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crypto market review today i'll be reviewing a   few altcoins um such as roon algo luna knc a few 
others um as always this is not financial advice   i am not an expert to your own research okay 
so today let's just check out a few all coins   um some of the all coins and and these are going 
to be all coins that are interesting in terms of   longing there are thousands of all coins that are 
fine to short right now like ftm is one of them   but or at least short on the next pump but um 
currently these are a few all coins that you   can consider longing uh one all coin i'm looking 
at right now is rune uh there's a few reasons   for this number one uh insane volume coming in uh 
the most volume that you can see really since um   october and really more so uh since august when 
last um went from that run of three to like   12 or something like that and for me there's 
a lot of volume coming in which is nice it   flipped the 200 ema and it also flipped 
this sr level around 650 which you can see acted as support for a long time and then it 
fell fell below and it actually broke it on   the first go which is impressive to see um i 
think that around 850 or so should be the next   resistance level so i wouldn't really consider 
longing at this current level i think that it's   better to wait for a pullback an area that you 
might want to look for is like the high sixes   and you can also uh we can also fib it 
out as well where we can just fib from the impulse move wherever it ends i 
don't know where it's going to end   let's see uh so let's say let's 
say let's say it stops at like 8 40 or something like that so something we might uh expect is just for this 
to start pulling back around like the low mid 8s   and then at that point we would target 
maybe like 620 or 670 that would be like   decent entry areas in my opinion and 
i'm sure those are confluent with some   sr levels as well like you can see the 620 area 
um there's a lot of interaction with that level um   in the past around that area so yeah rune is one 
where i would consider buying the dip on i mean   there is like decent amount of volume i wouldn't 
long at this current area but i would look to   consider buying a dip maybe like in the 
mid-low sixes or so if and when it comes let's look at luna luna is everybody's 
favorite coin there was a lot of   drama with that coin recently uh just in terms 
of like big bets being made by uh crypto twitter   really cool to see people like put their money 
where their mouths are um in terms of having   very strong conviction and bets uh so this is luna 
here on the daily and luna is one of the few coins   that looks really bullish on lower time frames 
relative to the rest of the market i do think that   it is an interesting resistance area though 
i think that this is an area that you should   watch out it hit a potential double top 
right around the um kind of this 100   area it's a psychological number as well as like 
the former high back set in the december and i wouldn't really consider entering 
at this current level but again it is   a bullish market structure in my opinion still 
on the lower time frames such as the four hour   you know i see a lot of my friends shorting 
this one i'm not so convinced it's a great short   relative to the other coins that are available to 
me this is still bullish market structure you can   see low you know you can see higher low you can 
see like high higher high i mean it's just like   on lower time frames it just looks bullish 
to me so like you know you're seeing higher   higher highs and higher lows all around and i 
just don't think it's really a great spot to short   in terms of the opportunity costs that you can 
short you know plenty of other coins right now i   i never usually try to short the strongest 
coins and luna is certainly one of the strongest   there is maybe an argument as i said for 
like distribution because it is uh close   to a double top area uh maybe like it's better 
just to wait till like 76 and that's where i   would consider buying oh right around 76 
dollars is the 200 ema on the four hour   is confluent a lot with that area and um also 
an sr level but again i i don't really think   this is the right coin to short relative 
to uh other coins available just my opinion   let's look at kyber network knc i think knc has 
been this has been on my radar for a long time and   there's a few reasons why um it was going up 
really strongly when the rest of the market   was just dumping and that's always a really good 
sign that something is very [ __ ] strong and knc   is an example of that we saw it basically 
looks like a t-wep or some sort of strong bind   right off the bottom lows of buck 20 and then it 
hit the top of the range right around 230 240 and   this area has been a strong resistance area all 
throughout its price history all throughout 2021   and price hit the top of the range 
went back down to the eq which was   this 175 area as well as the 200 
to ema and then it it went higher   we are now seeing price kind of keep continuing 
up still with the bullish market structure but it   is entering a very dangerous area in my opinion 
around 353 350 to 4 this is a large supply zone   which obviously got tapped already back in early 
2021 almost a year ago and i think that this area   is going to be a good short um initially i think 
like you know we could see this like spike up   and i think something around 375 is like a decent 
area to consider shorting i do expect there to be   quite a bit of resistance given the amount of time 
that is spent between each of these levels and um   that is something that i'm looking at i think this 
will be a good short with that said this is still   bullish market structure so it is important to 
note that um and like if this does have like   you know pretty strong reaction from 
the supply zone which i'm expecting   but then it consolidates quite a bit and 
forms a low then i would consider just like   assuming that it's going to just continue 
higher but it's really hard to imagine   many coins going up in this current environment 
um relative to the entire market especially   with the way bitcoin is looking so i think that 
this will be an area to short i wouldn't enter   long here um it did already tap this range 
high right around 240 as a as a retest so in that regard you know that level's 
already been tapped and you know that   was maybe the the opportunity to buy the dip of 
course but um as of right now i would probably   just be looking for shorts as it approaches 
this um supply zone but it is still looking   good you know it still is looking very strong 
um but i would just be very cautious coming up   grt uh the graph is another uh interesting coin 
that i'm looking at it's at a interesting area   of support and if you look at the daily there's a 
lot of volume coming in that hasn't really been um   there hasn't been this much volume 
coming in really since late october   and usually high volume is indicative of some 
sort of short-term trend change at a minimum   this is a key level in my opinion this kind 
of area of support as you can see this is the   last area in early 2021 before it had this 
big run this is where it formed its base   all throughout december and january and again 
it reached that area once again with some strong   buying coming in so i think that in the short 
term at least this is a really decent buy to buy   the dip that is i don't know what um how far it 
will dip usually if this does have continuation then it should continue stronger 
especially with the volume coming in   let's scale down to lower time frames 
i'll mark a few levels though on the daily okay so um i'm expecting this area to be 
some sort of resistance i mean   an area to consider buying the dip on the 
graph would probably be something like like 35 if it comes would be interesting   if you want to get really aggressive you 
could get like 37 or something like that   um huge amount of volume coming up in the four 
hours this is really interesting to see the 200   ema on the four hour has acted as resistance 
uh recently but that recently got flipped   um you know additionally you could wait for a 
break of this current sr level around 30 or 40   cents you know if price comes back down and then 
taps it for a bit then continues higher that's   certainly a possibility i'm sure it already has 
tested that level on very low time frame charts   um you know this would be a very aggressive 
entry around 39 cents basically waiting for an   sr flip i would personally wait in these current 
market conditions and be a little more patient   i think you can get something like 
uh 36 30 36 or so or 37 at a minimum   if you are looking for an entry in this one i 
wouldn't buy here personally but that's just   um that's just my opinion you could definitely 
take this if you want uh and you could do like   a scalp targeting like 43 or something like 
that but uh i do think it's an interesting coin   and there's a lot of volume coming in and it's 
very intriguing to consider longing to dip here last coin i want to look at is algo 
algorand is a coin that did really is it's   it's looking at a very like it's 
at an interesting level here um okay so algorand is at a very interesting 
sr level here as you can see the swing high   this used to be like the all-time high before is 
resistance and it's since uh flipped to support and now it finally reached that level once again 
here uh in uh mid-march after like you know   almost almost a year a little bit 
less since testing that level and then   then uh you know one and a half years ago 
in 2020 when it hit that all-time high at 70   cents and then it accumulated um you know this 
is an interesting level what i'm trying to say   i think this is an interesting area to catch the 
to knife catch because the risk is pretty set   in my opinion like any high time frame close 
below like some of these lows like you know   i don't know 65 cents or something like that 
then i think you can probably just cut it but it looks interesting to me because 
volatility has really died off and   really there's not many i would imagine like 
a lot of the selling is like mostly done   at least in the short term i wouldn't personally 
um like target anything huge but i think that   you know something like a 10 move or something 
like that is certainly possible off these lows   so as you can already see it's not a great 
active trade in the sense that like this is   going to have tons of money and tons of volatility 
and tons of uh tons of big moves coming in but   i think for like a swing trade it could be a 
decent candidate and again i just put the stop   below like you know 63 cents or 65 or something 
like that on high time frame charts and then um   i would probably target something like like 
80 85 cents or so something like that again it   depends on the market though it really depends 
on bitcoin holding up this could just continue   grinding lower and just have no support whatsoever 
but i think it's not a bad spot to knife catch   anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed this 
video thank you so much for uh the support

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