M1 Finance 2 Stocks I’m Buying This Week, 16 March 2020, Portfolio Update & Dividends

hello financial investors and welcome to
the channel my name is Brent and today we are going to be doing our Monday buys
here on the 16th of March 2020 we're gonna go ahead and cover some
events that took place here on Sunday ratalie in the markets causing stock
futures to fall by 5% and being halted and this is going to be affecting Monday
and the upcoming week and then we're going to go ahead into m1 finance go
over to stocks I am planning to buy this week there's no way to determine where
the bottom will be but I'll definitely be dollar-cost averaging as I have been
on my way on the markets way up I'm going to be dollar-cost averaging as the
market Falls that continued hundred and fifteen dollars and 38 cents because
that is what my plan is going into the Roth IRA for 2020 so with that set if
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right now and go down there let me know what do you think about this market how
are you taking it are you adding more capital win are you waiting are you
sticking to your plan are you creating a new plan just in yours because this is
sort of a different event that hasn't really happened in the past you know
every recession it's not quite the past recession and this one was brought on
here very quickly by events so I don't think anybody was prepared as the last
one was a financial crash this has multiple sectors multiple institutions
are failing just because of what is going on small mid large cap companies
are having employees working from home you know rushing to get these situations
under wraps so with that said let's go ahead and get into some of the the
information that was posted here earlier in the day so overall my facebook posts
Facebook page I posted a snap from in scram kind of going into how to Dow and
other indexes had plunge by over a thousand points as the feds cut interest
rates to zero now I said this a couple of weeks ago I was expecting the Fed to
come out and cut rates two point two five percent I think that is as low as
they're going to be going I don't believe we're gonna go into negative
rates that would be very harmful and we've already seen what has gone on from
Japan and and I believe some European countries as well having negative frites
has caused your pen and stall out for the past thirty years that really hasn't
been any sort of growth there and I don't want to see that happen here in
the in the market so stock futures for all the indexes fell by over five
percent they've actually been halted here in the after-hours they will
continue on Monday into the negative more than likely you know if you were if
you were to ask me 51% chance that the market will rebound slightly or continue
going lower 51 percent I would say it's going to continue to lower there's no
positive news in sight here in the short-term as far as positivity yes
opposed you know there's too many unknowns of how the sole affect us in
the short term and even in the long term so until more knowns become known it's
all unknown and the market doesn't like that and we're going to continue
trending lower and there's a lot of ways to take profits during this time it is
risky and I won't really go into it all but it's there's a lot of different ways
you can kind of go into it this cousin but I we are going to be covering a
couple post so the first one here I posted them over on my page the first
one here that we're going to be covering is basically just the Federal Reserve
coming out on about 6:00 p.m.

Eastern Time
they came out Powell started broadcasting you could hear him speak
discussing the emergency move on Sunday as the Federal Reserve announced that is
dropping its benchmark interest rate from one point to five so now basically
zero but it's 0.25 it was a 1% deduction from one point two five putting us at
point two five percent so they also announced that they're going to be doing
their worth qualitative easing program this is
essentially their fourth or fifth I know they've been kind of going at this these
past few months they've been kind of pushing more and more money into the
market buying up assets and stuff so this program is a QE program that I'll
have seven hundred billion dollars worth of assets purchased and it's just kind
of prop up the Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities so very crazy
in the down here is plunging in the after-hours by nine hundred points so
both of these posts or this post here is is in the Facebook page here so this is
post one the second post is that at the top here you can kind of see what the
headlines are about you know the reasoning for the cuts last week the Fed
came out cut it by half a percent now just a week later we're cutting it by an
additional 1% they're also not going to be meeting this week earlier we're
supposed to be me on Wednesday and in dusters our percentage in a 75% chance
80% chance 90% chance that the Fed will continue to cut rates
well they didn't wait until Wednesday they went ahead and cut it today knowing
that this cut is designed to prevent any kind of credit crunch in the financial
market disruption that occurred the last time the Fed had cut the rates all the
way down to the bottom so they're kind of going at this here now versus waiting
for that disruption because they've already kind of learned from the past
and they're don't want to repeat it so they're kind of going about this way Fed
has already cut their rates so far so fast these past few months that this
whole break up in quantitative easing it may not work as I had in the past you
know we started cutting rates during the recession I believe rates were around 5%
we had quite a bit of room in order to cut rates down to zero here we don't
have much wiggle room in order to cut rates so I don't know what other kind of
plans are coming out with but it'll be interesting to see how and what we do to
kind of make it through this little area and bump in the road so the US stock
market tumbled into a bear market this past week with all indexes closing below
20% reach as low as almost 30% in set a negative
money Friday the market said recover 10% putting it roughly down about 20% but
you can more than likely see that this market here in the future will be Swain
by thousands the percent points at a time into the into the future so there's
definitely a lot of information I'm not going to go into it all as it does take
a lot of time to go through so that is why I posted these here over on the
Facebook page if I can I'll go ahead and copy these into the comment section of
this video so look for a pin comment and I'll have those pinned into the comment
section ok with that son let's take a look at the m1 finance account and take
a look at two socks I'm planning to buy here on Monday so I can't plan the
bottom all I can do is continue my plan and my plan initially was to max out my
Roth IRA every single year with that new equity of $6,000 and every week I add a
hundred and fifteen dollars and 35 cents over 52 weeks max is that out at six
thousand dollars so here we are again we deposited a hundred and fifteen dollars
and 35 cents we have some dividends last week so we could go into our activity
time last week was the 9th through the 13th so we had Chevron paying out 6.4
cents Johnson & Johnson 585 3 M 672 Walgreens 556 and Main Street capital 80
cents Main Street capital is a real estate investment trust and it pays out
monthly so I've recently been buying to this one so every month you'll probably
see Main Street capital beginning to steadily increase payouts every month as
I do buy back more shares I am not buying Main Street Capital today has
been my focus these past few weeks but I have two new opportunities in my
portfolio so I'm going to be taking advantage of buying them currently and
if they can fall into the future I'll continue to buy these as these are to
dividend aristocrats so here on this past week I'm going to go ahead and add
up these dividends so 604 plus 585 plus 672 plus 556 plus point 8
is last week I mean nearly $25 and dividends now this these dividends are
buying back more shares here in this in this new week I'm able to reinvest $25
of dividends back into my portfolio purchasing more shares and while this
market is trending lower that's $25 is much stronger this $25 may have only
bought me you know of $100 stock it would only buy me a quarter of a share
say now that the markets down 20-30 percent that a quarter of a share I am
now able to purchase maybe you know one third of a complete share so your
Pauline power definitely gets stronger as this market falls further and further
into the red and eventually with time once this recession in crash does pass
these companies that remain fundamentally strong during this
downturn will come back up and okay don't raise their earnings a razor
revenue and they'll be continued to payout shareholders during this time
normally if you invest in strong companies with strong financial
fundamentals and I've kind of discuss in the past a few companies that I will not
be diving into as I've seen other investors dive into such as for General
Electric General Motors ExxonMobil those are just companies that I've looked at
the fundamentals they don't go along with my my plan so I have not added into
those so let's go back to the portfolio and we can see here that we are negative
in the portfolio we have not been negative for quite a while if we look at
the overall performance there was a time back when I initially
started this portfolio with $5,500 back in January of 2018 that was at the
market highs during this time frame the market dipped in February and fellow I
believe 10% or so putting me down in the portfolio into the red by around 10% as
of that time there was a portion around November October period or the market
fell very hard losing almost I believe 20% in December of 2018 that is when I
began to deploy a lot of my capital in order to max out the Roth IRA and that's
you see the portfolio moves higher even though the rest of the market move lower
this just equity get he pushed into the market now throughout that time I've
been steadily adding a hundred and fifteen dollars and 38 cents during this
time frame and we've had a nice steady increase there just an equity building
up and now here we are today it is the 16th of March 2020 the portfolio now
sits at negative two point five one percent we have now market gains of
negative 1190 1.38 cents and this portfolio has generated dividends of 914
dollars and 64 cents now that 914 dollars and 64 cents that this portfolio
has created that has not gone anywhere that has been reinvested into this
portfolio it is working hard right now paying out more dividends buying back
more shares increasing my total dividend income because you're going to see the
dividend income in this portfolio begin to compound at a much faster rate than
it has been just due to the correction that has taken place we're now able to
buy stocks at prices that have not been seen as you know as early as 2017 some
companies are getting rice back even even multiple years back to 2015 so
always look at the companies at the fundamentals how much of a discount are
you getting and you know just compared to three weeks ago when the stock market
was trading at all-time highs so over the past month this portfolio has lost
around three thousand six hundred and sixty-five dollars in two cents and this
is just one of multiple portfolios but there has been a you know a pretty good
hit as far as equity goes one month we're down 17.21 percent not doing as
bad as the indexes I believe the indexes they're down on twenty or so percent so
I'm not you know I'm not scared in any way I think that this is just a buying
opportunity we can see that we've had positions now in the red that we have
not had in the red in quite a while there's still a few positions that are
actually moving positive over this past month even though the rest of the market
has been Moin from anywhere from two point eight
four percent all the way down to forty two point two eight percent main street
capital was not a company i was able to invest in just a few weeks ago this one
was training at all-time highs up forty two percent from where it is now now
because of this recent pick up these financials are getting destroyed even
advanced Simon Property Group Main Street capital Las Vegas Sands in the in
the Las Vegas and the in the gambling in such industry real estate investment
trusts financials they are getting wrecked here in the short term and it
just creates buying opportunities so there is our 1-month performance down
17.21 this last week the market I believe lost
around ten percent somewhere within there so I'm down eight point eight one
percent about half of the total month was lost just in that last week here and
then the one day performance you know last Friday we were positive by eight
point nine percent or roughly fifteen hundred dollars just any single day it's
amazing that the market is swinging by these large amounts so this is the tiny
portfolio of seventeen thousand dollars so imagine these other portfolios out
are out there with hundred a hundred thousand dollars were a million dollars
I saw one investor who had recently became a it's funny it's an accredited
investor he had finally hit that one million dollar mark here just about a
month ago with his portfolio he was super excited he was kind of discussing
this saying that you know he finally hit his goal his mark of $1,000,000 and
became in the credit investor and now here we are into a downtrend down twenty
thirty percent so this basically is portfolio web for 1 million to 800,000
pet but he is a dividend investor so his dividends that are getting paid out
every month of around two to I believe it was like two to four thousand dollars
just dividends getting paid out these dividends during this time he's
reinvesting all those dividends back in and $400 our four thousand dollars of
dividends getting reinvested back into your portfolio and say you're buying
back shares of four percent yield you're increasing your dividend
income every single month by those payouts by roughly a hundred and sixty
dollars so if this thing takes place over a course of a year or generally a
the stock market is generally down I believe it's anywhere from what's it
it's a year and a half to two years as far as like downturns you know normal
recessions sometimes start showing recovery after a year and a half or two
years or just say two years and that is 24 months so it's 160 times 24 he's
basically increase in his dividend income by three thousand eight hundred
and forty or roughly the hundred and sixty dollars per month just just has
and that's compounding so one hundred and sixty dollars every month and then
those new shares continue to produce income into the future so looking at
that last dollar amount that's going to be much different just because all those
dividends are buying back more shares at a much deeper discount very quickly okay
so in this past week we did have a new opportunity that kind of came into the
portfolio and we're gonna be focusing on the two companies that I'm planning to
buy here on Monday number one is McDonald's McDonald's lost ten point
nine three percent it was one that I initially added to my portfolio and not
too long ago I had very little equity it shot up to about 30 40 percent up in the
portfolio and I had not been able to invest in it now with this downturn
McDonald's is down ten point nine three percent in the past week if I look at
overall where is this that overall it is right here it is showing down seventeen
point six seven percent so in my portfolio
it sounds seventeen percent from when I thought it was a great investment
I still think McDonald's is a great investment and I want to buy back more
shares and now I'm getting a deeper discount from where I thought it was a
good buy so McDonald's is going to be my first buy this week McDonald's here
obviously they own a lot of real estate throughout the world and then they lease
out their real estate in order and for people to to rent from them
and have the the logo the branch they run their own business as an owner and
then just rented it from McDonald's so I can't think of the word but they own a
lot of real estate throughout the world and they just kind of rent it out to
those who want to use their buildings in order to run McDonald's so currently it
offers nearly a three percent certain yield they pay off five dollars per
share every single year break that up into quarterly payouts that would be
what dollars and some change per per share each quarter they have a very low
pre-show of 60% meaning that they have some wiggle room in there that if
earnings do you fall into during you know during this downturn they will
still their payout ratio may arise but they will not cut their dividend and
they have very good history of growing and paying out dividends during these
past recessions here in 2008 in 2000 2002 and 92 I think there was another
recession that took place so in the past 43 years McDonald's has continued to not
only pay its dividend but grow it year after year after year and that is what I
am looking for here in these in these little sort of hiccups I definitely want
to continue buying into this and this one here does not go excavating until
May around May 31st of 2020 it recently went ex-dividend here in February 28th
and it recently increased its dividend from a dollar 16 per share to now a
dollar 25 for a share each quarter so it is definitely a company here that I am
have no issues with buying into the red and continuing to average down the
second one here that I am planning to buy is not too much into the red it's
actually very little into the red it's actually it shows here as being positive
by thirteen point two eight percent and this is AT&T and the only reason here
that it's showing that's positive by thirteen point two eight percent is
because m1 financed collapses the market returns with the earn dividend so this
so 18 see while I have held it has generated 72 dollars and 66 cents but
that's not what I'm looking at I'm looking at the current market gain
so currently I am negative in this in the stock plus tomorrow I believe that
with a Fed Cup with what is kind of going on right now in the market the
markets gonna start lower it's going to pull the rest of the market lower lower
with it meaning that all these other companies out there are also going to
probably hit negative then we may see AT&T actually open up by maybe 5% lower
or maybe in the twenty seven dollar range I would really like to buy AT&T
down into the twenty five twenty seven dollar range maybe I can get it within
there right here at 34 47 I think it's still a little high but it's a lower
price than where I initially bought it and with it opening potentially lower
here on Monday I'm going to be slowly adding a little bit more equity into
this position because I think it's a great company and I don't know of any
other companies I mean I do have quite a bit here into the red these are all the
red positions here right here at the bottom there's a few of these that are
considered given and restaurants here's 18 see very little one to the red
we have ABM industries this is actually offering me a you know slightly lower or
better discount that point three one these are not much into the red I just
feel I could definitely buy a little bit I was actually looking at Johnson &
Johnson down one point eight nine percent but I'd like to get AT&T up into
the eight hundred nine hundred dollar mark and I think that's kind of a nice
little buy right now I had also looked at Lancaster Colony Corp this is a dis
it's a food company they have different food related items it's a food major
diversified company and I am planning to buy a little bit more of them as well
you can see here I don't have much equity into them one hundred and thirty
dollars but I'd like to see them kind of fall in eighty for me right now even
though it's not too much into the red it definitely has some strong fundamentals
behind it and if Lancaster and a few other companies continue to fall I will
definitely be adding into these other ones on their way down so those are the
two companies here I am planning to buy on Monday as we cannot plan the bottom
all I can do is sort of by stick to my plan and when the market does recover
these companies should recover as well so 140 35 divided by 2 that means I'm
going to be investing roughly 70 dollars and 17 cents into each one of these so
we're going to find 18 G right here and buy and sell we are going to be buying
and we're going to scho 70 dollars and 17 cents and continue and confirm the
buy and then we're going to go ahead and move down to McDonald's now which is
actually further down in the portfolio actually on the right here
select it and punch in 70 dollars and 18 cents
leaving us with 18 dollars of available meaning that we're just investing a
hundred percent of our cash in this account I'm adding cash into this
account on a weekly basis so I always want to have an ambassador there's no
point not having an invested because I'm not waiting for any sort of bottom by
having an invested yes my volatility my equity moves up and down quite a bit
but in this account I'm generating income in the future that will pay out
dividends will buy back more shares which will increase my income and at
fifteen and a half when this portfolio will reach its maturity maturity
maturity I would like to have this portfolio generating anywhere from one
thousand to two thousand dollars along with my portfolio that is generating
dividends of one to two thousand dollars along with any other investments out
there that are paying us so they're all going to be working together in order
for us to be reaching our retirement goal so that is basically it for this
video if you guys did enjoy this video and find it helpful definitely give this
video a thumbs up if you have any comments or questions going over
anything that we went over in today's video the stock market dividends and
such definitely let me know in the comment section below I would really
like to hear for me what you think about this market how much
further do you think that we have you know 50 50 percent chance you know
obviously I don't think we're going to be recovering here anytime soon I think
there's way too many unknowns in the market and I think it's just kind of an
interesting to kind of just watch it don't don't be reacting sporadically you
know have a plan don't throw or sell anything without
knowing what you're doing because you may regret it later if you're making
Rastatt rash decision decisions so that is going to be it my voice is kind of
going in and out it's 1:30 in the morning so I do need to get rest so that
is going to be it for a day nice video thank you all for tuning in I will say
next time have a great day bye

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