age fitness biotherm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocherva to be left in an answer for all I ask people who are installing me at this time they listen to me well and so I start because they are not me saying hello I see hello say hello daniel vegas 29 music 29 manuel enrquez here the joyful sounds good I just want to know if it sounds good if it sounds good I already start with the first question how strange that I see myself in the joy of instagram I do not never or almost never agonize I always do on YouTube and it looks different but hey, it was pretty, I don’t think so if they put two approaches on me, yes, it means that it sounds good, great, apart, it looks, then, yes, perfect, perfect, it is the perfect, good beginning, then, the first question to answer and I tell them to those who are watching me on instagram that at times I look around here because on this other side I have YouTube people I am live to both of them first ask what I am going to answer one of them he questions that were repeated a lot, almost 18 people asked the same thing in a different way how to develop twins, how can I do to develop gastronomy and selenium and only gastronomy for those who do not know or with those who do not handle technical language out there, the twins the calves the lower part the legs the gastronomic is that ball that we have in the upper part and in sodium the lower part good to be able to develop the twins we have to take into account above all their anatomy how the twin muscle is formed, let’s say cellular We have to take into account that the twins are almost that we could say that the strongest part of linking the mind talking about our body is that it is at the base it needs to be strong that means that it is a muscle mass that resists a lot of work a lot of weight the twin resists a lot of fatigue what we have to take into account is that the gourmet and the solium is made up of two types of cells m different usculars and this is what is going to give us the guideline of how to work in gender to be able to develop it while nemio castrated in the upper part that ball is formed by fast twitch cells of power fret 2 that are called the soleus the part low is made up of red cells or slow twitch ok therefore how can we do to develop twins when we have the twins as a lagging muscle the gastro nemium we have to work it in power not to put so much weight but in this case we are going to use it What is Newton’s second law? Ok Newton’s second law tells us that it takes more work to move 100 kilos at 140 kilometers per hour than 180 kilos at 60 kilometers per hour based on Newton’s second law, which by the way is a very law.Annoying a law widely used by bodybuilders to work the calf in the gastronomy part that we generally stimulate it on the machine when we are standing they saw that calf is worked In two ways, standing and then sitting, it is also in the form of a burrito that someone places on the on the hip, but that is definitive, it is the same as gastronomy works standing up, when we work standing up, what we have to do It is to put less weight not light I am not saying light but if less weight and make movements of power power power that is going to stimulate the fiber t2 which is the one that is shaping the gourmet bone that part of the twin power power power while when We work seated and we are working the sun and what we do is put more weight and slower because in this case we are working or we do not want the red fiber to be stimulated so much and in the way of developing the twin in this way the other thing that we have to Taking into account to develop the twin that apparently gives everyone work is that we cannot relegate the twin to 10 minutes at the end of the leg routines of course how you want what e grow if the strongest muscle in your body and when I speak of stronger I mean by cubic centimeter square centimeter because obviously the quadriceps is stronger but if we compare the muscle volume of the quadriceps with that of the calf, the force that the calf can develop It is beastly in fact what we move in a press we probably also move in g – in a short time then we cannot relegate the strongest muscle in our body to work the 10 minutes before finishing the leg routine we have to dedicate a lot a lot a lot time to gender to be able to obtain results and for the twin to really grow and have that volume that we seek to have when it is a muscle that we cannot develop, let’s ask another question what supplements do you recommend for muscle volume well the problem with supplements is the next I can not recommend a supplement if I do not know your individuality principle I do not know your age either co I know what type of training you are doing and I do not know in what stage of the training you are ok supplements for muscle volume there are many but the muscle volume could even reach you training in the gym strong hypertrophy eating correctly if your health and your axis are generally balanced What I notice is that people want to get their hands on supplements because they are stagnant but the question is why are you stagnant? Are you stagnant because you get a maximum volume of work and you need an extra hand with a supplement to get out of that stagnation or You are stuck because you have no idea that your health is not in an optimal state of age fitness biotherm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher conditions and you are not assimilating correctly the proteins that you are eating or even sometimes you are short of protein or you are below caloric need to be able to increase in volume you have to take into account that to have muscle volume you have to be in caloric surplus many times they lose their minds in a way sometimes even ignorant in getting how many grams of protein they need per kilo of weight without taking into account what you need Many calories to be able to metabolize those proteins in fact you think that to move a locomotive the heavier it is, the more coal or more fuel you need or more power of electrical energy or whatever the locomotive will move so that your body for you your metabolism move that locomotive move what is that muscle cell formation needs a lot of calories that is why you not only have to take into account the amount of proteins that you are going to eat but also the amount of calories that you are going to send to those proteins in form of carbohydrates so that it has fuel to move the machinery of your body so that it can build muscle many times I find myself co n people who have not only adequate but even excessive amounts of protein per kilogram of weight, which is what appears to you in all the internet forums that 0.9 per kilo of weight than 15 if you want muscle volume than 2.5 if You want to be a bodybuilder, however, they are not taking into account the amount of carbohydrates and that person is lacking fuel, which is why the body what it does is enter into the process of glycogen genesis to be able to question the protein to be able to transform it into energy to be able using that protein generates protein synthesis and builds bone muscle conclusion what we need is to be in caloric surplus to build muscle mass, otherwise, no matter how much supplement we take, it is impossible for sports supplement stores worldwide what they do is quickly want to sell your product because obviously it is understandable and totally legal and it is good to want to win with your product but many times what they do not take into account is that if a person is sold a product who is not prepared his body for that product to have the effect that he really wants, then what he is going to do is say this product did not work for me and I meet daily with people who tell me to Proteins are useless because I took it and it did nothing to me creatine is useless glutamine is useless amino acids are useless which is a nonsense a nonsense like proteins are useless like that We so arnold schwarzenegger dorian leigh in short heart in rum and coleman scharzer wines they use and recommend proteins but you dog of the sources say that because you used well, proteins are useless amino acids creatine glutamine of course it serves of course that Of course, yes, but it happens that we have to see in what context you are using it and if it is the one you need and if your body has sufficient metabolic flexibility To use it, do not use the first supplement or the most expensive one or the one you gave on the internet but the one that your coach, your sports coach or whoever has detected that it is the one you need at this time has in fact given the proteins, sorry about the supplements Generally, you vary them depending on the time of training you are in, we start with 1 then we move on to another one of ‘changing notebooks, you do not go through with a chronic supplement unless it is an antioxidant or something like that, let’s go to another question Let’s see what we have around here, I can take whey protein with meals or the absorption of nutrients is saturated.Well, a good question to see technically technically if you can take protein waker with meals, in fact, as they are proteins of different absorption levels, I mean the whey protein surely that you are going to absorb it in the next one we are going to pretend that a support steak with lentils and broccoli cauliflower began. or normal chicken churrasco protein of animal origin lentils proteins of excellent vegetable origin and instead of lowering it with water you lower it with a way protein more protein that adds the chicken and the lentil technically correct this is fine and it does not have it should not you There should be no problem because because coi protein is a rapidly absorbing protein that you will surely absorb it in the next or you should absorb it in the next half hour 45 minutes while the protein from lentils and chicken from here to which is metabolized is synthesized and absorbs it will spend between two and a half hours, three hours up to four hours depending on the digestion, therefore if we see them from that point of view with seeing proteins with the food lowered with whey protein or with milk as we did in the 90s In the 90s, the economy did not give us to buy wii protein and we drank milk above it is a very very good strategy now be careful because there is an issue I see it from the age fitness bioth erm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher point of view of absorption and stomach saturation and you are putting a mate tea a ball in that stomach I paste a bonus that is going to take many minutes a long time to absorb that large mass that I put there therefore if I had to advise you although I tell you that it is not a malabsorption I will also use a phrase that we use a lot in nutrition divide and therefore you will succeed Taking into account that protein is a base from rapid absorption, take it half an hour before the meal and when you are going to eat surely it is not already absorbed but it is already in process and there if you eat if your goal is to add the proteins to me.It seems the best alternative surely that what you are going to tell me is but if I take protein for half an hour when I already eat I have no good appetite then it may not be the best alternative to taking protein there is perhaps a better alternative to If you take a few essential amino acids or a few months in this case, isoleucine hallucinates valine because what leucine will do is raise your insulin, it will open up a metabolic pathway and when you eat solid food, I mean, you will absorb much more. quickly the nutrients are also going to add these fish but in this case I go back and repeat my advice is divide and you will triumph although I am not saying it is a bad alternative ok what else do we have here how can I lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time good This is a very frequent very frequent question first of all tell you that we have to see that it is not the easiest thing in the world to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time ok it is not the easiest in the world they are two different things one thing is to lose gain muscle And another thing is to gain fat and they require two different types of workouts.Well, there are strategies to do so. In general, when they tell me this is the following because you want to do that because you have a certain date in which you need to arrive, such as a competition or simply because you have anxiety, if you have anxiety, go meditate and calm down, meditate and calm, it makes things right for you because if you passed So many years without doing anything now it gives you anxiety wanting to do everything lose an ass or motion well now if what you tell me is for example I don’t want to do it I’m not in a hurry I want to do my best but I would like to lose fat and win at the same time good muscle my suggestion is the following look to lose fat you need to have muscle you need to do hypertrophy work with overload of weight muscle hypertrophy with overload and balanced diet with a surplus if possible of proteins to lose fat this surplus should not affect you not at all if you maintain adequate intake levels but to lose fat what we have to do if it is to do aerobic work because what is going to burn fat is aerobic work in fact aerobic work is to burn fat now what is the strategy that I am going to give you first to do aerobic work to burn fat so detailed so meticulous so strict there is a rule in the heart rate that is 220 to 220 minus your age by 0.70 that will give you the amount of heart rate you have to have when you are doing aerobic work, that is, You are going to have to do this formula and then with looking for something that I counted a hole on top of it, I think it counts your pulsations, do work, it is interval, no, background aerobics, I mean, a fund aerobic, for example when you get on the treadmill or the bicycle and you give it a run 45 or 60 minutes 90 minutes that is a good aerobic to lose weight but such a long aerobic will surely compromise the gain of muscle mass therefore you are going to have to do it if a bodybuilder who works at intervals maintaining the pulse levels as I just told you with that formula make it more hits shorter another very useful recommendation something something practical that you are not going to read on the internet from nowhere good Maybe if I don’t know, it is because it is something very, very homemade and that is very useful is when you do the hypertrophy weights, normally what you do is rest for a minute, it is recommended to rest a minute because because a minute is what more or less your body needs your metabolism to recover muscle atp using the phosphate pathways of phosphates ok and glycogen now if you instead of resting for a minute rested you are going to give your body more time so that it can also use the pathways of fats to transform muscle atp or tps adenosine triphosphate which is the natural fuel of muscle many people say muscle fuel is glycogen no no no no no no glycogen the fuel of the muscle is the atp us at the time of making a muscle contraction of the type that is what we need is atp adenosine triphosphate one of the phosphate is released and the release of that adenosine from the phosphate nucleus then makes an energetic explosion that the muscle is with the skin contracts therefore the fuel of the muscle the atp our body generates it obtains atp in three possible ways those pathways are the phosphates that are there creatine comes into play ok glycogen or fats these three ways can be sources of atp what is the difference between these three sorry now if the difference between these three is that when they are when your body constantly needs to be generating atp why are you doing explosive movements such as a boxer who shoots constantly beating constantly constantly constantly is throwing blows then the atp if or if it is going to have to be recovering to tr Away from the forage route no because it does not give him time to recover from the life of fat or even glycogen ok that is why a boxer if they do not have high levels of creatine is in the oven is in the oven with potatoes and cheese a boxer or an artist finger an athlete of any type of training that is constant explosion piques pikes peak speakers piques if it does not have high levels of creatine they eat it fried because the body does not give them the time to recover atp from glycogen or from fats now well of when the body recovers for example from glycogen when we already rest a little more when they are not running when we give it at least one minute of rest there it gives it to get rid of glycogen that is why people who do weights takes a minute of rest because it gives you time to recover approximately 75 80 percent of muscle atp and takes it out of glycogen so people who do weights need to go with the fuel full of glycogen from carbohydrates oatmeal potato pasta central rice center etc.Etc. age fitness biotherm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal laser serum x3, global anti age serum yves rocher now when it comes to a moderate long-intensity exercise in the background a cross country cyclist not a sprinter a cross country cyclist a marathoner not a sprinter a marathoner a whatever a person who goes slow or the typical person who is in the gym if he goes up people walk walk walk walk now bike bike that is moderate that person is burning fat because the body gives it time to metabolize fat to transform atp conclusion a good strategy to build muscle and at the same time burn fat is worry about smoking an ass first, that is, it does hypertrophy and dahlia work eat the muscle to feed them because if not it does not grow also by feeding them the muscle the muscle will increase and it will accelerate the basal metabolism, which is why obviously salt speeds up basal metabolism, then you will burn more than calories at rest if you weighed 60 kilos yesterday and next week you weigh 50 kilos because there is a hypocaloric diet that made you lose muscle by kicking you Now you will gain weight more easily and it will cost you much more to burn calories because you have less muscle to perform aerobic work at intervals more hits and when you do work with weights you do not rest a minute rested to allow your body to obtain energy by metabolizing the fats to form atp we go with another question to see how long I spend this time every 30 oral minutes well to see what we have here that you recommend that you recommend antioxidants that you recommend antioxidants I guess which are the best good first I don’t I can recommend you anything if you do not know and I do not know you if not sixth age principle of individuality etc.Etc. etc. to what is subjected daily what type of training do you do or do you do, which is the clinical study, etc., etc., so I cannot recommend anything to you now, the second question you ask me is which are the best there, yes, I can tell you which are the best because it is no longer something of mine but something of a study and current antioxidants there are many, many videos on pause reconnecting because he saw pause because they are writing to me by message and if I had already paused the video now if they are writing to me I do not know I do not know it does not matter what are the most famous or most potent antioxidants actually antioxidants are there is much much much much yet such I will name 4 4 a passing and order from and the best of the best known at this time is the wing its real form also known as t and optical acid or by its acronym alpha lipoic acid that is par excellence the best antioxidant you can find in the market because it is not only an antioxidant that works as an antioxidant fighting free radicals, but also because of those synergistic actions, to put it in some way, beneficial secondary actions that your body has among them, for example, the cleaning of cell receptors that is fundamental fundamental in an athlete also in a sedentary person and another of the beneficial actions that critical acid alpha lipoic acid has is to clean the cellular insulin receptors that is, it will fight insulin resistance and if we fight and improve our insulin resistance we are practically improving the 79 80 percent of all the problems of humanity insulin resistance is one of the main factors of diseases in the world insulin resistance is that factor that makes your body all the time inflamed and good to have neither [age fitness biotherm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal serum la ser x3, global anti age serum yves rocher] idea you are not even aware but they are insulin resistant for that reason is that you eat little and do not lose weight if you eat little and in fat you urinate a lot at night feel your hands and hands swollen constantly feeling a lot of attraction to refined flour because of sugar there was another question here that I don’t know if there wasn’t a question that said how to overcome how to overcome craving for sugars and refined flours another follower asked me controlling insulin resistance the Insulin resistance makes us all the time inflamed and thinking about eating carbohydrates and sugars because insulin resistance means that not in the meantime I tell you this is very agro so insulin resistance to see the receptors our cells have receptors androgen receptors protein receptors all kinds of receptors caffeine receptors for example a person who drinks a lot of coffee a lot of coffee a lot caffeine begins to become resistant to caffeine that means that the same receptors no longer manage to enter the same amount of caffeine that entered before so what happens a person who does not drink a coffee caffeine has clean receptors a receptor is formed because the receptors are formed and css they die every 7 hours or so if we do not use it if the person drinks a small coffee so a receptor is formed and that coffee goes directly to the cell then with a coffee if the person remains with the eyes as well as the 2 of gold and with shaky hands that it was because of a little coffee like that because the person has a lot of sensitivity to caffeine , however as he takes and drinks and drinks and drinks coffee he begins to become resistant to caffeine the receptors are clogged the receptors are no longer formed so So much you drink a lot of coffee, you enter little to be able to achieve that same stimulation that achieves a lot with a little coffee like that now you have to drink bodoque tea of this size the same thing happens with insulin, what happens to a person who does not eat a lot of refined flours refined sugars who has a diet but choose a summer let’s go on a trip but be careful there are many summers resistant to insulin because eating a lot a lot of potatoes but hey That is another issue but I did not say wrong, that is to say vegan a prolific person who is not resistant to insulin eats any portion any portion of carbohydrates and that carbohydrate directly enters the cell in the form of glucose to be metabolized into energy because the pancreas releases insulin and that insulin pac passes inward through the however when the person when the person therefore eat industrial pastries bread biscuits biscuits bills flour flour and sugar flour flour flour pasta begins to become resistant and the pancreas needs to release more amounts of insulin to that enters less less less glucose to the cell even when it releases more because that is plugging the resistant person then what happens that person what is not is that he lacks energy he is tired 100 down he does not feel like anything and he goes to the classic nutritionist that one who is in black and white with the notes of the year 1990 and says you need to eat more carbohydrates because carbohydrates are the sources of energy and what you are lacking carbohydrate that is pick up down and the person eats carbohydrates eat carbohydrates and for more carbohydrates they eat whole dump trucks of all they do not have more energy and because they do not have more energy and because you are eating a plate they are not managing to transform glucose into the cell because because it is resistant to insulin so all this that glucose from those carbohydrates from bread wagons biscuits biscuit bill industrial pastries sugar cakes sweet cakes that you are eating can not enter and the free sugar is transformed into free glucose that the salt remains and little by little that resistance to insulin is tra nsforma in type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and diabetes with all that people know when they are insulin resistant and do not know how it is 99.9 percent of people before they are diabetic do not find out because they do not go to consultation to know how they are insulin resistant they live inflamed and have all kinds of symptoms all kinds of symptoms of course that happens to a world population that is resistant to insulin without knowing what is inflamed takes it a virus such as the coronavirus that inflames you the internal organs that the characteristic of covid19 is that it inflames you and I will be inflamed if it does not clean you and with great respect because many people really died and I think it is a world mourning in this but if it does not kill you because inflammation on inflammation collapse your organs if you recover the recovery and in the recovery the post is fatal because because you imagine that you were inflamed and now you had a disease that kept you inflamed for 14 days As or more when you go out in the post commit you get tired even to give yourself the laces, you will tie the laces and you get tired, it has a very bad time during and then that is the answer because some people have a very bad time and others have it that they do not even notice resistance to insulin but you don’t know it then because all this talk of insulin resistance was coming because alpha lipoic acid, known as one of the best but the best antioxidant that we have today on the market helps you lower resistance in your unit to control insulin resistance that is why it is par excellence the best of antioxidants number 2 after him he will do the nac nothing by its acronym is n acetyl cysteine cysteine which for its medical use is a natural politician who by the way is they recommended it to people in bosco bits at this stage n acetylcysteine has the ability to precursor glutathione glutathione or glutathione is one of the antioxidants, no forgiveness is the natural antioxidant that has ne our body and that generates our most powerful cells that there is therefore n acetylcysteine is a precursor of glutathione which is, I insist, the greatest antioxidant that our body has naturally the difference out there perhaps between alpha lipoic acid and cnar is that mnac They act a lot on the liver, recovering the hepatocytes of the liver, glutathione, sorry, glutathione and nap, on the contrary, by portos by synergistic action, because it is a precursor of glutathione, in fact, in countries since the first world, as in the United States, there is a way to supply glutathione directly, but we Here in Latin America I have not found that they sell free glutathione, which by the way glutathione is very difficult to supply unless you go to a hospital in a clinic and they give you intravenous glutathione for 5 toxic to the liver in minutes in minutes there is no way to detoxify it through capsules with glutathione therefore it is recommended to take a precursor a precursor natural is n acetyl cysteine which is also an antioxidant from [age fitness biotherm, rtt therapy, biotherm anti age, loreal laser x3 serum, global anti age serum yves rocher] third supplement that I recommend resveratrol resveratrol is tannat grape extract I think it is from a grape, resveratrol is another of the most powerful antioxidants that we can find on the market, it is par excellence the third in this list and the difference with those two, the first in which alpha lipoic was born, cleanses the resistance receptors that frees you from resistance to insulin nap or in sli cysteine works on glutathione and will purify your liver and olvera troll for its part has the ability to give information to your body as if you were in a pathway known as mpk mtk is a metabolic resource that your body has that promotes autophagy autophagy is that is, eating like this moto phagocytose autophagy is that resource mechanism that your body has of auto phage citarse o auto comerse ahora que auto come o que auto fagocita lo que auto come o auto fagocita son aquellos radicales libres excesos de glucgeno exceso de triglicridos excesos de grasa todos aquellos pequeos como decir los molculas o biomolculas negativas entre ellos antixido radicales libres que tenemos en el cuerpo tu cuerpo lo va automticamente por vas naturales a comerlo a liberarse de ello a travs de esta va metablica que se llama npk un puerto ah tenemos los tres antioxidantes ms fuertes que pods encontrar un cuarto que viene muy bien para las chicas por ejemplo es la coenzima q10 que trabaja sobre la va metablica de las grasas o el metabolismo de las grasas y en la chica viene muy bien pero tambin en los hombres hay un quinto que te lo voy a mencionar por tirarte lo hacia al pasar que se supone que es tambin de los ms fuertes y es la melatonina qu es algo natural es una es algo natural que producimos nosotros para dormir y que cuando nosotros no podemos logr ar conciliar el sueo normalmente podemos tomar melatonina en va libre o tambin suplementos como un aminocido natural que se llama el triptfano que el triptfano es lo que te va a ser precursor de la melatonina pero sucede que para poder o bien un producto en el mercado que se llama 5 htp que es a base de triptfano y otras cosas ms que eso te va a ayudar a producir melatonina pero la realidad es que para poder combatir el insomnio lo que tendramos que hacer es mejorar tus biorritmos porque el problema de la melatonina no es porque te falta un aminocido muchas veces a veces s puede ser triptfano pero por lo general el problema de la falta de sueo es porque viene desajustados turbio ritmos o sea tenemos que apelar a la cronobiologa tiene si tenemos en cuenta de que para que tu cuerpo libere melatonina tienes que desatarse todo una espiral de acciones metablicas que comienzan horas del da vos pens esto te levantas en la maana vamos ms vos te ests durmiendo cinco de la ma ana cinco de la maana ests en un sueo profundo lo que hace en tu cuerpo es el pncreas y ver una pequea dosis de insulina para que vos puedas entrar en una hipoglucemia reactiva y eso hace que te despiertes por eso es que vos a las cinco o simplemente a la maana te desperts que haces en pocas ancestrales nos levantbamos y salamos a cazar el mamut el dinosaurio entero dato que si yo lo que fuera para para comer no por eso es que estbamos reactivos y bien activos pero nosotros ac hoy en esta vida lo que hacemos es son las cinco y media de la maana que hago despert hasta ahora voy hago picor y no me acuesto de vuelta pero qu pasa si nosotros no hiciramos eso nos levantamos a esa hora seguimos en ayunas o comemos grasas seguimos en ayuna no hacemos pico de insulina entonces luego de la hormona insulina que nos despert va a venir otro tipo de hormona como por ejemplo la dopamina que nos va a activar el foco cognitivo por eso es que entrenar de maana es maravilloso fanta bu los o entrenar de maana es lo mejor por ejemplo tambin el sexo en horas de la maana es extraordinario por qu razn porque es la hora en la que tenemos todas las hormonas de activacin fijte dopamina adrenalina noradrenalina entonces eso hace que la testosterona porque viene una tercera y ltima dosis empujn de testosterona en la maana todo eso todo es ese manifestacin hormonal que hace nuestro cuerpo nuestro eje hormonal a las 56 de la maana de combinar texto testosterona con adrenalina con hora de la harina con dopamina lo hace para que se active y pueda salir a cazar a cazar para comer ok vamos a pocas ancestrales hoy no pasamos ms sin embargo nuestro cuerpo tiene aos y miles y cientos de miles y millones de aos de evolucin y sigue funcionando as por ahora pero nosotros nos estamos encargando de romperlo todo por eso es que el sexo de maana claro imaginarte si tu cuerpo est preparado para salir a cazar el mamut y ahora tens todo ese flujo de testosterona adrenalina y dopamina que te da foco cognitivo el sexo una maana es lo mejor eso s no es un sexo basado en el amor en el cario qu lindos ojos que tienes te quiero mucho y te mato porque porque es ms violento es ms agresivo porque as est nuestro organismo hormonalmente distinto al de la noche en el cual no tenemos esas hormonas de activacin sino que tenemos la accin del acetato serotonina que la serotonina es una hormona de los ya va ms a la introspeccin ms introspectivo ms reflexivos ms relajados por eso ah cambia totalmente la forma la manera ah es mucho ms amoroso y ah no estamos como para cazar imagnate que el hombre de las cavernas cuando se esconda al sol se meta en la cueva porque salan los depredadores naturales de la oscuridad y en la oscuridad no ves ok nuestro cuerpo est armado as entonces te levantas de maana ests con todo ese enfoque cognitivo sals a andar por decirlo de alguna manera y en las primeras horas del sol en las primeras horas del sol tus el sol va a entrar por tus ojos va a pegar en la retina en la cpsula suprarrenal ya partir de ah en la glndula pineal y en la glndula pineal se va a activar un reloj en cuenta regresiva un reloj en cuenta regresiva que aproximadamente dentro de dos horas como tu glndula pineal ahora reactivo dentro de 12 horas va a encender otro punto para que todo lo opuesto todo lo contrario empiece a generar primero serotonina serotonina que sale el 75 por ciento del intestino y otro porcentaje de nuestra cpsula de nuestra jornada que estn en la cabeza pero el 75% del intestino por eso es importante tener el intestino libre porque si no nos genera serotonina y la serotonina que es esa hormona de la relativizacin del problema una persona que tiene mucha serotonina es una persona reflexiva calmada que te escucha que te atiende los problemas que dice y bueno ya pasar ya esto nadie muri te dice vamos a recuperarlo vamos a salir adelante una persona que le falta serotonina una persona que se ahoga en un vaso de agua porque no tiene serotonina que es esa hormona de reflexin pero qu pasa la serotonina es la hormona precursora de la melatonina y la melatonina la melatonina aquella que nos va a dar el sueo y que nos va a hacer dormir si no tenemos melatonina no dormimos si no tenemos serotonina no tenemos melatonina pero si no nos levantamos de maana para que el rayo del sol entre por los ojos que peguen en la cpsula suprarrenal la glndula pineal active en este texto theron up me entienden porque a veces el hecho de no dormir de noche no est tan relacionado a que te falta un aminocido quizs tengas que organizar tu vida para que la theron o biologa te ayude en este caso vamos a ver si puedo contestar otra pregunta cunto voy a ver voy a ver ac va a voy 50 minutos voy a responder la ltima la ltima y despus lo otro dejamos para otro directo que voy al clculo que de hacer como tres directos pero tengo un montn de preguntas ms a ver esta ltima pregunta tengo 45 aos y me p reocupa envejecer bienvenido al club y quera ser humano tengo 40 y tambin me preocupa envejecer tengo 45 aos y me preocupa envejecer qu opinas de el fish page esto est en ingls me matan porque me mandan en ingls mndenme en ruso page fitness biotherm biotherm anti age son buenas a ver page ways de edad age fitness biotherm me parece que es una crema antiarrugas y biotherm anti age tambin es una crema antiarrugas ok ahora entend a ver mi viejo estimado amigo no te puedo hablar de age fitness biotherm o de biotherm anti age no tengo ni idea de crema antiarrugas no tengo ni la ms plida idea tocar leyes cada le pone tela bien tiene muy buena accin generalmente biotherm es una no s una marca reconocida por ejemplo tengo ni idea fjate que no haga pruebas en animales y mtele la age fitness biotherm la voy a buscar despus y biotherm anti age ahora eso si te digo si te preocupa envejecer por ms cremita que te pongas de afuera tenemos que empezar de adentro con la dieta equilibr ada con la flexibilidad metablica realizando ayunos intermitentes que me preguntaron mucho por los ayunos intermitentes y en el prximo directo voy a hablar de los ayunos intermitente porque es un tema que realmente tiene muchsimas dudas y vamos a hablar de los ayunos intermitentes pero sobre todo te recomiendo que echis manos si tens ms de 40 a 45 aos a lo que son los antioxidantes como te acabo de mencionar el a la accin alfa lipoico con su ex inversin es real para que pueda tomar 125 nada ms el n acetilcistena el nap ver a troll tambin puede ser si tienes problemas cardacos lo que es la coenzima q10 pero sobre todo eso echa mano a lo que es lo interno con respecto a las cremas son maravillosas puedes usarla si quers no tengo nada para decirte de eso pero sobre todo si tenis 40 a 45 aos controlas tu resistencia a la insulina y modula tos biorritmos buscar la flexibilidad metablica apela echa mano a modular tus biorritmos la mayor parte de los problemas estn porque te nemos los biorritmos de desajustados echa mano a eso fjate todo lo que acaba de hablar sobre los biorritmos si quers en el prximo podemos hablar un poco ms pero echa mucha mano a eso que es lo que te va a ayudar a no envejecer y si vos quers el prximo directo voy a hacer mucho ms hincapi en lo que son las terapias anti age o cules son aquellos puntos a tener en cuenta no envejecer aunque quisiramos envejecer todos esa es la ley natural bueno queridos amigos de instagram ac y de youtube ac hay un montn de preguntas veo ac en youtube tengo fa aqu hay una pregunta que le voy a responder antes de irme mira est por youtube porque por instagram no tengo porque esta me la preguntaron tambin y la tena por ac la tena por ac no s dnde est pero me acuerdo est en algunos de los temas son muchas preguntas pero me preguntaron algo as si voy a entrenar de mano y voy a ir en ayunas que tengo que comer de noche o cunto tengo que comer buena pregunta a ver si vas a entrenar de maana a primera hora de la maana te conviene entrenar en ayunas ok o no porque como voy a entrar en ayunas que no tengo energa lara ya no vas a tener energa a ver yo hablo para una persona que no tenga ninguna enfermedad o patologa determinada si sos diabtico si sos eso es otra historia yo hablo de una persona que no tiene ninguna patologa definida una persona sana y est ok si vas a entrar a la primera hora de maana te conviene entrar en ayunas por la simple y sencilla razn de que lo que vas a comer lo que vos vas a comer necesitas de aproximadamente dos horas a tres para poder metabolizar lo que se transforme en energa si vos comes y te vas a entrenar pensando que eso ahora lo vas a usar como energa ests cometiendo el error de tu vida por la simple y sencilla razn de que no lo ests usando como energa porque eso est trancado en el estmago adems ten cuenta de que en el momento de vos comer para que pueda activarse la digestin con la liberacin de las hormonas encarg adas de la digestin entre ellas la insulina va a entrar en actividad un sistema nervioso que es el parasimptico mientras que cuando nosotros estamos entrenando tiene que entrenarse el hermano opuesto el gnero alce al parasimptico que sea el simptico el simptico es el encargado de segregar todas aquellas hormonas de activacin como por ejemplo adrenalina noradrenalina y dopamina testosterona cuando activo uno no est activo el otro cuando est el sol no est la luna bueno es un mal ejemplo porque a veces tan slo est de luna bueno pero en este caso no si est uno no est el otro por lo tanto si vos en este momento ests entrenando necesitas que tu sistema simptico se active para que pueda generar adrenalina noradrenalina dopamina y voy a estar un para arriba arriba arriba esos nimos pero qu pasa si vos comes si busco mes pueden pasar dos cosas una tu cuerpo apaga el sistema simptico y enciende el parasimptico para poder liberar insulina para que pueda hacerse la digestin de eso que tens ese trancado en el estmago y vos ests entrenando ests arrastrando los postes a vista el tpico cuando entra al gimnasio se tira la banca plana y empieza a empezar con un sueo ese comienzo de venir ese tiene la digestin ah y el cuerpo est liberando insulina para poder digestin sistema parasimptico esa es una de las cosas que poder que te puede pasar eso significa que el entrenamiento va a ser un desastre porque no vas a poder entrenar bien pero lo otro que puede pasar es al revs que tu cuerpo no cmo ests entrenar fuerte no activa el parasimptico lo apaga y enciende el simptico para que pueda liberar adrenalina noradrenalina y dopamina entonces lo que hace es apagar el parasimptico a la digestin la digestin se tranca y vas a estar con una bola de comida y trancada repitiendo la ardor de estmago reflujo que no te est sirviendo como energa entonces que hayas comido antes de ir a entrenar no significa que te vaya a servir para l tener energa porque para que esos nutrientes este amplios disponibles en sangre para que puedan ser utilizados y metabolizados como energa necesitan entre 3 y 4 horas dependiendo de que un carbohidrato simple necesita dos horas de metabolizacin una protena necesita tres horas a tres horas y tres horas y media dependiendo de si carne leche huevo mientras que una grasa a veces necesita cuatro cuatro horas y media imagnate si la comida fue variada entre grasas y protenas que es lo que ms tarda en metabolizar se llega al gimnasio oa donde sea o entrenada artes marciales o lo que sea y tens esa hora de comida que se va a trancar por eso si vas a entrenar la primera de la maana lo ideal es entrenar en ayunas ahora aclaro es hay una entre comillas hay una relativa porque es hay una relativa porque es ayunas porque tu estmago est libre ok ahora t expsito de glucgeno en sangre hepticos y musculares estn a tope llenos o sea tens toda la energa del mundo porque de noche existe la carga pero que tienes qu e cargar de noche y obviamente que tienes hablar volmenes de carbohidratos principalmente para que vayan a formar parte del glucgeno heptico muscular y en sangre grupo carbohidratos y protenas para poder tener tambin una reserva de protenas si age fitness biotherm, rtt terapia, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher notas que al ir a entrenar en ayunas te comienza a faltar energa porque entrenas muchas horas que ojo si vas a entrar en ayunas 45 minutos 60 no ms de eso si vas a entrenar mucho ms de una hora lo recomendable es al menos tomarte una buena dosis de aminocidos esenciales aminocidos esenciales al momento de empezar a entrenar a la media hora a la media hora en forma de lquido jugo polvo que se absorbe al toque los aminocidos ese sino estoy diciendo que sea claro aclar desea son leucina isoleucina y valina cuando vas a la tienda deportiva decir vende me aminocidos esenciales y te da tpico vez sea le tiene que decir no para m eso es vez sea son aminocidos y pero son tres leucina isoleucina barinas yo lo que quiero son aminocidos esenciales que tiene leucina isoleucina valina que son esenciales pero son seis ms porque son 8 639 bueno porque tambin vienen con glutamina que se ve esencial ya veces con arginina que s es esencial pero tambin tienen triptfano metionina toda la gama de esenciales para que pueda actuar en sinergia y de esa manera no quedarte con ningn aminocido faltante el famoso aminocido limitante entonces que comer en la noche bueno buenas cargas de carbohidratos buenas cargan una buena pasta por ejemplo papa arroz con carne para ello de maana a entrenar en ayunas relativa porque el estmago est liberado pero tus depsitos estn llenos ok algo importante si la ltima comida de la noche fue a las 10 de la noche 11 de la noche entonces te vas a levantar a las 5 o 6 de la maana y vas a estar 10 puntos ahora si la ltima comida de la noche fue a las 7 8 de la noche 19 horas 20 horas y la comi el entrenamiento de la maana es a las 9 o 10 de la maana que no es muy maana eso no pero bueno ah pasaron muchas horas de ayuno ok hay cambia totalmente la historia porque hay son demasiadas horas de ayuno hay lo que te recomiendo es que si vos comiste a las 8 de la noche y vas a entrenar a las 10 de la maana por la distancia que hay pongas el despertador a las 7 de la maana y te ingieras alguna dosis de carbohidrato aunque sea en estado lquido alguna avena laminada hervida con leche alguna protena algo con el tilo para que a nadie se est metabolizado porque hay si si lo tomas a las 7 de la maana a las 10 ya est ms que ha metabolizado cuando hablamos de entrenar en ayunas es cuando la persona es cena a las 10 11 de la noche y se levanta entrenar a las 6 7 de la maana comprendido esto verdad bien cuando me andan de ayuno intermitente a no eso dije que hay una intermitente y va hablar en otro porque si ya vamos una hora hace una hora una o una hora y diez que estoy hablando porque empec antes en el canal de youtube as que bueno amigos amigas les agradezco por haber estado este vdeo este este directo va a quedar colgado en instagram live ac y en el canal de youtube ac as que si no lo vieron desde el principio fui y respondiendo preguntas una hora de respuestas de preguntas cuando termine lo pueden mirar en cualquier momento tanto en instagram como en el canal de youtube porque va a quedar forever para siempre ah si tienen alguna pregunta ms manden la pero ya les digo que tengo una banda de preguntas para responder antes as que nos vemos el prximo directo ya mand un abrazo a todos como se apaga esto no age fitness biotherm, rtt terapia, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher como pago esto alguien que me explique cmo lo apago me estn viendo todo ac a ver no s cmo apagarage fitness biotherm, rtt terapia, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher alguien que me d iga cmo pago ac no no y sal qu animal que ahora nos vemos y ahora y ahora me despido de por ac me despido de la gente de youtube finalizadoage fitness biotherm, rtt terapia, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher age fitness biotherm, rtt terapia, biotherm anti age, loreal serum laser x3, serum anti age global yves rocher

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