NVCA and Aumni launch Enhanced Model Term Sheet v2.0

welcome to the enhanced model term sheet 2.0 built by the national venture capital association and omni a pioneer in investment analytics for the private capital market the insights found in the enhanced model term sheet 2.0 are the result of the largest analysis of venture deal data this research brings together the best practices discovered in validated data from more than 10 years of executed deal contracts you can download this free word document from the model legal document library at nvca.org once opened simply click on any of the highlighted terms to view benchmark data on that term's usage and frequency in 2020 and from all time accelerate your deal making processes by drafting a term sheet while simultaneously comparing your terms against these market analytics when you're done simply trim off the analytics pages and you'll have a complete benchmarked draft term sheet ready for next steps visit the link below to learn more and download your free copy of the enhanced model term sheet 2.0.

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