The Global Gold Standard in Finance CFA (Level 1)

My name is James Bramley, I work for Fitch learning we're an international training company based primarily out of London. I come up and teach on the CFA programme up here in Aberdeen on the Masters course. What I like about the CFA is it's a very focused, well organised and well structured course leading to a very respected and challenging exam. I primarily chose Aberdeen because the combination of the professional qualification of the CFA and the ability to get a Masters. I think that the CFA level one is very challenging, but I think that Fitch provides an easy way to learn the challenging parts, and we focus a lot on the harder part.

The thing about a challenging exam though is, if you pass it it's a very valuable thing to sit on the CV and it's highly respected in the financial world. One of the biggest things employers look to these days in the financial markets is the CFA, they consider the CFA level 1 presumably as sort of benchmark as a sort of qualification. I think that this the CFA in addition to our degree is really important because it allows you to both gain the professional side as well as academic side. During the academic bit we've been studying accounting, portfolio management and now Fitch have come in and they're giving us really dedicated, tailored focus on how to pass the exam, which is a great benefit. I think the students here at Aberdeen with the ability to do the level one as part of the Masters is a big advantage. Once they've done their masters they can put on their CV a well-respected, internationally recognised qualification which is pretty valuable. If I quote the Economist the CFA has become the gold standard for the investment professional. So, in that sense why wouldn't you want that on your CV if you want to get a job in finance?

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