Kai Greene – COMEBACK 2022? – Mr.Olympia Motivation

It’s gotta be a mistake What went wrong? You don’t get this far you don’t get to this place and just stop … He is the most popular and talented bodybuilder in the world Actor Dancer Painter Millions of fans are waiting to see him on the Olympia stage again He is still Mr.Olympia more than any guy I’ve ever seen Fans are waiting man Kai Greene the devotees are waiting to see what you can bring The time has come 2009 Arnold Classic champion! I have invested too long in “peoples lives” not successful and knowing what that feels like I know what is like to be undermine I know what is like to to only not have Bodybuilding is the idea of progressive development power of being able to shape your life through application of your thinking Kai is a warrior and I think he can get to it He can beat anybody if he truly is intended to I wanna job because I wanna be successful He will declare himself better stronger KAI GREENE! The Predator ….

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