MOTIVATION – Idris Elba “Work hard sleep less”

I’m not afraid to fail I’m not afraid tofall over make a mistake that often time cripplespeople on the onset of getting into anything the first time I ever picked up the DJdecks was horrible unpleasant now but I’m not so scared of that I’m not afraid of that feeling itactually spurs me drives quite the opposite I can do 18 22 hours per day easily I’m a ex-serviceman at being able to lookat an opportunity and extend is that going to take me forever or not some people don’t have that you wont it’ssomething you develop you know that’s why most ages out of ten any head of a company has been doing it for a long time because they inherently can make adecision in the blink of an eye you have to learn that my cracks throughwas actually deciding I wanted to be an actor the other thing that’s important i think isto keep your head down you know keep your head down like when I swim 25 laps I guarantee that If I look up and start counting those sips i’m petered out by 15 if I set my principal down keep workingaway and work at technique work at internal tempo work at…I stumbled thatlength, I don’t even know which segment I’m on guarantee you Ill look up and it will be 20 and two more three more to go I mull beings find themselvesincremental checking how far they’ve got and that, you know when you compare it to anybody else or whatever It’s Just a recipe of natural disasters exactly preserve slamming on you know that’s the most important mountain climbers probably tell you thesame thing theirs no spot gaping the difference between climbing a hundred paw and descending 500 paws Is a point of view You won’t know you’re at the top intill you get there pal and that’s what you need to remember time don’t look down It changed my life it turns my dreamsinto a reality it gave me an actual definite target togo actually I could do this that was my biggest breakthrough Of couse there has been countless breakthrough over my vocation and “peoples lives” which I’m all proud of None so much as that realization that I want to be an actor know what your target is don’t guess it be as clued up as the next manbecause that’s your petrol that’s your ga to get you moving If you don’t know where you’re going whatyour target are you’re never going to get there Period Work hard-boiled sleep less Subtitles by the community

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