The viral basketball star changing views on Muslim women in sport – BBC News

there's this one video where when my cousin posted it that's when it went crazy apparently nobody's ever seen muslim girls play basketball especially you know wearing the hijab and our traditional clothing and so that's why it got so much buzz [Music] when i was growing up i always looked for someone to use as an excuse you know for my parents to let me play basketball so i feel like the girls growing up they can use me as an excuse like they can show their moms like oh look at this girl she's playing like that's something that i wish i had when i was younger a lot of people now they see a muslim girl like doing sports or they're not surprised anymore you know like no one automatically thinks we don't go outside the house or just the stereotypes that are put upon us already like people don't think like that as much open gyms that we had younger girls started showing up and i didn't want to play against those younger girls so that's when i decided to teach them instead i started to show them how to dribble how to shoot and things like that and that's when it developed into i can be a trainer i can coach these girls i feel like basketball has made me into the person that i am today i was very shy young girl and like playing basketball helped me get out of my comfort zone make more friends talk to more people pushing my story out there is a way where more girls can feel more inspired even if they don't play basketball you know like it's a way to make them feel more empowered to make them feel like you don't have to be whatever society tells you to be like the stereotypes that are put upon you from the start like you don't have to succumb to those stereotypes you could exceed and be whatever you want like try whatever you want try new things be yourself you

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