2 Year Natural Fitness Body Transformation | After Car Crash and Multiple Surgeries

Hello everyone, my refer is Kenechukwu Obi. I go by KayKay Obi. Today, I want to talk about my transformationand tell the story to seeing how I got into fitness. Recently, I announced some transformation photosonline and I had a matter of how I got to where I was and what mymotivation was. So, I decided to make this video, which chroniclesmy fitness outing starting from when I got into an accident. My goal of sharing this is to inspireor motivate someone and most especially spread some positivity. I hope that members can enjoy the video delight and if you have any questions let me know in the comments section Thank you. I’ll start with this photo, as it representsone of the darkest minutes in “peoples lives”. It was made on August 23, 2012. I’d just gotten into a motor vehicle accidentand was raced to a hospital.They introduce a splint on my leg and bandaged upthe remaining wounds on my mas. A few weeks later, I was transferred to a traditionalclinic where I received therapy for my separation leg Included are my X-ray photos to show the extentof damage that occurred to my leg. On Sept of 2013, precisely over a year after myaccident, I moved to Canada for postgraduate education. As a student in a new country, I was filledwith joy and wanted to participate in as much as I could.I facilitated unionized several appearances at the collegeI attended, which was fun, but after playing football, basketball, volleyball I noticed Iwas always in pain. Before my accident, I used to dance and Iloved acrobatics. After trying those activities, though, I wouldalways be in awful ache. My ankle stung. My knee felt like it was grinding. My leg wasn’t as stable as it used to be, so I knew there was a problem. After a few visits to a family Doctor andtaking more X-Rays, I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. As you see in this photos there was a mal-unionof my tibia and fibula, which was causing the grief I was having. The surgeon decided I needed surgery to fixit. The bones would have to be re-broken and alignedproperly; I would have to start my healing process all over.I was ravaged to hear this, but at thesame age, I was happy with it if it necessitated getting rid of my ankle sorenes. At that detail, both the trauma and the painwere affecting me negatively , not only physically but likewise mentally, socially and even financially. On August 8th 2014, I “ve had my” first surgery, a Tibial IM Nailing procedure. Now are X-Ray photos from after the surgery. As “youre seeing”, I had a nail inserted intomy tibia with nails to keep it in place. One at the top and one at the bottom. I learned from the surgeon that the fibulaneeded to be cut in order to gain proper access of the Tibia, and the fibula would remainun-joined.This is a video of me the day after my surgery, being trained by a physiotherapist on how to walk while exercising props. The respite of the year went by slowly but Iwas able to stop using the crutches before wintertime and blizzard came. I couldn’t imagine having to use crutcheson snow and frost, and I am appreciative I didn’t have to find out what that’d be like. During this time I was also able to recordmy first music EP, The Sights in my Rear View, with my friend. This was a plus for me as it was somethingI’d been wanting to do for a while. And because I wasn’t working, I didn’t feelas stood as I could have as I’d occupy myself writing music melodics and short floors, and I likewise dipped into photography during that time. On February 2015, during one of my follow-upappointments with the surgeon, it was determined my tibia wasn’t joining or healing as quicklyas it was supposed to.I would require another surgery where theywould place a larger nail. Another rationale for this surgery was for thedoctor to look at my knee with a scope. The upshots would support what expense had occurredto my knee, and what could be done to fix it, as it was still giving me pain after thefirst surgery. Again, I signed the approval anatomies, as I waswilling to do anything to get rid of the suffering. March 24 th 2015, I “ve had my” second surgery. In this photo I’m just recovering after theoperation. I left the hospital the next day but unfortunately, had to go to the ER the same night I was discharged.My right knee was critically swollen and Iwas dealing with one of the most difficult deliriums I’ve ever knowledge. Something wasn’t right. I knew it. I entail, I’ve had malaria and typhoid excitements, but this, truthfully, this was on a different level and I made I would pass out or evenworse passed on. When I got to the ER I was put on oxygen andmorphine IV. The next morning I had yet another surgerydone to flush out the infection that’d come into my knee. In this video clip, you’d note how my rightknee is very swollen compared to the left. Next is a photo of me after that surgery anda video of me treading through research hospitals. As you can imagine, it gets frustrating sittingin one place or lying on a smudge for a very long time, so when I got the chance I exited foras many goes as I could.These next X-Ray Photos show how the brand-new nailis bigger than the previous one I had. You can also tell that the bottom fastened isgone. In this photo you can see that although mydressings were removed, there was still quite a bit of swelling to my knee. You might be wondering … Why do you have a bandage around your forearm? That’s because for the following seven or eightweeks after that emergent surgery, I had to go to the hospital daily for IV Therapy toreceive antibiotics for the illnes in my knee. I had a PICC line inserted into my forearm. “Its like” an IV that instantly accessesthe blood vessels closer to the heart, and it stays in your figure long than a regularIV. I had the PICC line on until my IV therapywas complete.Using antibiotics for a long time can alsomess up your digestive arrangement, but I precisely had to put up with it. In this excerpt, I’d gone out of town for a fewdays so the hospital gave me fairly antibiotic doses I could dispense myself while I wasaway. So, I was acting all cool, feeling like anurse or physician and causing “instructions” on how to use the PICC line system. I expended this as an opportunity to learn aboutthe care I was receiving, which I likely wouldn’t have done otherwise. The remit of my knee, taken in the second surgery, discovered that I had some arthritis and had suffered a pcl injury. Medical doctors cautioned against getting a knee replacementas I’m still young and an artificial knee wouldn’t last long enough to be worth it. So instead, by June of 2015, I started seeinga physiotherapist at the hospital. I would go twice a week, to mainly focus onbringing strength to my right knee and encircling expanse. Due to immobility I faced during my firsttreatment after the accident, I had muscle atrophy in my fucking leg and had lost a significantamount of leg muscles.My physio periods at the hospital ended inJuly, so I started going to the gym at my college to continue rehabilitating my rightleg. The last-place term I was just trying going to the gymwas around January 2014. That was before any of my surgeries, but Ilasted for time 1 week, as the suffering wouldn’t let me continue. By the end of August 2015 I’d gotten so boredwith doing simply my knee activities. I was surrounded by heaviness. I wanted to try hoisting, so I did. And this photo right here is what I considermy first progress photo. When I started my fitness passage, I had noidea of the value of nutrition or even how to improve properly, but I exactly desired goingto the gym and working out. I felt like it gave me a purpose again especiallyafter I started accompanying my progress. I had no gym buddy. No personal trainer.Google and YouTube were my go-to place forfitness related material. To me, training at the gym became my football, my basketball, my volleyball – all those athletics I couldn’t really dally anymore due to my kneeinjury. I was going to the gym approximately fourdays a week, eliminating whenever I traveled out of town. In January 2016, I switched to a bigger gymand my motive grew.As I speak more about training and fitness, I started to split my workouts. My split consisted of chest and triceps, backand biceps, shoulders and catches, and I mixed abs into some of those daylights. As for legs, I did them when I wasn’t in toomuch sorenes, as I didn’t want to re-injure myself. Splitting my rehearsal helped me with my progressbecause it gave me more decide whenever I stepped into the gym.But one of the error I saw then was alwaysdoing cardio. And I was using the same weight straddle againand again. I wasn’t instructing progressively. By around June or July of 2016, I was startingto feel pains in my fucking leg again. The fibula that was supposed to remain cutwas starting to join together and would rub against one another. The shaft near my knee was hurting me as welland I could feel it trying to poke out of my skin.I was again hindered by my traumata. I consulted with the surgeon and it was decidedthat I’d need another surgery. November 10 th 2016, I disappeared for my fourth surgery. This time I had the clamp near my knee removed, and a bone implant was done to secure the joining fibula. Bone was taken from the area where I’d thescrew removed and used to fuse the fibula together. Now are X-ray photos from that surgery. Even though it is examines hazy, you can tell the fibulais now joined. You can also see that the nail close to myknee has been made out. Filled with eagerness, I went back to thegym one month after my last surgery. This time I drilled with more answer. I established sure I increased my forte and weightsprogressively. I even shortened the amount of cardio I do andI actually offset very good progress.This was in the middle of winter while I wasdealing with major insomnia and dizziness because of it. It genuinely altered my forte positions, butI shaped sure it didn’t stop me from making the gym. And I’ve been going at it since then. Today, I’m happy with how far I’ve come eventhough I haven’t reached my goals yet. As you can tell, it hasn’t been an easy roadfor me but I built it work for what my abilities allow me. These are photos I took around September 2017 to show how far I’ve come.Also, to are comparable to where I was before Istarted. I used to strive for perfection, but I’velearnt life isn’t excellent and sometimes we just have to stop, be borne in mind, and appreciatehow far we’ve come. I’m 27 today. Was 22 when I got into my coincidence and 25 when I started this journey. My biggest admonition to anyone out there is tojust “do it.” Don’t cause anyone bring you down. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams, and the largest part :.

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