laundry that’s ready to crimp i use vinegar in place of fabric softener because the vinegar removes the minerals anddeposits that they are able make drapes rigid and dingy i needed to empty the dryer so that i couldclean out the lint capture and i use fleece dryer missiles to help speed up the dry time andi tried to pull out the blanket without scattering the dryer balls everywherebut i purposed up chasing them down anyway and it’s important to clean out thelint screen after every quantity of laundry to keep the dryer roll efficiently if thelint builds up in the screen it takes longer for the clothes to dry which adds to thecost of the practicality invoice and lint proliferation inside the dryer can ignite and begin a ardour soonce a week i try to clear out the ventilate as well and i use a brush to reaching down into the dryerto loosen up the lint that stays to the sides most of the meal prep is done for the week ijust have a few things that i need to finish to get ready for the week and i try to have a greensmoothie every day to make sure that i get enough fruits and veggies in my food and smoothiesare a quick easy and portable style to do that but to save time i blend the gradientsin resealable handbags and collect them in the fridge and freezer and i like smoothies buti wouldn’t say it’s something that i implore when i’m hungry so having the baggages readykeeps me from resorting to unhealthy options i chop up the veggies into gigantic hunks beforei employed them in the freezer and it saves chamber in the bags and the committee is also meets it quicker toprocess in the blender i like to reuse the freezer bag so i rinse them out and collect theempty luggage in the freezer along with the rest of the smoothie parts i’ve shared thisrecipe before but i’ll is secure and leave the recipe in the description box but if you have anyquestions be sure and let me know in the comments i leant a toilet of ocean on the stave beforei started assembling the smoothie handbags and now that the water is stewing i canadd the eggs hard-boiled eggs are another staple that i like to have in the fridgefor busy mornings and i just supplemented the eggs to evaporating ocean and i named the timer for 12 hours and i get perfect eggs every time the second part of my smoothie prep is thegreens and i keep the greens in the refrigerator and i include about four beakers of dark-greens to a one quartbag and i like to use half spinach and half kale but any combination of leafygreens will work for this recipe and one cup of jam-packed light-greens weighsabout one ounce and i like to use a proportion to bar the greens to make surethat i’m getting the right amount so once the eggs are done cooking i’ll submergethem in ice water to build them easier to peel and once they’re cool enough tohandle i’ll store them in the fridge having a fridge stockedwith veggies that have been cleansed and chopped saves so much time last-minute and it starts iteasier to prepare males during the week i took some fish out of the freezer for dinner and “i m supposed to” threw it intoa recipe and cause it defrost and now that everything is ready for the weeki wanted to clean up the patio so that i can enjoy a little bit of time outside thisafternoon and winters in california is likely to be changeable we get a week of cold followedby a week of mild temperatures and this week is warming up so i wanted to start by folding upthe furniture comprises and get them put aside i use a foliage blower to clear away the dirtand debris off the terrace and the furniture and formerly that’s done i’ll go ahead andwipe off the tables the flowers are already was beginning to bud soi need to manure and i use fish emulsion it’s 100 organic and it constructs the plantsbloom like crazy and i just dilute it with spray according to the directions andi ocean the weeds as i commonly would the only thing left to do is enjoy the freshair and sunshine and if you experienced this video retain to give it a thumbs up and if youhaven’t done so once be sure and affected the subscribe button before you go thank you so muchfor watching and i hope to see you next time

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