Mod-01 Lec-1 Motivation & Introduction Part I

They were the results of yesterday’s testsand of course as you already know, light-green is the one which you have written correctly.And red struggled but wrong, right? You can see that lots of red spot is there. And youhave that lily-white one not aimed. Ok, so I have been previously precisely collected statistics, Ok, that green entire class attempted, merely 16 degree 7 percentage of the questions, all theclass together, Ok. And red is 37 percent. And un-attempted, white-hot is 46 percent. Andmost of you had 2 C R E courses, right. And you can see the first few said, on yourleft side, you have, almost all cases are fill up either red or light-green that is Ok but thoseare the very basic things.That means that is first one or two sections of Levenspielbook if you have consumed Levenspiel book, right. And you can see that line, is second row, Ok, second sequence is the one which is maximum reacted and too the fifth row, that is fifthrow, yeah, this one, this one and this 1 and 2 of course, Ok. And you know question number1, what is you know, chemical reaction engineering? Question number 2 countless beings reacted whatis a reactor. But even then they do not know what is a reactor after taking 2 trends. You can be found in no, some red wires there.Righthere, question amount 2 is this. This, this, this, there were some, few people whodo not know what is a reactor after making even two courses, Ok. And question number9, peak answered. Can you guess what is that question? It is not reactorsName It is homogenous or heterogeneous. Single phase or multi-phase that is all. Ok, homo/ homogenous; that is what the maximum number of beings written without any mistake.It is really funny, you know. That is the only question. Even type of reactors numerous people not. Typeof reactor question number is you know 6, 6 is not that much. 6 I consider, this is the6 one. Still there are many red lines.And too of course, I chastised when the entireanswer is right. Not if they write only C S T R. Ideal reactors at this spot of timeyou should know. How countless are there, ideology reactors? Exclusively 3. If you do not remember 3 after 2 class/ classifies, 2 tracks Ok then what kind of knowledge you have you have to check no? Self, that introspection.You have to check yourself.What is that we have learnt in those 2 tracks, right? And another one which is very popular questionwas this, fifth one, this is the one. This one also many greens, can you guess that question.I know you are happy to forget but I think you know at least can you remember that questionwhere countless parties would have answered? Just guess. Sorry. Selectivity and all, that isdisaster. Many beings did not … Many parties did not write.Conversion That is zero virtually. Changeover versus temperaturefor exothermic endothermic actions I feel may be 1 or 2. I think that is question number….Yes, that is methods for the analysis of reactorreactor And that extremely I open, I professed if you canwrite any two, integral and differential. You know another five are there. Yeah, half life-time method is another one. Excessivemethod you know, method of extravagances, that means you take one reactant more, one reactantless. That is another method, Ok. And for reversible reaction you have to wait for longtime and there is another method. So there are so many other methods and simply by takingyou know the, what is that, regression analysis that is another method. All that no one haswritten, Ok. But these two I have taken differential andintegral, that is why it is maximum. Ok, yeah and here are some lettuce spots, Ok. And thisis the, as I told you first 1 and 2 periods of Levenspiel, mainly the questions are fromthere. And the definition of plug flow and mixedflow. Mixed flow almost everyone wrote. But I did not, because both I was looking forboth I should get the chastise answer, Ok. And push flow that is not your fault of course.That is many, countless, many teaches’ fault.The description of push flowing as axial mixingzero, right and flat velocity chart “thats really not” the correct interpretation. The chasten description is something else.And if you know that definition, these things are automatically fulfilled. Like flat velocityprofile and also axial mixing equal to zero, radial mixing equal to how much … Radial mixingRadial mixing Infinity LouderInfinity. InfinityInfinity. You have infinity radial mixing, axial mixing equal to zero and flat velocityprofile. So for all these there is a basic description and if you know that definition, all these things are automatic, Ok. I will ask the question saying that if you, you have written that flat velocity sketch is plug pour. Why it should be plug flow? Why? Why do you call that one as a push spurt? And if radial mixing equal to infinity sowhat, why do you call that as a push flowing? Right.So that is why that definition is notcorrect. Almost simply 2 students, I see one must befrom AC TECH and one must be from Osmania University, and both were my students whoare teaching there, Ok. They would have told that I mull. Merely 2 people “ve written” thecorrect description. So I think this is not your fault. I necessitate, here I do not blame you for this definitionbecause the teacher would have not even known that special interpretation and as usual teacherwould have simply has been informed that yes, usurp flat velocity profile if “youve had” or you want tohave plug flow. Or axial mixing equal to zero if you want to have plug flow. But the real definition we will discuss, youknow, sometime later when you come to the reactors.So that is why I think it is a reallydisaster. I, you are well aware, doctrine of C R E is not that easy, right and this comes at theend. And astonishingly every chemical process starts with a reaction. But we learn at theend, point of all other courses, right? You firstly, what is that, substance and energybalances, then you go for thermodynamics, fluid auto-mechanics, heat commit, mass transferall that at the end only reaction engineering comes. By the time you are tired you probablydo not remember anything. Ok in two years itself “youre ever” tiring nowadays. So that is why I feel probably you wouldhave not converged and in the GATE too I review not many questions will come, correctbecause in India it is only examination. There is no education in India. Only examinationsthroughout the country and all your spirits exclusively go for how do you crack the examination.How do you crack the question paper? Ok.Yeah that is the reason why utterly, Ido not know whether I impart the same, same the issues or same interrogation in mass transferor hot move what kind of responses I get. Ok and I realize myself because noneof you will appreciate me. So I acknowledge myself thinking that I have done a very goodjob of demonstrating the test when you are not aware of the fact that I am going to conduct thetest. The moment you come to know that I am goingto test, “you know youre going”, you will have a race. That is why I like that movie you are well aware 3 IdiotsOk where that funny oath is given. So they want to crack that message. So that is why youforcefully pull the “hairs-breadth” and pull your legs and all that you pluck and finally there isno answer there.Ok. So the moment you come to know, that is whygentleman agreement for you likewise next time, you should not inform your juniors that thisexamination will be conducted. So last-place 10 years I have been seeking your seniorsand I think they are faithful, most of them may not be telling you about that. That is why I never give this question paper.I will exclusively tell the questions. Ok I will never give you this question paper. Becausethe moment I have the question paper you will have a question bank in hostel. Then againyou…anyway this fellow deports the first exam on the first day, the July’s examinationon the first day, so now cause us crack the examination. Cracking examination will notgive you any suggestion now what I have to concentrate.So this definitely “ve been told” that I have toconcentrate from zero onwards. Ok so from fundamentals again, after 2 courses.And I strongly believe that whatever is left with you in this examination, whatever youcould write, whatever is left in your brain only you could write there. So that is thetrue knowledge what you have. See the, you are able, all of you would have got, you know, here “were having” S 10 out of 10. And in some other universities you have been able, you are well aware, yourmarks, is it Ok? You would have got 100 out of 100 or 90 out of 100 or 99 out of 100 inC R E. But all those distinguishes are only on your marksheet , not here. And commemorate membrane is still under your closet. If all that knowledge withthat 100 percentage differentiates insight, if “- its” your psyche, then all that should have beenbeautiful green.Correct , no? The part thing would have become beautiful light-green. And it is disaster to just think about nonisothermal thermal reactors. That is where these ruby-red patches principally. These are all nonisothermal reactors. Like for example , non-adiabatic , non-isothermal. You thought that non-adiabaticis different , non-isothermal is different because there was a comma. I was asking aboutonly one reactor, what is the name of non-isothermal , non-adiabatic? Ok we call in short, in some volumes also itis written NINA , non-isothermal N I , non-adiabatic N A, Ok. So that is the kind of name we givefor one non-isothermal reactor where, of course temperature modifies are there and heat alsois, you are supplying heat or removing heat. Not leaking heat and all that, some peoplewrote leaking heat and all that. Either you supply or you remove heat and naturallythe temperature will change, so the adiabatic means you are not supplying anything.So thatway it is called non-adiabatic and likewise non-isothermal because temperature varies depending on whatkind of reaction is there inside the reactor from starting to the end if it is plug flowreactor or if it is desegregated overflow reactor, will the temperature diversify? Throughout the reactorit remains the same. That is the beauty in interpretation of perfectmixing. Ok, so that is why every time this exposes me, you is not have to really worry.All Indians are brothers and sisters.This is the same motif which I am learning last1 5 years. M So our genes have not changed. So we arestill Indians , no problem. So after making two routes that is the result. So I feel at least by making this course andthen there is another course announced catalytic reaction, this is chemical reaction theory; if you take both such courses I think that entire orbit is likely to be green. And what kind of questions I requested? Are theydifficult questions? In fact many times I feel that if someone else is outside, theyare all silly questions.Ok. How do you analyze the data? What is a chemical reactor? OK andwhat is the information you get from kinetics? What is the information you get from kinetics? You get only one thing , rate of action. They write, you write proportion of action plusrate constant plus order of action, all these, they are already there in rate of reaction. Then what do you represent by, you are well aware, orderof reaction is a bad concept in your thought because countless reactions is not have require ofreaction. Ever our ingenuity is only in terms of L K G. Because first time we learn, oh first succession, and then solve all the problems; that is recorded in your brain all the time.You will never grow beyond that.And if you go to, Hougen-Watson model I askedwhat is the information you get from Hougen-Watson model “thats one” of the issues to. Not evenone wrote the correct one, Ok. Is perhaps one or two beings. You get only one rate expressionthat is all , nothing else there. Ok , rate expression for catalytic reactionswhere it is a very peculiar rate because you have in the denominator, yeah, in the numeratorsomething Ok, if it is simply a going to see r, reversible reaction, just simply a going tor, first degree action and then this is taking place on the surface of a catalyst so it isa catalytical action then we have the steps of adsorption, desorption, surface reactionall those steps. If you take one of the steps as rate-controllingthen you get a rate equation called minus R A equal to some constant, I am talking aboutnumerator, some constant into P A minus P R, these are the, either C A, C A also youcan frame, C A minus C R by some equilibrium constant divided among 1 plus K A P A, K R PR Ok C R instead of P R, so that is one.What is the order of this particular reaction? Can you tell the order of particular action? I envision I will write there. This is minusR A equal to K. Ok let me write C A so that “youre ever” cozy with that, some constantplus 1 plus K A C A plus K R C R. If there are some inerts, you can also write that isK I inerts, concentration of inert. That is the one. What is degree of this action? You do not have an order for that. It is arate of action; that is all. Like that, like you know more on kinetics you know, inbio-chemical engineering, right. That question too I queried, bio-reactor, is it differentfrom chemical reactor? Many people wrote you know they are different. No, both are exactlysame. Both are exactly same.Absolutely there is no difference. It is thesame plug flow reactor you also use there, same batch reactor you also use there, samemixed spurt reactor you also use there, right. And you likewise have a minus R A there. Whatis that minus R A? Given by these micro-organisms announced Monod’s equation if it is microorganismsor if it enzymes it is Michaelis-Menten equation. What is the order of Michaelis-Menten equation? It is a complex form same to this only. So you cannot say that you know this is theorder or action. That is why the constant of tell of reaction is totally wrong forus. You are very lucky if you have a first say reaction. That is one of the most, awfully, terribly, very special cases. It is not that, you are well aware every reaction should have firstorder. So that is why you know exceedingly, very basic questions like when I have A plus Bgoing to R what is the order of this reaction? cannot sayYou cannot said about that. It is so innocently inspecting, you know. Evensimpler one is simply A going to R, simply A going to R. What is the order of that action? We do not know. It can be as involved as this.Or if you are very lucky then it isonly first order reaction provisioned there is a clause there, if it is rudimentary action. And how do you know it is rudimentary or non-elementaryreaction? By looking at that it will never. It will never tell you, Ok I am elementaryreaction, you make first fiat. Same thing, “d you tell me”, when I am looking, I amso and so, are you telling me? You do not tell, Ok. Similarly there likewise. Reactions too willnot tell. So it is our duty to find out. It is my duty to ask you, Ok what is your name? So I cannot assume that because in, because you have come to Tamil Nadu and in Tamil Nadumost of the time you will have Subramaniam, Subramanians or Srinivasans Ok, so I thencannot simply say, that Ok, Srinivasan come here. Ok or if you, I think in particularly in Koreait is beautiful. 90 percentage of the person or persons are Kims K i m, Ok. You can call Kim means1 00 people will look at you along the road. Which Kim we do not know. Ok. So like that I thinkwe also you know this kind of appoints special to some regions. So because you are going on Mount Road here, there is a, “theres a place” called Mount Road in Madras, Ok, you are generally walking.You say Srinivasan planneds 100 people who will look at you. There are 100 Srinivasans there.So we have to find out which Srinivasan you are finding out. So similarly any stoichiometric equation, you should find out what is the order of reaction without having in your intellect that this is firstorder, this is second tell, Ok. So that is why, it is really, actually, I make, I do notblame you but I think we do not know this knowledge we require a lot for C R E. So that is why I have to now start from, fromthe blemish and then with a clean slate, everything is erased.Now I belief all your hard disksshould be completely cleaned and now you have to have fresh. But student does each time, every semester he empties his hard disk. So that next semester he is fresh. That iswhat would have happened here. So where is the memory? Memory altogether moved because youare erasing. Because you want to be fresh in the next semester. So whatever C R E 1 you taught, you are well aware, you have taken last semester, you come with a very fresh face as if C R E 2 is fresh again.No connection between these two.Either mass transportation 1, mass displace 2. Ok. That is whatwould have happened here. Right and that hypothesi, last question. All pinks and un-attempted. What is a concept? I think it is very difficult question to answer also, right? So that is why at least whatare the two concepts that you have learnt, that is what I have given the question. Minimumtwo concepts. Ok. Some parties, you are well aware, they have written idealreactors. Ideal reactor is not concept but the definition of ideal reactor is the concept.For example plug flow is a beautiful hypothesi. It is really wonderful concept. I will tellyou when we come to that, why it is beautiful, Ok. So that, that mean you conceive somethingin your recollection and then to find out whether your theme is correct or not. That is whatwhat you do most of the time in research. You see something and then you usurp or youhypothesize in your sentiment, Oh this must be happening, right. And you say that Ok, thisis the idea I am envisioning. This must be the concept, Ok. So you have to now to prove that what youimagined in your sentiment, what you have designed in your judgment and what you have really foundout, both are same.How do you been discovered that? Either theoretically, by solving some equations, by writing equations or experimentally or both. Then exclusively your idea is right, yourhypothesis is right, whatever you imagine. That is what is research that is all. You merely look at some problem , no one wouldhave told anything about that problem. No one would have addressed. For lesson globalwarming is one of the problems. And some people say there is no global warming. Simply theweather converts. And some people say , no , no , no , no it is clearly because of globalwarming. Who is right? We have equal number of people? Entire planetis split into two now. Some people say no, some people say yes.How do you find out asone of the researchers? You imagine global warming intends this. Everything is in our mind.You imagine that. Ok global warming implies this should happen, this should happen. Sotheory wise can I calculate and then show them this is really happening. Or assumption also many parties will not believe.That is why, Nobel Prizes too, if you merely display speculation, there is no experimental verification, they never get the Nobel Prize. They must be, there are a lot theories. That is whatyou know, Higgs boson person he too, he does not have Nobel prize winner. Higgs Boson recently, they are starting no, it is a particle where that generates the shape to the world. Whatever we hear, countries around the world, the solar system, and galaxies what we see now, all the stars we witness, the contour camebecause of that particle. That is a theory. Theory is that, you know, if you believe BigBang theory, philosophy is that at the point of Big Bang there was no volume for that smallvolume, for that small-minded scatter whatever is there somewhere in the universe. Because of someconditions, this come exploded. And what was there in that dot was it is pure energy.Itis a wonderful illustration for E equal to m c squared. We know how to convert mass into vigor, massinto exertion. Take coal, burn, you get power. Because I am taking mass. But you do not knowhow to make this power and convert into coal, correct no? You do not know. So that is thereason why at that point of hour, all that pure energy that was there, that has explodedand now it has to convert to mass. Then we do not know how to convert. So that is why at that time who conceived BigBang theory, so they started imagining and this Higgs told that there would have beena particle because at the time of a very big explosion, right, at the time of that explosion, there are a lot, numerous fundamental particle which have been formed.All those are theoreticalparticles, you know and some of them proved experimentally. There are so many molecules, there are leptonsand likewise neutrinos, yeah, bosons. Boson is one of these molecules. So like that thereare many, countless elementary particle. So what he told is one of the particles would haveconverted or would have interacted with that vigor battleground and then it would have convertedto the shape which are seeing now, that symbolizes the molecules. Ok all the periodic table was being createdat that time, you know hydrogen and then next one, next one, next one, like that. Ok whatis that he has done? He has imagined in his thinker how the explosion would have happened? What kind of fundamental particles were there? And one of the corpuscles would have giventhis interaction between this force province and then one of the molecules responsiblefor the influence which were seeing. All that is the theory. Same thing in chemicalengineering, same problem in chemical engineering.Ok, we know how to design distillation column, right, one of the easiest design. And you, the specific characteristics of distillation tower is so beautiful; I really like it because that is supposed to be a mass transfer equipment, correct no? There is mass exchange when you are separatingtwo components you are well aware by only purely mass is separated there from higher 0:26: 55, lower0: 26:56 and all that. But you know any time you are using a mass delivery equation there? That is why chemical engineers I know, earlier chemical operators were really great. Wonderful approaches they have done. Withouteven talking about mass transfer equation, there is no diffusion good-for-nothing , no equationat all. What is the procedure? You write the material balance, you will get operating lengthsand then you go to thermodynamics, what you get? That will be there but what is that will finallygive you from this procedure? Number of stagesIt will not give you number of stages.Equilibrium diagram. Thermodynamics will give you onlyequilibrium diagram. So from thermodynamics simply make the equilibriumdiagram, Ok, you are assuming, even enthalpy “youre not” going. It is the simplest case, Ok. And then from vigour counterbalance, from substance balance you will get the operating rows, correct no? Then in between you write checks, checks, checks, checks number of checks. 1 check equal to 1 theatre. So 10 checks means1 0 stage. Now you go to Murphree fellow and say that Ok Murphree efficiency and if itis 50 percent then you will become, and you will get 20 p.Where is mass change comingthere? That is also bad for you. That means you donot know what is really happening in the piece but still you could design. If person requests, Ok now be attributed to me what is distillation, you cannot say that, Ok go to thermodynamicsand get the equilibrium data and then you know go to mass balance and then get operatinglines and then draw check, check, check you will get. That is not distillation. Distillation phenomena is totally different.It is a wonderful phenomenon. Ok. Why the heavier molecules are moving one direction, why the lighter molecules are moving in one direction, why they have to go along the heightof the column? By the time you are going to the top you are getting only the unadulterated lightercomponent and then by the time you come down and then experience the bottom plate, of course thenumber of plates and all those in our hand only, so then you will get one of the purestbottom produces and how, what is really happening phenomena? Have you ever thought? Your worry at thattime was whether this comes in the examination or not? And age-old question papers.Yes, forevery old question paper has one distillation column design. Ok, mug up. And then at leastdraw 10 goes and then you will know. And at the time of examination you will writesomething you will be given some assessments and then you get the degree. That is what is happening there. That is whyI like the German system where every examination has viva voce, every subject. Every subjecthas viva voce. If I talk to you only then you will know how much learning either Ihave or “youve had”. Writing examination will not give me any meaning whether you have knowledgeor not. Olden eras yes. 30, 40 years back, yes. Imean if you have first class entails unquestionably you know your subject. Ok. But now even ifyou have 100 out of 100, you may not know definition of what is air. I am not sayingall like that, but you are well aware, always statistics necessitates more than 50 percentage. Then we will sayhow many parties do not know. Because of information systems, because we are nothappy in memorize something.All our aim is to get a job. Not for the merriment of theknowing learning and I tell you if you have that real knowledge in any battleground, whateverchosen environment you have taken your prosperity, your confidence totally different. That iswhy you know most of the God’s people, whatever religion it is, they applied a small circle behindhis head, right and the ability will be glowing, that hollow. Why it comes? It comes only becauseof the insight. If you too have all chemical engineeringknowledge, I has been noted that. I can see that beautiful cavern recognize behind your foreman. Isay oh, what a wonder compound designer! I can really appreciate when you are walkingon the road, Ok that is the kind of knowledge what we want to have.But I think you know, I am telling all thisin the first class, this is only the first class and the next class too may be, it isthe attitude change. Because we have done till now without knowing anything just forpreparing for examination, only preparing for examination. But now I tell you thereis happiness in knowing lore. And that knowledge there is no shortcut. It is justonly through hard work. Ok and I please this also should therefore be, like in movie, another movie, you know I encounter movies and too I make heap of precedents fromthe movies. I belief how many of you identify Matrix? That is all? It is a so beautiful movie.Ithink unless you will not get grade unless you see that movie and come here, Ok. Ok, yeah it is available in the hostel also. It is a wonderful movie where, I think itis a science fiction movie. Science myth movies have quantity of invention. That is whyI like them. Innovation means something new. Avatar you have control at least? Yeah countless peoplehave witnessed , no? There is one beautiful pitch. I do not know whether you have observed thatparticular point. That extent is the pig tail of any person on that planet, you will combinewith Yeah, Ok. Either horse they are riding orbird they are riding. You know what is the meaning of that? bond Connection, frequency according, becoming partof that. Like that, today night you have to go to your chamber and then put your pig tailinto C R E notebook. Ok and I feel for girls it is easy. For you, you have to find something . . Ok yeah then you will become part of C RE, chemical reaction engineering. Then everything, whatever is in the book automatically comesto you.That is also shown in a different way in Matrixmovie where I thoughts the protagonist wants to learn Kung Fu, right? So then someone says thatOk, consignment Kung Fu to him, like our C D. How beautiful it is! If it is feasible to loadall that subject in your attention, it is wonderful. I should have liked C R E and also I shouldhave liked Thermodynamics, Ok load Thermodynamics to me now and all the books that are available. Ok, otherwise you have to become, you know, another robot in that movie Shankar; they have taken a great movie, it is a really beautifulmovie, great innovation again, Ok. Just reading tick tick tick tick like this it leads, Okany page, any wire, any command he can tell. How beautiful it would have been if all ofus are like that. Wonderful no, this question is not required, this class is not required by the way and I lose my job. Ok because this is not requiredsimply. Because I get my job only if I innovate something new. See that is the kind of thing.That is no, we have to show that interest in the subject and I tell you it is very easyto waste time in any place.And there are sufficient of your friends whoare captains of wasting go. Ok, they will simply, even if you want to read in your chamber, they will time pluck your hand and Ok, say let us go and take chai/ tea tea. After chai/ teawe will start. And when do you come back after chai/ tea? 2 o’clock in the night. You could have gone at 8 o’clock in the evening, 2 o’clock you come.Then what you learnt? Because your person queries Ok sleep now becausewe have a rhythm on this planet; darknes time to sleep, period time to work, right? Yeah theseday and night merely came on this planet merely to find food whole day, that was the originalidea, I suppose even now, except humen, all other categories do that same thing. Only humansdo numerous, numerous bad things. Ok, really correct , no? You have numerous monkeysyou can see.That is why all these points I have mentioned in my welcome speech thatday. I suppose one of you would have recollected now. Ok I told even this no, Higgs boson likewise, all our faculties are Higgs bosons, so satisfy treated with them so that you will get somekind of mass, a better mass, Ok. All this I “ve told you” on that day too, right? If you would look at our monkeys, then whatdo they do? They would always be searching for food. So after 6 o’clock you do not seeany monkey. Only monkey ascertain us. Because we will be people who will be moving all thetime, throughout but apes will be sleeping or simply you know, on the trees they will bethere, right. Any categories you take, that is what is the idea. So that is why, you know what happens is; now I know you will very quickly go to that slit, what is the slot? When I ask you, Okwhere were you yesterday? Sir throughout nighttime I are now working so period experience I have not comehere.Most of you are going to tell the same thing when you are doing your jobs, mostof you which is a exceedingly, highly, very bad habit. You are not designed operating and simply watchman.Why do you have watchman? We too do need them. Because we are also wrong beings soto protect us I think there is another watchman, that is all. Otherwise which monkey has watchman? Which birds have watchman there or watch daughter of watch male whatever? Yeah I mean which specieshave police? Which species have armed? All are wrong notions , no. So if all of us are only searching for foodon daytime, because this lecture will give me the food that is why I am doing this job.So that is why you are searching for the job so that you will get the food.And if thereare sufficient number of forests, adequate number of trees you know where you get fruitsand all that. We do not have to job. Actually I am praying for that. I think you know whenwithout doing place, whatever you want you can gladly do if the nutrient is available. Ok, so because we are also capable of producingmore and more human beings so “its also”, you know, that is why global population isincreasing and this is finite space. Globe has a finite space, finite locality so numberof trees are restraint, number of groves are limited and we are going infinity way. Ourpopulation is increasing. That is why this trouble of rationing, queues; queue everywhere, any food patronize you have queue. Again you tell me which monkey has these queuesto get the food. Because that is the nearest neighbours you know, for us monkeys. So thatis why you can always tell them. So if they want meat, they will go and search. Becausewe spoiled them, in fact. If it is a forest with full of fruit very pleased about that, whenever itis hungry it will gladly travel, dine fruit and then blithely sleep.And of course that hasten started because ofthe reproduction. So it will replicate, that is all. Any species only has to reproduceotherwise it does have life. One explanation of life is that, which is capable of reproducingits own species, Ok. So that is why I solicit all of you to have that attention to learn , notmind to crack the written examination. I know some of you would have asked aboutme, whether this person causes more assignments or less undertakings. I know, obviously youwould have asked, right? Because for M Tech students, they do not have option, poverty-stricken guys.Even you are told that he makes a lot of work then you is not have a choice. It is a corecourse for you. You is gonna have to take.But M S P h D, certainly will optimize. Whois the teacher who utters no assignments? And who takes minimum number of first-class, may be1 0 or 12 in a semester? What do you learn if “youve had” that mentality? And I have, Ihave countless beings now who have that attitude in our department. Your elderlies too willbe gladly telling this information to you. No , no do not go to him, he will kill you.He will give lot of work to you. What is this? I think if you want to haveknowledge, you should do lot of work.There is no other course of get lore. Andwhat is the use of this knowledge? Your happiness I say. Not even profession. Your happiness, the momentyou know that you know something, you understood something, your confidence, your happinessinside. It is the self-happiness which is very, very important at the end. And the majority of members of us have forgotten about our ownhappiness. You will simply try to satisfy others, mom and father-god, brothers and for them onlyI know. Because even though you do not have any interest in coming to I I T, your motherand father “shouldve been” pushed you here, literally brought you and thrown you here and then gone.There are some people, I want 5 to 10 percent like that.Because your interest may be drawing depict, or your interest may be playing something. Al that is gone, right? So that is why myrequest to all of you is only to find out your interest and too try to learn somethingwhatever interest you have , whatever subject you like. That is very, very important forall of us. We will be happy, you will be happy if you have known that. And the only way to learn is working very hard. Iam not asking to work hard alone. In radicals you learn much more. You sort some 3-4 peopletogether, Ok. And I know radical imitating but group discussion I have not seen in the hostel.One chap will do job and tomorrow morning you have to submit and throughout night thatday that transcript will be flying now and there.Ok. Same copy will be moving here there are still. Copying, reproducing, reproducing and I think you know by copying who are you cheating? You are not cheatingme. When I give you the duty and I ask you to solve, without solving, mimicking andif you give me the undertaking who are you cheating? That is all, yourself exclusively and self-cheatingis very bad, Ok. And that is what happens. I know all of you, even though I tell allthis; obviously you are going to do whatever I told not to do. All of you, because you are very busy, somehowyou do not know, you will not have time to solve the problems when it is given. You willwait till last day. Last-place epoch regardles you cannot answer. Then “youre seeing” for who has answered, where I can emulate. That is what is going to happen. But if you plan very well, management of timeis very, very important for you, Ok. This is, after all you are not studying lifelong, chaps. You are only studying, I feel after you come to I I T, peak is simply 5-6 yearsif you do P h D.If it is M Tech merely two years, minimum time required. We do not have any degree less than 2 years. We have a diploma for some other people, especially for Metro and all that; that only recentlywe started. Other than that, minimum time here to be on this campus is 2 years. So inthese 2 years what you learn, and after 2 years you would not, you may not be even thinkingof learning anything. That is why at this quality of day please tryto learn as much as possible, interest and I too tell you, the mentality of the studentis they will try to listen first.And if they are not able to properly understand then secondday too “theyre trying”, may not be understanding to them. Then third daytime they will switch offthe brain. They will come to the class, sitting there, they are able to laugh when I applied a joke, and, but still nothing is going to their mind. So that is why whenever you have doubt, ifyou are not able to understand better immediately to ask doubt and all the teaches will bevery happy to clear incredulity whenever, you are well aware, then and there.You do not have to wait evenend of the class. But I know you do not ask the doubts. Why? You think that other peoplewill laugh at you. You think that other beings will think thatOk, you are now trying to butter me or try to satisfy me, try to be friendly with me, with the teach me signifies now. So “thats what” other people consider. Let them reflect. Ifyou have a genuine doubt, sincere, if you is not have sincere understanding then definitelyyou have to ask. That is why questions is advisable to applied. In fact we learn a lot because ofyour questions. Ok. So that is why these things and another thingalso I want to tell you is even though I think you know technologically we are progressingvery well, everyone has a cell phone, everyone has T Vs and I think your satellites may alsocome to everyone later, even though we are advancing so fast, but still our communicationskills have not improved so fast.This S M S is curdling all our communication.Because there is no parole, you represents only u you positioned. Are wants exclusively single r you put.No full stop , no comma, Ok no commands, then if you write, some people are writing thesame thing in the question paper answer articles too. Because they do not know, they do not knowany other word except S M S usage. Because before he was born, this cell phonewas ready with him, Ok. Mother and leader will be happy to give them cell phone, safetywise.So those people will use simply for this, right. That is why communication is very important. And one action to learn on this campus is youhave to take an oath that you should not speak in your mother tongue as long as you are here.Mother tongue exclusively for baby. All other parties you merely start talking in English right now.Forget about Hindi, national usage and all that because eventually that is the onlylanguage where we are communicating. If all our medium of instruction is Hindi, and also I am talking in Hindi then penalty, I mean that language at least, like Germanythey talk merely in German and not English. And Japan they talk only Japanese, Chinesethey talk merely Chinese. But India merely we is not have. You know that knowledge has stillnot come. All the degrees are in English.And countless beings not able to write their, youknow questions properly. And of course thesis is a disaster. That is why you have to communicate.Now I think that is why we are very seriously belief to have communication trends evenfor M S P h d intellectuals, technical skills and all, I signify technological writing abilities, communicationskills, right. So we are seriously considering. I study with your quantity , now I think todayor tomorrow I will communicate the present circular to all as a, in academic research to all H O Ds toidentify who have these less communication skills and then we will arrange a course forthem separately. May be “two weeks “, 3 weeks like that. So that is why, one way to learn Englishis that do not talk in your own mother tongue. Particularly I am telling beings from Andhra.Because that fraction is more now. And the second largest fraction I think is Hindi.Ok, so satisfy do not talk.I know you talk exclusively in English. Then I think you learn something, certainly you will learn. Ok that is very important. You are not able to communicate. You do notknow what to tell if you want to speak to me on some pitch, so that is why that is onething which can you improve. It is certainly improve if you are everyday conversing withyour friends. It will definitely improve. Numerous people we have read. In fact 10, 15 times back I contemplate, this, youknow that one particular or two specific speeches were not there. All of them werebeautifully communicating in English, Ok in the hostel. But now “theres going”, I fantasize lot ofplaces in hostels when “youre walking” you discover either Telugu or Hindi. And rarely Tamil alsobecause there are some few people are there. But we should listen simply in English thenonly your communication will improve. Now please genuinely listen to me when I “il just take”, you know, when I am telling all this.This is a very important for you and you will bea different person. If you take all my suggestions you will be a different person by the timeyou leave. Another thing is maintain timings. One generalthumb pattern for your self-discipline is that, there is any class, for example 8 o’clockclass. Try to be there at 8 5. You need bunch of restraint to do that. If there is a meetingwhere you have to attend, Ok, that confront let us say 3 o’clock, try to be there at 255. It is not easier; you know the way I am telling. It is very difficult to do that.Just resolve yourself you know, Ok I want to be there five minutes before, whatever eventI am going to attend, either class, either…even movie also.Try to be five minutes before. That will tell you whether you are disciplinedor not first of all. Even for mess. Mess is opened at 6 30 represents try to be there at 625. You need lot of the scheme. If you want to be there at 6 25, when you have to getup? How much day it makes for bathtub? How much hour it takes again, you know to dress? Howmuch time it takes again to walk from your area to hostel? All that will automatically come planning.So that is why that methods. Unless you back-calculate all that I do not think itis possible.Or the moment you think that Ok, 15 times no problem, even though they are I am latethen you do not have any projecting. Absolutely you need not have any planning at all. That is another very important thing. Tryto be there just 5 minutes before. Whatever happens, even earthquake comes you have tojump that, you know crack and then you have to come and sit before breakfast. That isthe kind of discipline when you have, then automatically you will reach particularly, very greatheights.Believe me, you really, I have construed many peoplewho have that kind of discipline particularly with time. And those are the really greatpeople I have investigated. Somehow they would like to come five minutes before whatever they want, even if it is sixtieth year of sixty fifth year, or seventieth. And that only comes fromour self-discipline. So this learning and getting delight whenyou are learning and this self-discipline and also this communication , not speakingin your mother tongue, I suppose mother tongue is there, you already know your mother tongue.I anticipate at least try to learn some other language. And where this is a communicative languagewhere you cannot escape that , no? If you go for interview, can you escape that? If you are presenting your work before the committee for project or any problem or youknow, many courses likewise have these renditions in the class. You have to take a paper andthen present.So can you escape all this? Can you tell that Ok I is now time tell in mymother tongue? You cannot tell that, it is not allowed. Whatever is said and done, I think it is onlyEnglish we are having in the academic academy. So that is why to surmount that, one simplestway is simply to go for talking in that language all the time. Please try that. I know youwill be comfortable in your own language but even if it is right or wrong try to speak.It does not matter. I think gradually you will understand. Ok. Sothis is only as I told you, thoughts converting direction, demeanour changing so I hope at leastfew of you, I is not expect 100 percentage of you will listen to me, Ok. Because I thinkalways there is a virus anywhere. The only thing I have to see is that virus does notspoil the other parties, right. But you know, you will not but at least 50 percent, 60 percent of the people change, certainly I imagine as a schoolteacher I have done mygreat job then.So what we try to do in the next class is, as I told you I have to startfrom the beginning. What is the beginning? What do you think is beginning in C R E? Whatis C R E? Ok, one pace before that I disappear, I will aska question, what is chemical engineering? It may be funny to ask you that question nowbut it is not really funny when I utter that question what is chemical engineering andthat could have been all red.I have started with only what is chemicalreaction there. If another question was there before that what is chemical engineering, how many of you can really define what is chemical engineering? I do not know how manyof you really remember that. So we do things like that without knowingwhat we are, we do things. And suppose you imagine that you know your brother or sisteris asking, Ok what is chemical engineering? You will try to give some delightful funny answerand then you forget. But will it not hurt yourself that really I am not able to explain tohim what is chemical engineering. Or even though they are your brother queries Ok what is chemicalreaction? If you are not able to explain to them properly will it not hurt you? Definitelyit will hurt. But normally what we do is the moment the question is asked it will, definitelywe will get hurt but in one second or a fraction of second we feel bad and then try to forgetthat. Ego. That egoism comes and dominates.He askedsomething, I told something. But genuinely that pain that might came, I could not really understand, I could not really is a well-known fact that what is the , no that inadequate comrade will believe whateveryou say. If you say that chemical engineering necessitates I will sit down and listen in the class, wants he will believe. That is the definition of chemical engineeringfor him. Ok, so he will listen, but I think he may go. He may be satisfied also, oh Iwill too become a chemical architect because I can also go and sit in the class and listento them that is all.Ok But “its not” that. Who is betraying who? Are you deceiving him? Or before that we misled ourselves. That is why I feel all these things, before startingthe class we need to talk. That is why tomorrow I will write some 5-6 the issues and that answerswill give you the overall picture of what is that you are doing in chemical engineering.And then the reactors will be automatically a part of that.And now we focus on that particular point.Like you know Google Earth you have. So what do you focus, first of all? Google Earth.Then if you want to Chennai, zoom and then Chennai. Or I I T Madras or this classroomalso. That is what what we do. I will time give you what is overall viewof what is chemical engineering, then zoom to finally C R E chemical reaction engineering, and in that again reactors because this is mainly, this course is mainly dealing withreactors and simples of chemical reaction engineering. Next course will be real lotions, wonderfulapplications will come, every kind of reactors, Ok. So make us stop here. Ok, thank you for listeningto me but delight recollect, tomorrow I will ask again some of these things what I toldin the last class. Tomorrow you cannot clean your hard disk now. And then let me clean.By tomorrow morning I is likely to be fresh. We have Thursday 10 o’clock or 11 o’clock? 11 Thursday 11 o’clock we will again meet here then we will start what is chemical engineeringand all, Ok? Thank you.

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