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1 crore rupees will be made guaranteed. Yes friends this is not a click bay title. In today's this video I'll tell you a 5 step formula, if your age is between 15-30, if it is more than that then also no worries but if it is between 15-30 then must watch this video till the end otherwise if you'll watch late then you will miss many things so let's start.

So friends in today's this video my aim so not to tell you about share market, so let me be very clear but today i will tell you a 5 step formula which is practically usable I've also done that, many peoples have done in fact all financial successful peoples uses this formula I've seen that many peoples, so many wrong thought we have regarding money. For example everyone thinks that nowadays until we will not do trading till then money can't be made. Some people thinks that trading is very bad thing through investing only money can be made, but problem is not in trading, investing, business or jobs, who told if a person is doing job then he can't be financially independent who told if a person is doing business then only he would be financially independent because let me tell you statistical data that in 3 years.

Yes only within 3 years 90% startups gets failed on which we don't talk only, we only celebrate that business, that entrepreneurs who stays after 3 years, those who stays in the top 5% of 10%. So today's videos' 5 step formula and if you are young blood, you are between 15-30 so I would have a request to you all, pause it here for 1 second take a pen and a paper and start making notes on it because it will definitely help you in making a planned structure. So let's start how this thing can be done. So a postal finance's lesson I'm going to give you, so the first lesson the first biggest mistake is that we don't set goals. What's the meaning of not setting goals? You would've thought many times that I want to come in share market because I want to make so ans so much money right? Do you agree with this? But we've not made any prefixed goal, we've not thought that what's the amount after getting that we will be relaxed.

You see in such a way, you go to Youtube, you go to Instagram, you see their lavish lifestyle, you see wow he is driving Ferrari oh wow I wish I could've also had this car, wow I wish I could also go to such holiday vacations but you don't have a total figure, you have a wake goal, so the first thing you have to on pen and paper is that write your goal and in comment section too write down what is your financial target? How can you calculate it? You can take a rough estimate. For example, let's say that you need a car worth 30 lakhs in your life because you like it OK you don't want the one worth 1 crore but you want the 30 lakhs' luxury car then you think that you need a 3 BHK flat in Delhi, Mumbai or wherever because my parents had a dream of having an own house so you add on that then you take that apart from this if daily these things are spend usually, so I need this much amount so for someone it will come 50 lakhs rs, for someone 1 crore, for someone 3 crore and for someone 20 crore Now many of you will say that I want to make 500 crores, so my first question for you'll is that what will you do with that 500 crores.

Why you want to earn first ask yourself just because you see some rich list just because you see someone else don't make a wake figure in your mind look at yourself. Don't compare your goals with others otherwise you will feel miserable. Compare yourself with your own you see your basic necessity that if these things happens then I'll be satisfied with that so first step which no one does we do these things very late, set your goal.

If you're young then set it from now that if there'll be this much amount then I'll be really happy first see your happiness, don't see comparision. Second thing which is the most important thing is that change your attitude according to money, change your attitude towards money. This in particular with lot of Indians is a problem Whenever someone is succeeding, whenever someone succeeds in their field a jealousy factor arises specially with respect to money. Whenever we see that any person through XYZ ways earning more money, then we can't digest that.

You have to understand if they are doing it in a wrong manner so anyways karma will give them their result, today or tomorrow it will give this I've seen my own in many people's experience, I've observed it my own but if they are adding value and on that basis if they are taking commission, taking money then nothing will happen to them. Recently I saw on twitter people outcried that Nitin Kamad the founder of Zerodha is taking 100 crore as salary all three founders are taking 100-100 crores combinely, they don't have shame there's pandemic, now 1 second, 1 second ask yourself. There's pandemic, in pandemic you are doing job and your boss says your work is very nice I'm promoting you giving you 30% hike so will you tell that NO, NO don't give brother there's pandemic people are suffering, give me promotion after 2 years I don't want Will you do? Tell truly in the comment section will you do this? Or suddenly in your business every month 1 lakh rupees' turnover occurs suddenly a big deal comes he says that boss there's pandemic but this is good chance we have to promote our service we are giving you tender of 50 lakhs.

Will you so no? No, No, brother don't give us pandemic is going on. You won't. No one will do. Everyone wants to earn at some point of time, so what's wrong if Nitin Kamad who has built a robust business who has this much big business, has shaken the discount broking and reached on top so ow he deserves to get those kind of salaries. Here I'm not talking about his business model that because of him how many peoples suffered loss or how many are earning, some glitch happened.

I'm not talking about them. We should still commend this fact if you agree then write in comment Don't we should appreciate him? So change your attitude don't get jealous when someone is earning because of their capacity same, I'm giving one more example here, if you see that any person is earning through 2-4 sources then oh why isn't he earning only through one source. Bro he has skills, he is actually trying to use that skill she is trying to use those skills and trying to earn money if they are doing it in a legit form what's the problem in it? It's simple everyone wants to do. If I'll tell you also I'll tell you one more source of income according to your skillset you start working on this thing and from this you will get at least 30,000 extra every month the will you say no? Incoming money doesn't feel bad to anyone it only feels bad to the neighbours.

So please you change your this attitude related to money and don't hate now many of you will say Money doesn't buy happiness, I don't like money I don't want money, bro you don't need money isn't it? Then why are you doing job, doing business, sit at home money will come by it's own it's tree is there, by own food and water will come, so for all those people who say money doesn't buy happiness, a lot of money may create trouble but adequate money is required in fact if there is less money then it creates unhappiness I know many of you will hate me on this that why he is talking in capitalist way but boss this is the point.

A job person also wants that his salary keeps increasing A businessman also wants that his business keeps growing, a trader wants that he earn more through trading An investor wants that he keeps earning more through investments that brings to the third point. Third point is, when you've set a goal, you've changed the attitude now you have two options, you have top reach 1 crore OK? 1 crore or more than that so what can be it's ways so most obvious thing you'll be thinking that these are such obvious things but this is the only thing on which you have to work and I'm uploading this in weekend so that you do your homework you structure your plan, decide how to actually do, so look it's simple if you want to reach there then there are only two ways, first way is increase your salary, second is reduce your expenses. So now, there are two points in increase your salary also, there are two point in increase in income. What? Either you start increasing your existing salary, how can that happen? Obtain your skillsets more if you are a developer then understand the advanced version of Java, if you are software tester then do it's more study, do it's more certifications, do course, make yourself skillful because today's time it's not about just paper degree, it's all about the skills which you are having so make yourself in it, if you are in sales and marketing then learn more negotiation skills improve yourself, learn communication skills, if you are in investing then learn to read auditor report more nicely learn to see (()), learn all these things.

Like this, if you are in service based industry them improve yourself, so first thing is your existing skillset, so if today, let me give an example, if today you are working in Cabgeomini taking an example OK? And assume that there you have CTC is of 5 lakh rupees then obviously if you have to reach to a target of 1 crore rupees then it will take so much time because from that 5 lakh you will remove 3 lakh that's your expense and 2 lakh rupees will remain so like this you're not going to do job for 50 years OK salary will increase slowly then what you have to do there if you want to achieve that 1 crore early then you will decide plan in such a way that boss I have to double my income in next 2 years, industry standard will be 11-12% so like that I can't do, like this you have to plan so what I do, now existing python is trending so much, this one Big Data Hadoob all these things re trending, whatever is in your field I'm giving example so you will acquire it's skills you'll say that I will perform so good in my existing work that speedily I'll get hike and promotion after that promotion after 2 years I'll switch maybe in Microsoft or some good company I've made it target where my salary will double then from there, again I'll plan accordingly so like this you'll have to do your planning so this was first, increase your salary.

Second is that you see your industry is such that your salary is not going to be more first of all there's no such industry, if you are good at something your salary will increase but lets accept, you say that it's not in my industry then you have another option increase the streams of income, increase your sources of income and remove this biggest myth from your mind that multiple sources of income is a bad thing that you only have to from if you are investing then then you've to earn only through investing, if you are trading then also, No! Why because average millionaire has seven sources of income. Yes an average millionaire who travels all over the world has 7 source of income Write in comment section how many sources of income do you have? Honestly now how much are there and Will you increase it or not, tell in comment section because it is necessary. Not only I'm saying this but Robert Kyosaki has said, even the biggest of the biggest people has sad this thing.

Now many of you will say No but earning from investing so bro why Radhakishan DambaniJi who is a superb trader and investor opened DMart? Why Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who is a super trader and investor he still started film production. He has nothing to deal with films. Why while staying in Algami's board charges consulting fees of crores every year why such things happens? It's simple thing you say no but they don't do training it also has point. You don't do your multiple sources of income looking at someone else Don't do it. You do only in the thing whose skills you have maybe they don't have that skill we can make out through the interviews also that they have so much knowledge and wisdom but they may not have the training skill. If training would've been that much easy then once you go on the road gather 100 people and in front of them till 1 hour try to influence them. Your hands and legs will start shaking, when you used to go to stage in school there you were not able to give a speech so how do you think.

So first thing is if you will copy someone like I've seen nowadays almost thousands of trainers are made in stock market but they'll not be able to run in long term why? Because sooner or later because if they would not have that quality then they will degrade. The only survival will be the fittest So you don't see like this. Let me give you some examples through which you can make you root plan. Like one way can be if you are in IT related you know how to make websites then by going to freelancing websites do website development work you're sitting at home only you can do this work.

Second thing is that if you are digital marketing related then make affiliate affiliate means give amazon's products' links on your social media platform, send on whatsapp, send to friends from that you can earn, so like this you've to do additional income. If you are in real estate then buy some houses at such places where demand is much, people will give rent from there you recurring income will start coming. Likewise if let's assume your voice is so good people like to listen to it so you start giving voiceovers, likewise if your graphic designing is very good then you shoot everyone mails ad messages, I'm not telling that everyone will respond you I'm also not saying that you will get opportunity from everywhere but until and unless you don't try you will not get and believe me in today's time pandemic has shown first thing that why you need have multiple source of income.

Why? Assume that you are in job and you are earning 1 lakh rupees in job your loan is running of 70,000 of home and car. Suddenly because of pandemic your employer fired you now loan will not stop, your EMI's will not stop you'll stuck But here assume that you have made some passive sources of income, you were working in IT, you were making websites on freelance now your demand has increased so much that you take 30,000 rupees for each website finished? Filled the gap, at least didn't took tension, so this is the difference, this is the reason and I'm telling logical friends if anything hurts then please tell but if you like anything then make sure you like this video, because from this I get motivation that for you all whichever video I make, I make it from my heart OK.

So from this I also get motivation that for you all finance, stock market, investing, trading, related everything. I try to make pretty videos maximum possible for you and because of all your love we've almost reached 200k and this was also a reason today I wanted to give you knowledge other than stock market based on my experience, based on my interactions with the millionaires whoever they are from them what I've learned that I want to impart to you. You'll be surprised that for telling these things also many people run their courses. I saw ads on Instagram 999, 199, 99, 45 each types paid something sponsered is written in that so they run like this, this thing we give you free so make sure to like Now this much we've told that either reduce your expense or increase your salary, now how to reduce expense If we'll sit taking a pen and paper some expenses which are not necessary still we do it for short term fun Example, Netflix's 400 rupees' subscription.

Is it that much important at the age of 18 or 20? So much important that you have to spend that 400 rupees. That 400 rupees if you use on educational purpose, purchasing a book or such thing then it will give you more value in long term. At long term it will give you such value that after two years in taking Netflix you won't hesitate, it would be a minute amount. So first in a right way your unnecessary expense, you take such things which simply stays in your house, comes out at the time of Diwali's cleaning. Oh I bought this headset, I haven't used it lets use it now. First thing write your unnecessary expense by writing you'll come to know so start writing from early time so this thing completed, So these are your three points. Now fourth thing estimate related to this only, estimate your expenses Now after expenses you take out your net how this? I'm giving an example. Assume that you are a bachelor, you've assumed that after 6 years you will get married and you take out that my living, eating, rent these expenses are now 10,000 after having family, after marriage two kids will be there so max to max my everything will be done in 40,000 means an average you are taking that in upcoming time maximum expense will be 50,000, if you live in few EMI's then also OK.

Now it's 10,000 but you are assuming 50,000 that is average for next 30 years because average a person after getting in to a job or into a business works for approx. 30 years after that he feels of a retirement so now as you've taken this thing. Any amount that you take let's say you take 40,000 you at least double this amount. You'll say double! Why double? It has a simple example I'm telling to double this because first thing, a very bad thing runs in market I would not say bad but one thing runs which is called inflation.

Inflation is around people says 7-8% but you see average in India in last 40-50 years then it increases according to 4%. Inflation means today the value which is of 100 rupees tomorrow same value will be of 104 rupees that is exactly inflation. Price increases value depreciates. For example if today you're getting a thing in 100 rupees tomorrow same thing in 104 rupees, tomorrow means one or one and half years later you'll get same thing in 104 rupees.

So this inflation is increasing that's why you have to double. Second thing you're not only doing for expense you have to enjoy life also OK. Life enjoy in the sense I'm not saying that you make luxurious life, go to disco daily, go to bar, No I'm not saying this. I'm saying that the thing which gives you enjoyment, gives you recreation, like travel gives me, in travel also specific India. More than foreign I love to travel in India. In fact every year I travel 5 places. Unfortunately due to this pandemic this year it could happen only at one place and last year also we stucked in the pandemic. At once only I'll cover them all by going 10 places but point is that I really love to travel I really I'm a foodie I love eating, drinking so much.

Different different new types of food, I really love to taste those things and to spend time with family. So in rest of the things I personally don't like them much. For example I've used Iphone, I've used Mac but I don't get that kick that's why I've given to family members and employees bro you take this you feel amazing but I don't. So if you would've seen Iphone in one or two videos that I've given to family members taking from them only I did some shoe off in shooting.

I'll buy Mac and Iphone when we'll bring 25-50,000's course because you come from seeing it so then we'll buy otherwise not, so the point is that because it is seen those who put them they run courses of 25, 30, 50,000 you'll say that Mac has came let's go and watch so this thing happens So, some people couldn't have understood what sir said. So here let us talk about the point that do that thing from which you get happiness. You get in travelling so you travel. You get in food you spend in food. If you really get happiness in driving a Ferrari, so you do planning for Ferrari accordingly. If you really feel that when I'll have 10 bungalows then only you'll have satisfaction, so you do but you don't do comparision just because neighbour has it so you buy it.

For example, I'll tell you a Delhi's case a person at the age of 28-29 this guy, he had nice job 1.5 lakh per month's job He bought Mercedes on EMI with full excitement, everyone was excited but sadly he travels now by bus by local transport The car is standing there only why? He's not able to maintain, EMI is also there and now he is thinking how to improve his skill So just to show the world don't do these things OK. So, you do this thing and why I'm telling to enjoy little bit because life is like an ice-cream it keeps on melting so before it melts enjoy it.

But also remember life is like a candle also So candle in the sense before it fully melts do some giveback and for that giveback only I come to youtube so that I giveback something to you If you love it then give a like. Now final thing you doubled it now multiply it by 30 so now I'm assuming that, NO, multiply it by 12 because it is your yearly expense so let's take an example 70,000 per month I've taken so my yearly expense would be 8.4 lakh rupees OK now multiply 8.4 lakhs with 30 very simple this is the amount that you have to strive at the earliest, it will be your financial freedom also, will make your 1 crore in process also about which we discussed plus it will make your thought process straight, you'll be thinking that he is telling very simple things but it will surely work, definitely work, if you will do planning like this step by step, this is eventually going to help you out to create that plan and final thing, final, fifth point start changing your habits, try to change your habits, make it friendly with the financial habits how? First thing start decreasing your credit card's expenses buy that thing only which you can afford now.

Example let's take the same salary one your salary is 70,000 and you are using 1 lakh rupees through credit card. Tomorrow if job is gone, there is no extra income you are stucked after that you will DM people that I'm stucked No, in trading you know that I can take maximum loss of 50,000 but if you'll take loan of 2 lakh rupees you'll stuck the day money is gone, so take only that much which let you sleep at night, I'm not saying that don't take only take that much which you know if tomorrow I'll not have a job for 6 months also then also I can pay that thing.

So first thing in your habit is decrease your credit card use and borrowings as much as possible. Second which is the most important stop comparing your financial level with others thing. Lavish lifestyle is not financial freedom, lavish lifestyle which you see on instagram and other places most are deteoriented means many of these things are on loan and credit card and after seeing that whichever service or whatever you take from that they are paying the credit, so basically they're not rich you guys are making them rich so understand this first thing and this is in the case of 99% people.

Have you seen Elon Musk uploading photo on twitter everyday that see guys I'm roaming in these 10 cars today he'll not do this everyday or have you seen Mukesh Ambani sitting in his house and in background making reels on Bajre da sitta have you ever seen this? You would never find this thing and this is very important and yes this is a very important thing that don't become a digital zombie this is also a problem which will stop you from making 1 crore you are swiping whole day bajre da sitta on this or else how I become from this to that, I'm a barbie girl friends stop all those things specially boys this is for you all these doing DM's to girls, want to do friendship with me, you're so sweet on that and add 4-5 e's in it stop doing all these things, this is going to keep you aside it will not let you be financially free and that also the girl will not reply you in DM.

This is a fact, so stop doing all these things instead if you are going to social media also youtube, instagram, so go to such handles where you get to learn something fun should be there but you get to learn also only fun is not good, only learning also be might boring for you it should be mix, so like that we also have an instragram handle you can see it on screen so like this I've also promoted my instagram handle so you may follow me there I keep posting usually there so guys change your habit and in this habit only add one thing that is 500 rupees whether it's 1000 or 1500 friends start investing historically it's seen in last 100 years that stock market gives 12-14% return on a long run you'll say where so in description box I've attaches a small case you go and save that case, if you start investing in that case also that itself will also solve your problem you keep doing in your mood it will also after 15-20 years give you an average return and suppose if you don't want to do this also you're learning investing so on our channel also we will bring more videos on which you'll be educated do that thing or third thing you study books but investment is 500, 100 or 200 rupees or 1000 rupees whatever that is start doing it from now.

Market is very high now we should do or not then don't do in stock because there's confusion in stock but index fund, ETF, here you can do SIP do little bit I'm not saying that if you have 10,000 then you put 10,000, if you have 10,000 then put 500 rupees so this is exactly the five step thing from which you'll get freedom and in life you can earn 1 crore rupees guaranteed. Friends I hope that you would've liked today's video if you loved it then do like, share it with your friends and specially with your kids the childs which are there in your house send this in their Whatsapp's group so that they get educated about this thing sooner they'll be educated I'll also feel good that YES they are taking their financial freedom seriously from now only till then keep learning, keep growing, keep investing and keep trading.


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