Gunmen “disguised as doctors” kill dozens in attack on Afghan hospital – BBC News

at least 25 people have been killed and dozens injured in an attack on afghanistan's biggest military hospital in kabul a taliban spokesman said there had been two explosions outside the building before gunmen entered tonight the islamic state group has claimed it carried out the attack from kabul our correspondent sekanda kamani reports [Music] across the road from the attack families at another hospital watch on in horror outside a man tries to crawl to safety inside mothers and young children terrified afghans had hoped scenes like this would come to an end now that the taliban are in power instead their fighters were amongst the victims of this attack carried out by the local branch of the islamic state group or daesh the assault began with a suicide bombing before gunmen tried to fight their way inside the military hospital helicopters were used to drop taliban special forces into the site according to the group but outside this hospital taliban members were anxiously awaiting news of injured colleagues former insurgents now facing an insurgency themselves after the explosion me and some of the other taliban were helping carry injured people into the hospital says this member of the group who was at the scene of the attack a daesh fighter pretended to help us too but when we got inside he took a pistol out and shot a talib who was next to me in the head the rest of us tried to escape the taliban are insistent on playing down the threat from is it's true they don't control any territory but this is the fifth major attack they're suspected of carrying out since the taliban took power ies are challenging the taliban's core narrative that they're finally bringing security to afghanistan [Music] is accused the taliban of not being hardline enough and the two are fierce rivals this new taliban government is beginning to face many of the same problems as the government they just overthrew a dismal economy and now rising security concerns sekanda kamani bbc news kabul

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