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your[ __] my hose is backjust know what i see and i know what to do andgo and it will go throughso much trouble i can get through and it’s so hard to get itoutno one can do it better than anyone every level corners their existence but ishow it[ Music] I’m just Cromer I am a single young child fromDublin Ireland and I am looking for afight and you are able to always grow up to put yourself into anuncomfortable place a person has been like this to me it was an unpleasant situationto articulated myself in there situation I amnot that familiar and not so like a the athlete grew up as a human being as a warriornow here i’m back into the game it’s good to be a roll game they’re back in their MMA and ready to go so when i lost and i’mlooking at those people and they’re all celebrating my fatality and i’mdoing it and listen unquestionably under my stomach illuminated a attack, all human rights is with me te every single volley is air with me now i doubtour part industry thought it was someone it won’t get over it iismile at myself i don’t feel pressure to be this work someone askedthis is something to do as i was walking on ireneand i swear i’m a cavalier leaving the arena frankly myself i feelchained from me and i intend i feel series i rind it off when i get that octagon carrying cross or something when i lastly stand up it’s all right, beings we actually after our passionwhatever we have everything we have is something else if “youre ever” obsessedwhen you work hard it is hard to put on success and this is my philosophyI will carry through a lot of trouble and take a lot of hard work iyou go out in china everything you go is given to you ready to die thereready to die there i was there suffocated to have feelings Finding Connor Khabib in Vegas as we exited right after the beep thatwants to go straight out the door and want to go[ Music] I has the potential to be thinking of set it up but this might not be one ofthe greatest MMA crusades I’ve ever done.I guess Connor has a strong enough spirit tobe able to stand the collected anchor Attack I recollect Connor will be wit he issleeping I think he may be sleeping I feel like he’s going to be taken overConnor won’t get up and I knock connor can catch him catchyeah come on and if Connor can hit him what car can he catch himout Yeah, I means that you see what you did to Eddie.Alvarez Look what he did to Aldo the good guys it was to fightThey had to fight this war inside of me. He thinks this is the biggest crusaded in UFChistory I consider the most wonderful in record reigning powersport 26 and oh he time doesn’t beat the reflects permit needed him as he is he is the biggest star in the boast and that’s goodto get him back Irish merely six million Russian 150 million rulers come back here welcome to America and the American peoplefighting armies and I new era wreak my entire country with me[ Applause ][ Music][ Applause][ Music] I’m a rising fighterA doubt UFC will see me and whatever happens in the near future Iprofessional MMA fighter with record 4 and 1 just trust believeyourself believe it you are better than anyone believes you are better withyourself and smug and be humble sure “we ii” humble he improved himtry to keep up the training learn every day[ Music] What is undesirable for me living isunhealthy The one for me is healthy life going up and going through the same thingsevery day between 9:00 – 5:00 on the same day. actually polouse and it’s unhealthyHe outstrips your intellect I don’t havework I adoration what I do and so do what I enjoy my dream to be mynumber one girlfriend not number 1 I crave MMA FederalRoad belt I wanted to go lightweight belt This is my goal this is likely to be it and I willwhen let me know when you’ll be[ Applause][ Music ][ Applause][ Music] that landform All two things stay thepast seven months and the honor is hard work what have you been doing and number twodreams come true and that’s what I’m going to be where I want to be.admit that I’m one hundred percentage confident I’ll get it on thatUpper I have the skills I’ll have the faithfulnes and I’ll let youknow when I’m sensitive the supremacy and duration pummel the beatI knew if it would strain my Newark more than a rage.You can see it here andhave the daring to speak up I ensure these shots I realise thesedramas and I don’t stay away from themmost of the time parties are certain things but they keepit for you If you become vogel you really believe it you compose that law with itcharm and it will be true It’s just going to show this hard work anddedication it certainly makes i don’t do anythingmy ingenuity got lost my starving stalk i won’t stand back like a endorse i won’t clear no forgives i lost it theremistakesit’s been there if you face it can be fixed listed Hera head to honcho and facethem and here i’ll celebrate it’s gotta be like you we shouldcelebrate our entire gala metropoli because itmakes you bigger and what represents you stronger? it doesn’t kill you it fixes you stronger andthat’s the thing to do I’m stronger we can run away we canface adversity or suffering top to pate and iplan to conquer it and that’s what i’m gonna face i’m gonna get down i’m gonna carrywe truly believe we are all equal as human beingsif we’re haunted with things, resources and we are truly chasing our passionwhatever we have whatever we have if you have your preoccupied jobput in something else hard time will be successful and that is a philosophy I carry.The coaches keep it hard work this may be an obsession and lookingpartly I made the fortune I didn’t pay I’ll beback[ Music] I’ll be where I want to be.Don’t be acknowledged that I’m one hundred percentmyself and I’m sure we’ll do it goblet I’ve got skillswill devotion I let you know when[ Music] I’m open for that and withouta fear that you’ll receive me at the UFC and aura synthesi[ Music] I when show is also history books the thing can’t be hardwork I’ve suffered many defeatsI’m not in my life so rose back up shy of him and i won’t make excuses for that i’m on the ultra rated unit two years real winnings tworeal life i was losingsay to yourself and look at yourself in themirror and really really at it I imagine a living soldier will beat you and thisis what it is and only real freedom mistakes In thegym and in preparation I feel untouchable at the moment I don’t believe it’s written by myself I want keepcalm and performancecome and I mean something if we’re obsessed and it’s really what we’re afterbut fury but everything we have is independent of anything elseobsessive work hard to put in time hard work you’ll make it through hard workit’s an infatuation good-for-nothing can be hard work[ Music] Darvill tempo so take notes no one can work harder than meOutside the Octagon Octagon Search I’m full course August 28 I’m getting my revengeand I’m looking forward to constant repetition carries conviction I love to prove and prove beings wrong.this is my liberty to supportat the end of the day and this is that I adore me all the fun and games welcomelove my job some people will make human nature tosit down and take the positivity from them will look at it and get inspired and muse willinspire them to go we will look for these line-ups under pressureand criticize and to be negative to infer but one thing these beings will make surewill increase inspiration from it where people will stay andat the same time that’s how they live , this is theway of human nature so it’s the way mobility[ Music] I’mtrying to be the best of all time I try

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