Fußball Lockdown Corona Training Aufgabe 2 – Fitness

We come to exercise 2. Task 2 iscalled fitness. Here “youve got to” do 5 pushups, 5 hunkers and 5 burpees. If youwant to get an extra point, you can do 10 burpees instead of 5 burpees. That conveys, with anextra site, “it wouldve been” 5 pushups, 5 squats and 10 burpees. Volkeris now doing a push-up. Exactly, that’s a push-up, then asquat, accurately, and a burpee, that’s the compounding. First you hunker, let yourself fall forward, do the push-ups, slowly come up againand jump up. Exactly, expressed appreciation for !.

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