LIBRA in 2021 – Part 2 – Motivation is key to success and happiness

[ Music][ Music] welcome back to the second part of this video now i’m going to talk about taints the excavations of spoils are quite important because that planet represents the physical vitality that we can put into what we want to do in life it represents combativity uh reactivity it represents also impulsiveness aggressiveness as well so it can lead us to have it produce us into conflicts with other parties or within with ourselves actually it can lead us to happens or even collisions that’s why it is very useful to watch the transits of taints as it get around a zodiac in accordance with one’s sign because it shows the periods when defaces will be quite easy to deal with and other periods that may be much more uh difficult so we’ll start with the transportation of spoils in taurus because mars is going to start the transit in taurus on the 6th of january right now it is in aries and it is going to remain in aries actually for six months since the 28 th of june 2020 until the 6th of january 2021. It’s a long transit abnormally long because generally impairs exclusively remains about six weeks in a clue and that’s what is going to happen in 2021 but 2020 is an exceptional year as you may have accumulated so no wonder with the assistance of impairs that things may become fairly preoccupying when taints jupiter saturn and prito become you know noisy again they wake up and they become quite quite strong and difficult to deal with perhaps not for yourself but for the world at large anyway what i want to talk about is the fact that spoils is going to join with the position of lilith and uranus in taurus and that is going to happen on the 20 th of january and that could be a very important minute maybe for yourself but for the world at large so it’s around the 20 th of january because the energy of disfigures is going to start as soon as the planet moves into taurus on the 6th of january and then until the 4th of parade it’s going to be very strong in this sign now this is the area that you need to attend to when dealing with finances coping likewise with everything that is complicated in your life and perhaps dealing with the unknown so defaces is there to sort of motivate you to move to do something to change uranus represents the change but lilith represents the dark zone so what you don’t know are you going to change if you don’t know what you are changing or what you are going to get once you reform probably not so it may indicate that the alteration may occur um whether you demand it or not so it’s something that may happen in the world or in their own communities in your immediate environment or or somewhere else in another way something very strong is going to happen and that will of course motivate you to react but be careful because reactions do not take the time to think and analyze the consequences of such reactions so if it is a anger or if it is precipitation if it is because you absolutely want to preserve yourself and perhaps get the most out of a situation that is very drastically deepening time try to slow down otherwise you will procreate mistakes and such mistakes may be costly financially we are here in the eighth sector from europe ratify or your ascendant the sector representing your relationship with society money-wise your financial situation so if you want to invest for example or to do some business uh to enjoy the benefits of shares or fund exchanges or whatever be aware that the beginning of this year 2021 may be quite difficult on the stock market and then of course that will affect the whole world and perhaps hopefully not your wallet if you are careful enough you won’t move you won’t do anything during the transit of mars in taurus and most especially until the end of january because after that spoils is going to get away from the conjugation between the leadeth and uranus but the month of january is is a point to watch you know to watch out for in order to preserve yourself from any costly errors or mistakes that you were able to shape just because you may be moving too fast and not analyzing developments in the situation enough so falling into the trap more or less or at least falling into the dark zone and then defaces is going to transit in gemini and that is going to change the influence of this planet impairs is going to transit in gemini from the 4th of procession until the 23 rd of april now gemini is an air sign just like aquarius and libra so naturally there is what we call a profitable link between this those two ratifies and another one now another one here you benefit from this great triangle the breath triangle is the communication triangle it it represents your scholastic capacity and your ability to communicate to deal with other people to share ideas and so on to travel as well this taints is going to transit your one-ninth sector representing everything that is official in your life representing uh your eventual affair with far distant countries or beings and it represents also learning teaching and studies and also whatever is moral ethical and theoretical so all that is going to be quite interesting and motivating besides impairs represents this sign here aries and aries is the seventh sign from your signal or your ascendant and it represents partnership so it may indicate a season extremely uh to choose if you want to uh and i say get into an official relationship or get into a relationship or a partnership officially this is when you could have the best forces to make love so perhaps it may be worthwhile to wait until uh the fourth of parade chip and until the 20 th of april over this period then you’d have to have a look exactly where is the ascendant or the sunbathe in your chart and the other aspects in your show of course but uh now we have house number five which is you know your sexual love here we have uh whatever is official and um law and and mass represents residence number seven so partnership if we are intending to if you want to get involved in a partnership be it a personal partnership or a professional partnership you could have the best vigors to do so during this period and of course what you will gain from the partnership will previous a lot longer than the said period obviously but after that defaces is going to transit in cancer defaces is going to transiting cancer from the 23 rd of april until the 11 th of june cancer is multitude 10 from your signed or your ascendant so it is related naturally to house amount 10 which is also called the mid heaven it represents your status professional or social status it also represents your relationship with authority whatever authority is in your life it can be professional or personal or genealogy approval it represents your campaigns your ambitions and your possible to succeed and to you know to get your project uh realise now when spoils transits uh this area of your life it is at the top of your child starting from your signal or your ascendant and that means that it is really a reigning situation and it represents your need to act with a lot more determination and and uh and combativity to impose what you want to impose and to succeed more or less but of course that may create some antagonisms with uh parties around you here we have a discordant configuration with your signal and a discordant one as well with this sign here aries that means that this is the other parties in your life other person or other beings in your life and actually he she or they are represented by mars because mars represents aries the seventh sign the seventh sector of your child so uh the influence of the other person or rather people maybe a source of motivating and probably a strong one but as well a source of tension perhaps you may you will be seduced to do too much or you will be influenced to do too much more than what you can handle and that is likely realise you tired and more impatient or less case with the other person or other people involved so it may create some conflicts some difficulties some contentions and things like that but that’s if that’s only that it’s not very important that it may be more important than that it can be an accident or it can be a real fight and perhaps a breakup so you’ll need to be careful uh between the 23 rd of april and the 11 th of june in order to sort of control your vitality and the exertion of the other person but in a nice practice if possible with diplomacy rather than creating conflicts and you know manufacturing things even more difficult for everyone because after that taints is going to change sign that’s you know what he does when he transits around this audio uh to go through leo and we’re going to talk about that right now mars is going to transit in leo from the 11 th of june until the 29 th of july in leo shell signed disfigures is well in good relations with your ratify there is what we call a sextile fire and air cohabit quite well actually so it is going to improve your ability to deal with the other person in your life represented by disfigures and also the other person maybe may have a more positive influence on you on your wars and actions on your decisions so you will be more motivated to share also with the other person and because mars is transiting the 11 th area of your child it means that you may also be quite more you are well aware active on a social point of view doing things from for other parties around you your friends your acquaintances but socially as well and perhaps for the community so you may be quite persuasion to put your strength and your incitement and your learning as well and your partnerships with other people because the more people we are doing the same thing the more we can get in in outcomes so this is a great moment of the year during which if you are you know inclined to uh to do things with other people rather than alone it is often the case when libris is talking i make libra people need other beings they they are very efficient when they working in collaboration with other beings but they need to feel well with these beings if there is a state of conflict they are not happy at all so they prefer to be alone actually but alone they’re not as efficient and when they are with someone else uh with whom they are in tune sort of thing so then it seems that you will be in tune with the other person or other beings around you and that will be a great help to achieve a lot more even though it may be not ex exclusively for yourself because the 11 th sector represents the community so if you want to get involved in community work this will be a great time to show how much you can do for others then spoils is going to transit in virgo virgo as you can see is the indicate that predates yours so because of that it represents the 12 th house in astrology the 12 th room represents the past it represents what’s hidden what you we tend to not show we retain for ourselves it represents also the period during which we prepare in order to be ready when defaces or another planet transportations the indicate your ratify or your rising signed or your ascendant so cooking will be what you need to do uh between the 29 th of july and the 15 th of september the past may play a part an important part as well as partnership because defaces is always representing the other person or beings in your life with whom you are in partnership or collaborating in some way so it means that you may be coming you may be getting together with other people in order to deal with something that you are preparing or will be preparing then in order to achieve and to you know benefit from the results when mass transits your signal so it’s going to be quite an interesting point and mercury and mercury not mercury and taints transiting in virgo indicates that you too will be most probably more efficient at contemplating organizing and elaborating what needs to be done in order to use the energy of disfigures when it transports your sign on your ascendant because it is then always very strong we’re going to talk about that right now defaces is going to transit your clue from the 15 th of september until the 30 th of october and believe me when mouse transits one sign it performs the person or persons fairly you know tensed um it represents a period during which your vigour your combativity will be much more remarkable than when mass transits any other sign around yours so during this period you must be prepared of course because if you are not and that was the mission more or less or the job to do when spoils transited your 12 th residence or 12 th mansion from your area in virgo if you haven’t done the necessary preparation when taints transits your sign you may become much more intensive and perhaps too unusually impatient you she must represent accelerated so you will be speeded up when mouse transits your signaling and going too fast uh of course becomes it more easy to stimulate mistakes and uh it becomes it even more easy to have an accident so be careful if you are real well prepared mass represents the other person or other parties around you the influence of the other person is very strong when mass transits your sign it may be overwhelming and it may be quite positive it all depends how you receive the exertion of the other person and how you can control um your own energy and that of the other person or parties around you because sharing is reaching things much more interesting in life of course rather than doing things for yourself you will be doing things for uh for the for the for the relationship and as much as for yourself you will be doing it for the other person and the other person the same so you may get a real close relationship that will be quite efficient specially if you have you know prepared for that transport of impairs prior to that transportation of mass when it was in in virgo and then you can use the full power of that vigor of mass which is the god of fight in myth so it can really help you fight defend yourself and get the other person in your life also to defend you or to uh to sort of you know collaborate with you in the same in the same combat on the same battle in order to win the game which is what i wish you of course naturally the next transit is in scorpio disfigures will transit in scorpio from the 30 th of october until the 13 th of december this is the second sign from yours yours being the first one second sign second signal second mansion second residence money money and food and the material side of living the down-to-earth side of life-time so when impairs transits this area of your show uh be it actually house two if you your rising signal is in uh in libra or your solar house too if it’s only the daylight that in liver in your child it’s going to enhance your penchant to spend money perhaps a bit too much you may be influenced by the other person or beings in your life because spoils represents such person or persons or more beings but it means that you will need to control of course but if you need to defend your interests fight for your payment your revenues whatever it is financially and on a material point of view as well but also on the meat point of view feeding point of view you will feel stronger to do so perhaps a bit too strong at times but impairs will definitely have a positive affect on the way you deal with the material side of your life in order to control and to impose what needs to be imposed because it will necessarily offset you more interested to obtain more from life-time on a monetary point of view but it can have a reverse sort of influence and if that’s the case you will be spending like madness and you may find out when the transportation discontinues that you have nothing left money-wise and you may also have a tendency during this period to eat anything and at any time not verifying your you know feeding habits and your desire for certain menus and so on so you’ll need you know to control that the ascendancy is what will be the what will meet the difference between the fact that you may lose everything or expend everything mistakenly or not and attack your interest both may cohabit of course but what you want to privilege is naturally the fact that impairs will utter you a better uh boxer to represent your own interests and perhaps the interests of the other person in your life and that is of course the good point the good facet the good side of the influence of mars in your second residence now and to end the year and even to begin 2022 we’ll talk about defaces when it transports in sagittarius spoils is going to transit in sagittarius from the 13 th of december until the 24 th of january 2022 here is a fire sign so you know well in good configuration in good relations with your signed or your ascendant there is what we call a sextile same when with disfigures in leo but now we’re in the third sectarian chart the third house it represents communication it represents your intellect academic capacity and it represents anything that can help you get in contact with other parties you are well aware sharing ideas and traveling meeting people and discussing important things so because master introduces room numeral seven that may indicate a season that you can choose to travel with your spouse for example this is christmas time you look 13 th of december and there is christmas and brand-new year during this period so it means that you will of course be quite privileged to have the disfigures transiting in your third house because it’s going to make you much more eager to communicate and if you need to uh to move away to to you know to do a uh to travel in order to go somewhere or to visit someone for christmas or to invite beings around your neighbourhood and so on you should be quite motivated and not alone because mass represents the other person once again all the other beings around you and so it is together that you will probably gain from the influence of impairs in this fire sign which is a generous indicate represented by jupiter and jupiter represents success confidence passion and so on so you should be quite privileged during this period to obtain better causes thanks to your motivation to communicate and too to your will to communicate with the other person in your life of course in your life but also with other beings around you and that will induce probably the end of the year an interesting and too motivating instant because of course disfigures is going to continue on transiting around the zodiac and in 2022 its affect is going to be quite different as you may find out if you watch my video that i will reach next year not now no i will wait until august or july or september next year to to oblige the videos for 2022 now i would like to talk to you about venus a very interesting transit is going to occur in 2021 venus transiting your indicate or your rising indicate from the 16 th of august until the 10 th of september venus transports in liber and that is going to have a very nice influence on you and in your life in general finish is the goddess of compassion so anything to do with love will be much more accessible to you and you are able to also extend more love you will be more charismatic your personal hum is going to be stronger venus is strong in libra so it’s it’s quite you know happy to be in this sign in this area of the zodiac it is giving a lot you know to uh to the person uh to feel good so feeling good or feeling better uh has of course an influence and prevalence on the development of your life now venus can bring you some prosperity as well however um and the practice you use uh this lac influence you know is for you to choose but it means that what you can get during the transit of venus in your ratify or your rising indicate is something that may have much longer repercussions much more longer positive backlashes than the end of the transit of course so uh you should take note of those times in your journal in order to better to to be ready before it happens because the idea is to connect with the planet while it is transiting your ratify if you are connected with the force of venus if you you know communicate with venus somehow you will deduce a lot more from its force because you’ll open open yourself to the influence of venus which is a very positive influence the strongest influence of venus is when the planet transportations your ratify or your rising signaling then after that there are other transports that may also be quite positive in various ways but i wanted to mention this one because being the strongest it is the one not to miss and if you don’t miss this transport you will probably thank me because it may be bringing you a good deal of good and a good deal of presents actually and delightful surprises of course not everybody will be favored or privileged in the same way but i feel that whatever your situation is then it may get a lot or a little bit but actually it’s sufficiently better to cause you to keep on proceeding and perhaps to surmount the obstacle or to deal with the problems and the situation in which you may be so it’s always imparting a bit more a bit more positive energy to to our personality and that is transmitted to the situations in which we are to deal with the situations much better so now and to end this second part i will talk to you about mercury mercury is going to retrograde three times in 2021 the first time in aquarius from the first of february until the 22 nd the second time from the 30 th of may until 23 rd of june in gemini and the third time in your indicate or rising indicate from the 28 th of september until the 19 th of october so you will need to be extra careful during the retrogradations of mercury because it tends to affect the gray matter which is your brains you are well aware and it does one less efficient at working one’s neurons to communicate with other people and to share ideas to understand what is said to you or what is written to you uh anything that depends on your ability and mental energy will tend to be less interesting and less positive i’m not saying that it is going to create havoc or you know catastrophe in your life but it will be annoying for sure if you’re not careful if you don’t double check you will get in trouble eventually because you will probably forget uh or lose even something important like your document perhaps your your phone or any other thing that you need uh to express yourself like your pen for example that’s not so important to this pan but you may have a pen that is much more expensive and or that somebody afforded to you and of course if you lose it you’ll feel bad about it but it can also be something that doesn’t is dependent upon you like a strike for example if there is a strike you can go to work or you can go where you want to go and it you know it it clears man more challenging the first one therefore will occur here in the fifth sign from yours one two three four five this is the area of romance sentimental life so the person or persons you adoration or the person or persons you love you communicate with naturally but when america is retrograde somehow what you say is not exactly what it is going to be understood by the other person and vice versa what the other person says you might you might not understand precisely so disagreements is very likely to stem from such a retrogradation of mercury and perhaps as well it meant that your inventive line-up if you are a creative person may not be as efficient as well so perhaps it is better for you it will be better for you to do something or to express something to communicate to share something before the 1st of february before mercury retrogrades and then wait until it moves back in direct motion on the 22 nd of february or from the 22 nd of february to express again or perhaps to rip the honor from what you would have done before the recognition of of that planet and therefore you will probably gain from the retrogradation rather than lose because the second time would come here in gemini which is the ninth sign from yours it’s therefore relating to house number nine and residence multitude nine represent uh long distance passage it represents your anything official that you need to do it represents your relationship with the administration for example with the law and all legal matters are represented by house nine it also represents your studies if you’re a student for example or if you are going through a trend or study for any reason uh during this period you will not be as efficient as usual your intelligences will sort of you know be working uh over season perhaps but not in the right direction somehow you probably will tend to understand what doesn’t need to be understood or you will understand in a certain way what is said to you or be attributed to you in a different way misconceptions this is what represents the retrogradation of mercury and of course if you have something very official to do be sure not to forget any document not to and be sure to know exactly what you’re going to say to the person you’re going to meet if it is an exam for example that you have to go through during this period of retrogradation of mercury in gemini well you know make an effort in order not to make any mistakes but mistakes can be made of course and mistakes can be made by other parties which of course you may be dependent on because the last retrogradation of mercury is going to occur in your mansion or your rising mansion so it is going to be a very important one and for that reason what you’ve done or not done what you didn’t understand what went wrong eventually when mercury was written right here then here may come back to you uh between the 28 th of september and the 19 th of october now this is the period during which the sun is in libra so it will likewise be the period during which you may celebrate your birthday unless you were born a bit later than the 19 th of october otherwise your birthday is included in this period and that meant that your year planned will have show probably a concurrence or almost a conjunction between the daylight in your child and mercury retrograde and that may have an influence on the whole time performing it more perhaps difficult for you throughout the year to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with uh thanks to good communication ability or good mental uh stead place uh if you’re not 100 percentage mentally of course uh what you will need to do or to say and to share with other people may may be you know wrong uh it is therefore shows that there could be some problems naturally but it doesn’t mean that anything happening will be a catastrophe so make sure that you really remember what’s going on now from what i’ve asked and then you may not make any mistakes when mercury will retrograde in the signs i hope so regardless for you i have finished this learn expressed appreciation for very much for watching it to the end of it i wishes to receive a very pleased about that and prosperous 2021. thanks a lot again and take care bye for now.

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