Actor Jussie Smollett guilty of lying about racist attack – BBC News

in the united states a chicago court has found the actor jesse smallett guilty of lying to police after he stated an attack on himself nearly three years ago and claimed it was a hate crime smallit who is gay and afron african-american paid two masked accomplices to accost him in the street at night our north america correspondent nomia iqbal reports he was once a rising star but for the last three years jesse smollett has been fighting for his reputation and career walking into court surrounded by his family the 39 year old has always maintained he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack but a jury didn't believe him after deliberating for nine hours they found him guilty of lying to police after the conviction prosecutors spelt out the impact this case has had on the city 26 chicago police officers spent three thousand hours of time costing the city well over a hundred thousand dollars for a fake crime that never occurred and by the way a fake crime that denigrates what a real hate crime is this story goes back to january the 29th 2019 just after midnight in central chicago smolit was known then for his role in the hip-hop drama empire he had claimed he was set upon by two men who targeted him for being black and gay there was huge support for him from celebrities and politicians including the now vice president kamala harris but a police investigation eventually claimed he staged the whole thing and he was arrested at his trial prosecutors said he did it to boost his profile and help his tv career the two alleged assailants brothers from nigeria had originally been arrested but later released by police they ended up being key witnesses testifying against jesse smollett they said he had paid them to carry out the fake attack but he repeatedly told the jurors the money was for personal training sessions and there was no hoax and still his team continued to maintain that defense we feel 100 percent confident that this case will be won on appeal unfortunately that's not the route we wanted but sometimes that's the route that you have to take to win jesse smollett now faces a possible prison sentence huge support for him turned into deep anger when he was charged with many who once stood by him now accusing him of taking advantage of the pain and anger of racism nomirikpal bbc news washington

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