🔴 Das Erwachen – [AFFIRMATION, Redpill, Rote Pille, Geschlechterdynamik, Motivation]

Believe in yourself and believe in the process. Peace. Never forget your worth never beg someone to be part of your life you are worth more than you just think you are only with people who are happy to be with you never look for someone who has deliberately lost your effort and yours They don’t care about fights. She waits at the finish line and thinks the winner. Goods are effortless. If she doesn’t take any steps towards you after the breakup, why do you fight for them Even women have friends and friends if you don’t sleep with her then you are one of their friends Don’t judge a jester for behaving like a comic Better ask yourself why you keep disciplining out in this circus Nothing is as worrisome as it is arousing for you a woman like a somebody who is clear about his worth.The only real motivating and the real intention of person or persons needs to be recognized sen something reacted celebrated and instead of the behavior is the message shadow this process always pay attention to which behavior you tolerate you tell them how they can treat you I hope that the position never search for someone who lost you on purpose No woman knows herself hoarse or most desirable because you do services for them women do not fall in love with who you are but what you are and no logical argument will convince them of the opposite.Just because you do not understand them and cannot classify their behavior does not mean that they give you mystifying messages cleverly seen behavior the behavior is the message. Some people contact her when they have the time and others take the time to do it who are you Of route one is sleeping with the other women n wishing the other souls for us not Classic and trusted I actually repute and do you believe the process If you learn yourself, your feeling will change fundamentally She doesn’t belong to you you’re only once at 10 o’clock she doesn’t know her If you promote her up on a pedestal then she will plow you like a doormat If you believe you and don’t believe it And I forgot that jolly shit is much harder shit brother respects you you put your mobile phone out of sand yourself and grabbed a trade in your paws your fins respect your spirit and respect your body no one else is responsible for ensuring that you are fine or that you are happy it is your task yes you are a mental part of origin everything you do you think about it firstly like it I feel like it and then you do it or then you tell it be your job you are happy I do and you start now with who registers your plot who appears around in his kingdom and potties and pans and flies into the discount runway and if your little domain your apartment or accommodation or room looks like garbage then cleaning process the damn it how do you actually entered into with your fucking palace that is your job to take care of everything you have the burden of execution because you are a man and not such a flesh flute didier the airline prays that you should be that but a real true-blue adult a humanity to be taken seriously pss

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