KEEP ON FIGHTING – Dwayne Johnson (The Rock Motivation)

I fought John Cena and I disappeared in and I think it’s 2013 I vanished in WWE Champion and we get in MetLife Stadium we had a record-breaking attendance which was amazing that night we accomplished our goal so I rested with John Cena we had 45 instants plan for the pair it’s nonstop and go right so your conditioning is tested and at that time I wasn’t full-time in WWE I was just doing these recognize competitions where I would I was still shooting Bassin vr6 in London had to travel in the ring get all my echo work in travel back to shoot fast and incensed then back WWE Raw do those shows the large-scale build-up to WrestleMania against John we get to MetLife Stadium it’s a big night this is it’s game darknes right it’s a championship nighttime for me 45 -minute matches meant out at the 15 -minute mark bang I feel some pop boom laying there and both of us are out I said off Fox I was going on and I deposit my ability now it’s 85,000 beings right we are only laid down by like this I kind of wheeled over I affix my hand down in my stem merely to see I want to make sure that there was no bone sticking out so just happened referee comes over and he’s like rocky all right come on[ __] I get up I go to step and I can’t catch that can’t do this I have to use my leg like momentum I do that so now in that moment and you guys are gonna have these instants “youre supposed to” already had them already where you’re in the game and you’re in the thick of things you gotta make a decision why I got to do I’m stay in video games committed to the team I committed to my squad the part roster right so I could tell the wrestlers are you and I have one moment in this moment it was a defining moment I could either tell him no and done he give the signal competitors up or murky son and again this is a little takeaway for you guys if you ever have this moment I’m sure you have to be have it it’s coming we have this decision I said no let’s keep going I said how much occasion is up he’s like thirty two minutes rest of the whole match good move doing everything like this I’m getting scared because I’m thinking boy well what happens if I if I if I pinch something or something like you know I don’t know your mind starts[ __] with you in the moment there’s eighty five thousand people your Adrenaline’s rushing humankind what happens we’re going to lose my leg or some[ __] like this if I’ve just done something to my route final move of the accord is his big finishing move and I remember I’m getting up and I’m turning like this because I have to fall into him he’s gonna affected me with his big finisher it’s like a big suplex where I go over his head and[ __] it and strikes me down and I remember turning I remember turning into John and I recollected supposing myself god please don’t let this be too bad just take care of me take care of me slammed I feel upturn now fortunately matches last-minute he pins behind you comes in the back are going to the back I can’t move now get a little nervous doctors come in don’t know what’s happening get on a airplane scurried dwelling to my doctor’s there in Florida and in MRI find out that I have totally torn my adductor the top of my my a medical doctor and my top of my quad off my pelvis yes really really[ __] up what I was proud of was to walk out on my own but not only that but in this[ __] instant where the odds are against you people are watching teams will vary depending on you you either say I’m done or this[ __] whatever the[ __] is going on it’s temporary and it obligated[ __] me up at some time down the road but I’m not gonna make such opportunities going on in here without paying it[ Music] hold on to that fundamental character of sect have faith and on the other side of your pain is something good[ Music] you

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