Break Up & Heartbroken | Motivational Video (Jocko Willink Motivation)

then when you get home and you get back to the places the familiar places where you have the Mets Pacific recollections that’s that’s where the anguish start to come in and that’s fine you know that’s that hurts that’s we get that but in my opinion I’ve said this before the person that you building in your sentiment firstly that you had a relationship with that you built in your thinker that person doesn’t actually exist they’re not real they are not real she wasn’t who she appeared to be and she isn’t who she appeared to be she isn’t the sugary understanding amusing person that you helped so much about that’s not her that’s your recall that’s what you built in your pate she is actually the greedy self-centered person that cares about herself firstly and doesn’t care about you that’s current realities and that’s fine but a lot of times the pain that we feel isn’t based on the reality it’s based on the fantasy so you’re feeling aching of losing something that wasn’t real so make the fantasy extend be borne in mind that “shes not” the excellent person that you built in your attention date she’s not otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation right now and then leave abundant throughout the earth get after it work out train hard go to jiu-jitsu a hike ranged a comedy guitar merely get after it and those things is not simply gonna agitate you from the pain which is good they’re gonna improve you as a human being which is good and they’re gonna rebuild your confidence which is good they’re gonna procreate you feel good they’re gonna stir you stronger and smarter and better and put you into a lieu made-up fantasy anymore and they’re gonna put you into a brand-new friend something better than the fiction now I’m gonna tell you right now the fictions don’t exist the perfect girl or person for you doesn’t exist they don’t exist so you’re gonna be out looking for something that’s good but you’re not gonna acquire perfect don’t get haunted with know perfect if you find person that’s perfect it’s neat it’s not true everyone’s got their shortcomings so that’s what you have to do and you will end up finding someone that’s real enlivened get it being I know you’re gonna have some moments down in the hole as Alison to explain or trapped in the heart-shaped box as Nirvana positioned it or so lonesome you were able to cry as Hank Williams major place it is that you notice a theme now this is what people go through but those feelings of they’re temporary so tell him say hi make it hang around for a minute or for a flaw or an hour or whatever and then kick them out kick those feelings out get them out of there and run do something else take your sentiment away from those storages of delusions and positioned construct some good memories that are real and yeah you know what you can use your wrath and your frustration to fuel positivity for sure and the other thing I don’t exert if if you take action with your body your imagination is gonna follow and pretty soon you’ll be on to the next chapter you can move beyond this bad fantasy chapter that you various kinds of went roped into[ Music] you

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