Episode 2 – Emotional Fitness | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

I want to ask you a question; who writes your fate? Not to make it so difficult, I will give you 2 options, you have selected; God or you?( I) Yes, you implies I, yes. Who writes your predestination? If you say God, Many religions and traditionsconsider God as the Creator, He writes our fate. So, my question to you is: If God writes your destiny, if the Creator writes your destiny; Then why doesn’t Hewrite only nice things? Perfect …? Why does Hemake you ill from time to time? Why isn’t everything perfect? There is scarcity of spray in some places, People die of excessive water in someplaces, and due to scarcity in others; If the Creator writes everything, whydoesn’t He write everything excellent? Why doesn’t He writeeverything that is nice? As He is not a wizard, Heis the Compassionate One. Why doesn’t He writeonly good things? And even though he writes both good andbad, why doesn’t He write them evenly? Why doesn’t He writethe same for all? What change wouldthat make to Him? Such a God doesn’tseem quite right.God as the Creator of theuniverse doesn’t seem right. Then who is writing? You are writingyour own destiny? Then my question to you is: Why did you write something like this? That returns less happinessand more of affliction? Why did you write something like this? Are you understanding? From this question you willhave to decide accurately, For attaining self-realisation, Where do you need todo the actual work? Which is the seat of change? Do you need to change God? Do youneed to change beings around you? Or do you need to change yourself? Because you are the personwho is writing your fate. From financial perspectives of Vedanta, what you do is karma, And what you get in returnis prarabdha – destiny. From the Jain perspective, whatyou do is bandh – bondage, And what you get is uday – manifestation.Bandh and uday; In Vedanta terminology itis karma and prarabdha. But, “youve selected”. In life, you are going toface spectra of situations; That symbolizes there will be differentsituations every day. Some are simple status, someare complex status, concurred? Do you agreed to accept me? In life you may have noticed, sometimessuch complex places originate; And sometimes theyare so simple.Sometimes they are small, sometimesbig a range of situations, right? Amid all these, how you react, How you choose to respond, and how you choose to think, And how you choose to feel in thatsituation is very, very important. Towards the end of May, I was in China. We were around 50 of usand used to go somewhere. Somewhere, someone was talking toanother person of our group in Chinese. None of us knew Chinese, no one knew Mandarin, That person didn’t know that wedidn’t understand, so he continued roaring. Furthermore, in the Chinese and Japaneseculture, they bow as they speak; “Youre feeling” they are bowingto you with respect! But actually, he was abusing, for whatever reason – parking etc. He was hurling abuses. What was he doing ?( Hurling mistreats) Did the person with us know hewas being abused?( No) Because he didn’t know Chinese. So, there was no thoughtgoing in his head. Because he could not decode it, thatthe person was abusing him, So, “they dont have” negative, noxious conception going within.Correct? So he wasextremely serene. And periodically, he waseven smiling, just as you are. Since you are not aware of, you assumehe is saying something good about you. As he is looking directlyat you and saying it. In the meantime, ourtranslator arrived. So, the person asked himwhat the man was saying. He called you a as. Time notice. At present, thatman is not speaking; When he was saying,’ You are a donkey’in Chinese, my imagination was tranquilize; Because no thought waspassing in my imagination, My mind could not processthe whole thing. Or, it treated it as – somethingnice is being said about me, whatever. So, there was no negative, poison suppose in the mind. So, bad words are being spoken, hitherto you are equanimous. Now he has stopped abusing. The translator said he wascalling you a mule etc. In the current situation, thereis no abuse being lunged. But a ponder originates in yourmind,’ How could he say that !’ Or something against him, as a reaction.Now you are experiencinganger and hurt. Hurt or anger. You are experiencingeither hurt or anger. My question to you is, whocreated this hurt, this anger? The situation or a judgment regardingthat situation in your psyche? Be very careful in what you sayas I am heading you into a trap! You are nodding in theaffirmative at every step; Finally, you will have to sayyes for the conclusion as well! Suffering is optional. I had deported a retreat inMahabaleshwar in the 1990 s.At that time, I didn’t even knowyou all – in the early 1990 s! Suffering is optional.It was a 5-day withdraw. No one was ready to believe it. “Bapa, if affliction is optional, are we gulls to opt for it? ” Then I clarified theentire process. Not immediately, but your signature ispresent on all the causes of suffering. You chose to think this way. Your mind started processingevery situation in a wrong way; Which originated negative dreams, noxious designs, and what not! And that justification that hurt andcreated antagonism within you.Should I share a great principleof Lord Mahavira with you?( Yes) No one can create athought in your spirit. This is the everlasting principle of thedharma of the Dispassionate One. I can be insolent to you, but Icannot create a saw in you. Always, a estimation is createdin your head by you. No one has the supremacy, not even your Gurudev; No one has the power tocreate a envisioned in you.Anyone can create asituation around you. But nobody can createa recollected in you. Lord Mahavira has completelydestroyed all dependency. You cannot say, I am disappointed because of him. As, he can create asituation , not thoughts. Estimates I generate; And the prosperity or unhappiness Iexperience comes from my judgments. You know this. Right nowyou have so much work pending, But, are you in very pleased about that plans? Are you very pleased about that? Are you feeling very heightened? You wreaked so hard, never have youstepped into the kitchen so much better. As much as you have in the past2 dates, and in the past few hours, You may never have been inthe kitchen for that long! Then, you should be so tired; youshould be dozing off right now, But you are so joyful. Because you derivejoy from your thoughts. So, if you learn how to manage yourthoughts, you will remain emotionally fit.And one with good feeling staman, can progress is a good one spiritually. Your feelings staminais so weak, Look at your face and you will realise; You have so many judgments, along with mood fluctuates, That you totally lackemotional fitness. There is physical fitness. In Pune, there is no needto give a castigate on that. Everywhere you gazed people arewalking, or performing yoga. They have all kinds ofherbs and liquids. You will never find orangeor mango liquor anywhere! They have all kinds ofmixtures as redress, This is good for pressure, this is good for…Sometimes at least offer somethingnot for health, but for taste! So that is good; physical fitnessI don’t need to talk about. But there is noemotional fitness. You lose your cool at thesmallest of things. Your mind wanders at thesmallest of things. Even during satsang if your intellect does notwander 5-7 seasons, then I bow to you! You have come on your own, not because of my desire; You have come because you wished to; because of your prejudice and intention.But the brain has not been cultivatedto stay center in one place. It is what you desire, more your attention keepswandering. Does that happen or not? So, coming back here to our topic, No one can create a thoughtin my intellect no one. So, how can you blame then? You have to take the responsibilityof your delight and unhappiness. Because your joy andunhappiness come from the feelings, Which are emitted bythoughts, by your thinking. You can choose what tothink, how to think. Our learned behaviour is such, The spirit processeseverything in a wrong way. If someone just asks you, “How are you, Furia? ” You feel,’ Oh! She has never askedme in all these times ,” Today, merely because Saheb hascome home, she is asking !’ Madam, why are youprocessing it like this? If she invites,’ how areyou ‘, just say’ I am fine ‘. And that’s it. But, your sanskars, yourincorrect discover behaviour, You want to process everything.And suppose, you were not queried, You are so crooked, you should not be asked.If they don’t enquire, you feel ,’ No one is friendly towards me .’ “Were not receiving” affection, there is nocompassion, there is no bonding, There is no cohesive bundi laddu( a sweetmeat ); Everybody is separatelike pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds are all separate; we are also all together, more separate. Where is the cohesivenessof a bundi laddu? You don’t like it if you are asked, you don’t like it if “youre not” invited. Because your mind is trained toprocess every situation in this way. For anything that happens; suppose it sprinkles heavily tomorrow. I was very sure therewould be hazards. But why are you processingit in this way? We will do what we have to tomorrow.And what if it doesn’t rain tomorrow? And what if it rainsafter I leave from here? Why? Why is your mind …? You are the way yourmind is processing.This pathetic state of yourshas “ve created” your head. It treats everyevent negatively, To the extent that you processyourself likewise very negatively. For anything, you feel ,’ I can’t do it .” I will not be able to get it on .’ As such, you really wish like render a lotof seva; but if you are given any seva, You say, “I can’t do it; I willnot be able to talk, ” Because your intellect is processing,’ I can never is everything well .’ And if somethinggoes well, you say,’ It’s just that I amlucky, I am not worthy .’ Why are you processingyourself so negatively? Why are you allowing yourself topass through such hardship? Why? Have you decidedto hate yourself? Have you decided todislike yourself? You cry at everysmall thing,’ I am bad, I am no good, I don’t haveany endowment, I don’t have any dignities .’ You has now become habituatedto process in this manner.Have you decidedto hate yourself? You are entitled to be happy. Cherish your actuality; love yourself; take care of yourself! You are entitled to be happy. But that liberty does not mean to say that yourkarmas should always be favourable. You elected your thoughts. I want to entertain, harbouronly positive, right, adoring supposes; And that is going to help you. So, you have to make the fullresponsibility of your feeling fitness. If your thoughts are controlled well, youare going to feel emotionally fit. And if you are emotionally fit, Even after a 5-minute meditation, you will see a higher elevation. The intoxication of meditationwill last for a very long time. Drink just a little, and experiencea longer intoxicated state.Meditate for 15 instants, and suffer a 6-hour high! Is that right? I can ask only those who drink! Is that correct? If you down penalty wine-colored, even if verylittle, you can stay high-pitched for a long time. You is no requirement feel scared. There are only 2 wine-coloreds wine and Divine. Some gravitate towards wine-coloured, but Ididn’t care for that delirium; Didn’t care for it makes, I have never had it. But in my intellect, I didn’t care forthat kind of poisoning, Where occasionally the effectdecreases, you become more negative, Then you get high only afterdrinking some more wine-colored. I didn’t want that, I chosethe path of the Divine. That has its own intoxication. To remain rapturous at all times, to always remain high, And in the face of any joyful or sadevents, to be subconscious towards them, To not get affected by any statu, anyperson, any person’s opinions good-for-nothing. So, you have to take thefull responsibility. Again, the principle of Lord Mahavira, as stated by Param Krupalu Dev, No one can create a thoughtin my mind except me.I can create a situation. I can say good thingsor bad things about you. But only if the estimate,’ He slandered me ‘, arises, will you feel unhappy. Instead of that conceive, if you immediately envisage,’ This is a result of my past karmas, I’m glad that it is over now .’ In the same situation, youare not going to feel hurt. Why did this happen? Why is this not happening? Why are you processing allsituations like this? It is a sure way to be unhappy.It is the path to unhappiness. But, it is only when something like thishappens externally, that I mull like this.I am not a fool to think likethis without any intellect. You are clearly a geek, let me be honest.Let me explain. External everythingis just a stimulus. In simple, scriptural language, only an instrumental factor; And you are choosing. Recently, in mid-June, I was in Canada, A duo came to meet me. I invited the lady, “What do you do? ” “I teach in a school.””What time you educate? ” I had all the time in theworld, so I was chatting apart. “What do you educate? “”I teach children Chemistry.” I looked towards her husband as Ididn’t know anything about Chemistry. And the female taught Chemistry. I said to the Chemistry teacher, “I want to ask you one question.” You must know so much Chemistry thatyou teach children, And you teach in Canada, Toronto! My question is, “What is thedifference between you and compounds? ” It was quite an absurd question. Had I expected her anything regarding thechemicals, she would’ve known it like this.But I invited her, “What is thedifference between you and compounds? ” The lady began to sweat. I “ve never” learnt anythinglike this in school. Her husband was quite loosened becausehe did not know the ABC of Chemistry. So, he was very relaxed.He figured out the answer. He “ve been given” a neat answer. Chemicals cannot speculate before reactingand you can think before greeting. Isn’t it a wonderful answer? You can conceive before speaking, I want to say this to her. No. Seeing the rangeof look, It will create much distres, in her spirit and mine. I want to remain quiet. You can feel before greeting, substances cannot. Robots cannot.They have no alternative. They can only function simply theway they are programmed.You can. You have an optionevery time you are reacting. Do you want to remainquiet or get angry? Do you want to go intoa grumbling mode,’ Why did this happen, why not that? Why me …?’ Do you want to go into the complainingmode or retain God repeatedly? You have options ever always. So, status are just the stimulus. You cannot blame, you haveto take full responsibility, Of your hurt, of your frustration, of your wrath, anything.Your pleasure, misfortune – everything. Let me tell you a simple thing. The NRIs come toIndia in December. Within two days they feel’I have come to Mumbai ,” Let me have some roadside menu .’ Is there something likeroadside food now? What do you get hereon the roadside? Do you get pav bhaji now as well? Where do you give me thetime to have such food! So, they go to haveroadside menu. Mumbai’s roadside meat is verypopular – pav bhaji, sandwiches etc. 5 of them devour on the roadside. The next day 3 of them were…NRIs! As I said previously! Our digestive organisation has become sofit by eating roadside nutrient! No subject how much poisonwe put in , good-for-nothing happens.Poor things, they drinkclean spray and all that. So, even with a small thing, they come sick. So, 3 out of 5 had foodpoisoning, diarrhoea etc. Now, if you ask them, why did you come sick? He will say, “Because ofpav bhaji, right? ” “Then how were theother 2 not affected? ” How were the other 2 not affected? Something; pav bhajiwas just a stimulus. But when your internal strengthwas less, you descended sick. One who has goodimmunity, does not fall sick. So , now when you getangry, my question is, Why did you get angry? Don’t say, “Becauseshe did that.” No.If it was because of her, theEnlightened One should also get angry. But There, the imagination processeseverything in such a beautiful nature, That merely goodthoughts arise in Him. Is it very clear? Of 5 beings, why do 3 developa coldnes, and not the other 2? In addition to the cold, the internal strong is less. Increase your internal strength. I am saying, are also involved in spiritual pursuitsand increase your internal concentration. Then check whether lusts oranger arise in the same situation. Check for yourself. Thousands of things appear infront of my hearts as well. We drove for half anhour to reach here. So many things passed by infront of my eyes as well, But if the internalstrength is high, Nothing gives you the feeling of missingsomething or feeling wow – not at all! How nice if I am able to go here, orhow bad that I am unable to go there; Nothing. No wow feelingand no missing feeling. But your internalstrength should increase. So mostly, what do you think? What is the cause of yourdisappointment in life? The unhappiness or skirmishes thatcome your nature, what is the reason? For as long as I had notengaged in satsang, I felt, The intellect for all my stands, clanks, all my chagrins and hurt, Was strange peopleand strange situations.People and situations compel hurt, temper, mortification etc. With more and more satsang, youbecome more and more aware that, The root cause for all this isjust one my apprehensions. You have expectancies; When expectations don’t getfulfilled for any reason, It delivers sting, hurt, tolerate. What is expectation, Meetaben? Do you know what expectation is? Their own children should do well in soul. Nothing wrong. If any mother thinksthis room, there was no wrong. My child should do well inlife distributed according to me. That’s it, this is the end! You are pregnant withunhappiness now. You exactly have to wait andwatch when it is delivered. You are pregnant with affliction. Precisely this’ my acces ‘… If you have cooked something, if a mother has cooked something; And your child just says, “No, I want to eat out today.” Only because it was not as perher promises, she says, “You have ruined your state! ” He is snacking, drinkingand enjoying himself; But, if it doesn’t happen in’my method ‘, this is your expectation; Harmonizing to me. And he may be developing well, But if it is not asper your expectancy, And your promise isnot getting fulfilled, It delivers anguish, suffer, hurt, anger.You are understanding? Then, what is the solution? If anticipation is creatinghurt and aching and tolerate; What is the solution? Acceptance. This is the only journey to be undertaken; from expectation to acceptance. To estimate your progress, really check this much. You had so many expectationsfrom parties, things, situations; From there, are you coming towardsthe acceptance mode or not? Acceptance. If person brought you a endowment, Do you abide it with love, Or do you have such high expectations, that when you open it, “Youre feeling”,’ Oh! What a sad gifthe has given for Raksha Bandhan !’ See, a knack is a gift. It has to be acceptedgracefully, merrily. You had nothing, and you received this, Is that not sufficient? But you feel…I was in the hospital right, inFebruary, for a cardiac surgery. Post-surgery, I was altered fromthe ICU to the adjoining room. At that time, tourists came to meetme, and Amit Sheth came as well. This is an example; so of course hewould want to get flowers for me, So he gets grows. Now, forhim, red grows are wonderful, Red is a wonderful colour; red, love – very wonderful. And suppose he comes to visitme, this is purely an example; When he comes to meet me, he comeswith a scent of red grows; According to him, to give redflowers, and a delightful perfume, Is the best formof demonstrating affection. But presume I havedifferent preferences; Imagine the weakness at such a term; with drainages, and tubes and interesting thing, At that time, should onethink of adoration or peace? So, should you bring white heydays, or generating red heydays, like a gull? They should be white-hot, sweet-scented; and what’s the need to get so many? Where will I shed them all? The next day they will shrivel up; Where will I put them? It would havebeen fine had he brought one with love.Now ensure, my CD is thinking thisway and so expecting this path. His CD, I am saying CD asa CD has a lot of data, Similarly, we house the pastimpressions of countless life-times. So, corresponding toall my past births, The opinion I have created isthat grey is a wonderful colour. And if you rightfully adore person, youshould take grey buds for them. Please don’t delivering whiteflowers tomorrow. As it is difficult to gauge whatyou pick up from satsangs. You’ll mull,’ Bapa likes whiteflowers .’ This is purely an example. What my CD stored is thatwhite is a wonderful colour, And one should take jasmines, and lilies and so on; But don’t make red buds; Gaudy bright colourings are not pleasingin the hospital environment. And he is believed that the lift isthe most wonderful flower, And red is a wonderful colourso that should be taken. Now what will happen? What is my expectation? White. What am I receiving ?( Red ). Amit Sheth “havent been” gumption! He does not know what flowersshould be brought to patients.My expectation is creatingso much negative thinking, Which establishes me feelhurt as well as hate. 1. That fellow does noteven know which buds I like, Because, I never conveyedor communicated to him. So clearly, he willgive me which he likes; Or say he knows whichflowers to take, And he looked for them everywherebut failed to find white flowers anywhere. Isn’t that a potential? But, you don’t want to seethe different prospects, You merely want to jumpto a conclusion.He doesn’t have appreciation. See, we do notgenerate compassion. You promptly come to a conclusion and getcaught in a round of attachment-aversion; So acceptance; adoption is important, Which is why Vaishnav’s have abeautiful method of prasad. If someone is distributingprasad at a distance, Will you start demand from here? I hope it’s this sweetmeat or that. It is prasad.A special sweet is not prasad, Prasad is prasad; it is not the sweetmeat. Whatever he gives you, be it peanuts, or a sweetmeat or anything else, What must you do? Accept it with two pass, bringing it reverentially to your forehead, And ingest it with pleasure; Not even complaining , not even seeking, and not even varying – nothing. Why don’t you attend everything thathappens with you as a prasad? Try shifting from the expectationmode to the acceptance mode, And be seen to what extent you free yourselffrom affection and repulsion, Or rather from excess thoughtswhich is mentioned in the word. If your flow ofthoughts is diminishing, Only then are you on thepath of Lord Mahavira. Irrespective of how many daytimes you fasted, or how many scriptures you read, Or how much you recited; I am not against any of this, But if doing this does notreduce your commerce of remembers, Then the number of withdraws or discoursesyou attended has no meaning.Day by period yourthoughts should diminish. The greatest endowment you can give to yourfamily is, accept them as then there. If you ever wish to gift your familysomething, time accept them as they are. This is the biggest gift. The difficulty is; the greatest mistakewe do in our relationships is, You listen to the otherperson, but you listen half. If the other person is saying something, “youre listening to” precisely half of it, You understand 1/4 th, believe zero, and react double. Shall I reiterate? Particularly in relationships, the greatest mistake we fix is, We listen half, understand 1/4 th, recall zero and greeting double. And then we complain that we have a lotof clashes in our relationships.But no one is ready tolisten to the whole story. Since you do not listento the whole story, You do not get to knowwhat his intentions are, You don’t try to understand, henceare unaware of his drawbacks. You anticipate zero and greeting doubled! This is the greatest mistake we establish. So now, I come to the final thing; whatare you going to achieve by doing satsang? You are present in a satsang today, And you will engage in satsangson a weekly or monthly basis; Through satsangs you have toachieve 2 things; I shall conclude after consideration of these 2 things. 2 points; I haven’tsaid I’ll conclude in 2 minutes. I said I shall discuss these 2things and then conclude the session.So don’t restrain checking your watch; He was exclusively to discuss 2 things; Well, each point couldlast for an hour! I will end after these points; nonetheless, I won’t need that much experience; Since it’s an solicitous audience, so I won’t need that much epoch. Two things will happenthrough satsangs: Remember this well. 1. Reprogramming and 2. Recharging What will happen through satsangs? Reprogramming and recharging. Once you leave, if someone expects aboutwhat you heard in the entire satsang, Reply, “Two things happen throughsatsangs, reprogramming and recharging.” And no one can createa reckoned in me. If you have imbibed this much, you haveabsorbed the essence of the entire satsang. So two things – what are they? 1. Reprogramming 2. Recharging Why have I come here? To facilitateboth, your reprogramming and recharging. The first requirementis reprogramming. There is no point in charging youif your programme is incorrect. I will bring enthusiasm in you, only for it to fade away.Thus, reprogramming; yourdefinitions of happiness and sadness, Your definitions of peace and disquiet, your definitions of success and omission, The reprogrammingof all of this. The definition of what isnormal and what is abnormal; Until now you believed thatexpectation is normal. He is my son and it’s normal tohave these beliefs from him. She is my daughter and it’s normalto have these apprehensions from her. There is no daughter-in-law hitherto! Else themother-in-law would expect from her too! That’s an astonishing anecdote in itself.So, belief … You were feeling expectancy isnormal, and credence is not normal; She can do whatever she may seem like, I have been running this house since years, And she simply treads in and changesall the systems of the house.This is not normal.How can I acquire it? This was your programming.Satsang is going to change it. Satsang will say, following is normal. This is the bare minimum oneshould own in animation; Expectation is not normal. Seethe change of the programme. This is reprogramming; I am exactly causing two examples. Expectation is normal; following is not normal. This was your programme. Now listen to 5-10 satsangs, and you will say, Acceptance is normal; his datasays this while excavation feels that. Many beings have astrange way of thinking, They request, “What time is the satsang? Is it at 7.30 pm? ” “Then I shall reachby 8.00 -8. 30 pm.” That is how their reasoning is! That is what their CD says. If it initiates at 7.30 pm, thenwhy reach at 7.30 pm? I can reach by 8.00 -8. 15. While countless say that if thesatsang is at 7.30 pm, Then I must reachby 7.00 pm sharp-witted. These are two different mentalities.You have to learn to accept. I meet parties withboth mentalities.One style has minute-to-minute schemed; Not just minutes, they haveevery 30 seconds schemed. You will reach Pune at 3.00; Youwill do this from 3.00 -3. 15; Then, between 3.15 -3. 30 You will do this; from 3:30 to 3.45… Some have meticulous planning, while some are totally carefree. I don’t know what I am goingto do or what he will do! It’s alright if this is installed andit’s alright even if it’s not done. See you just can’t start creatinganger; you have to learn to accept; And acceptance shouldbe ordinary for you, And expectancy shouldbe’ not regular .’ This is the change youwill feel after satsang. Similarly, your wrong impression is ,’ These two daughters aggravate me a lot .” They do not listen to me; whenI ask them to come for a banquet ,” They say they are not hungry, and resurgence in half an hour, asking for food .” Really gruesome parties! They rub me a great deal .’ This was before the satsangs.Now you can’t say,’ They infuriate me .’ What did Bapa say,’ No one cancreate a pondered in you .’ You made such negative beliefs, which is creating this irritation.So,’ They chafe me…’Now “ve been told” the brand-new programme. I am procreating irritation.They can’t compose provocation. They can really behave wrongly, but theycan’t create any irritation in me. Because they can’t make onethought in me. You understand? Even a Guru cannot. Once a boy, who is a doctorfrom New York called the Ashram. He remained at the Ashram for three months, andwhen he was about to return to New York, He transmitted me a neat email. Bapa we’ve known You since the year2 005; You call USA every year, You expend 3-4 daylights in New York withus and that respect proliferated and developed, But it was this trip thatwas astounding for me; Because I could harbour good, pure, positive, cherishing ponders in Your proximity. It is in Your presence that Icould harbour such studies; This is what acquired me joyous. I will not say thatYou attained me joyous. Because if You did me joyous, thenwhy wasn’t I happy in 2005? Try to understand, you have to takefull responsibility of your thoughts.So,’ Irritation is created by them ‘, but with a little satsang you realise, Nobody can create, it iscoming from my wrong creeds.’ Acceptance is not normal ‘; insteadof this, acceptance becomes ordinary;’ If something like this happens, one is is under an obligation to get angry .’ Is that privilege? In a traffic jam, if someone cutsthe lane or does something else, “Youre feeling”,’ One is bound to getangry when a person is acts like this .’ Now, after so manysatsangs, you will say, “No. Anger is an outcomeof my expectations.” “Were not receiving” such place … Param Krupalu Dev didn’t feel therewas any such place in the world …’ For no reason must one feeldistressed in this world .’ This is what Param Krupalu Dev has said. See, how its work programme is; are you experiencing this or not? After every satsang you engage in, you remain going reprogrammed, And you feel that you did notput any effort in it at all, All you did was listen wholeheartedly, not only with your ears; Just by listening wholeheartedly, you got so much peace, You get so muchhappiness and security. Because reprogramming istaking place within you. You are understanding? And this reprogrammingis helping you.So, if you are certain about the strengthof the foundation of your residence, Then you are not scared of anyuncertainties in the condition or climate. If the foundation ofyour house is strong, You don’t get intimidated byan earthquake or a tornado, If you are certainin your responses, Then no mistrusts cancreate anxiety or nervousnes in you.That is most important. Soeverything steams down to, How you think and how you feelin a particular situation. And if your mind handles thesituation a little mistakenly, And formerly the negative thoughtsconsume you,’ Why this, why this ?’ Then gone … then you startfeeling hurt every now and then. In small situations more, youwill start accumulating hurt, When a lot of hurt is accumulated, Then, you will start harbouringhatred towards that person. And this hatred will sometimesbe expressed in the state of rage. So you are understanding, everything there is evaporates down to, How you think and how you feelin a particular situation. Correct? Okay. So, what was the first benefitfrom satsang? Reprogramming.And are you experiencing that so many ofyour wrong ideas are being crushed, And you are moving towards right beliefs.Are you noticing this? Whether you agree or not, but doyou realise it in your knowledge? Okay. So firstly was …( Reprogramming) 2. Recharging Now we do understand, and areputting in endeavor accordingly, But lazines keepscoming in the way. Yet again you need tocharge your artilleries. No topic how expensive or how delightful aphone; you still have to charge it. You may be a seeker at a high level, but recharging is certainly needed. Thus, do satsang frequently. You “re saying”, “I have understoodeverything from this one satsang, ” “Hence I will not come tomorrow.It included everything.” “I am charged.” Despite that, you will needrecharging at regular intervals. You “re going to have to” nourish yourselfwith knowledge and musing; With satsang and bhakti. Youneed to nourish yourself! So that you can increaseyour inner strength.I wish to movethis table from here, In five minutes I will conclude, after which there will be arti, And I wish to move this tablefor arti. At least person gesture thereadiness to come and move the counter. Now 4 of you are ready to come, but Iwill say that I need only one person. No one is ready now.Is anyone ready? I will conduct the venture afterthe satsang, but I need one person. Then I will apprise that onehand should be located behind, And you can use merely onehand to move the counter. See, this is your weakness; nosooner do you face a problem, Than you need that external help.There are 4 angles so atleast 4 parties come forth. But you actually have the strength todo this single-handedly; single handwriting. You do it Bhavesh. Not now, after I finish.You won’t get any external cure. You cannot use both pass, move it with one paw, So that I can do arti here. Merely formerly if you give your internal strengtha chance to manifest, You realise you can do it.You can do it. But to increase yourinternal strength, You will need spiritualpractice and satsang. What will satsang do? It willincrease your internal fortitude. As we discussed in the beginning, external influence/ internal persuasivenes. The instant you increaseyour internal concentration, You will actually beable to move it alone.And you will then realise thathad Bapa not said this, I would have assembled 4people for this task. 4 parties may sound inauspiciousso let’s say 2 people. 4 beings feels likecarrying a bier; so, 2 beings. Gradually your internal persuasivenes increasesand you can accomplish the assignment. I will give you a verification testto check if you are weak or strong. Through all the satsangs and spiritualpractices, you are doing, Are you becoming stronger or not? Is your internal strengthincreasing or not? I’ll give it to you in merely one line.Are you writing it? Please write, If you require anyone or anything tochange, you are a weak person. If you can accept anything and anyoneas it is, then you are a strong person. There is no need for along discourse on this. Do you feel that your son needsto improve to give you peace? Then you are a weak person. No topic how your son is – right, wrongor horrid. But you are certainly poor. Whether he is wrong or right, we’ll discuss that later; But if you demand changes in anything, that means you are certainly weak.Because a strong personwould not want any converts, Or rather will acceptanything as it is. All the satsang, bhakti, musing andseva is to enhance your internal persuasivenes. So you need to focus; it isthe path of Lord Mahavira, To keep your mind freeof studies; An happen appears outside andthere is not the slightest resemble within. Nothing at all. Even a clouddoes not pass by internally, Merely then consider yourself to bea true adherent of Lord Mahavira.And believed that you are walkingon Lord Mahavira’s path. Eligibility represents there is a consistencyof your quality. That is fitnes. Right now everyone is in highspirits, and fervor. You may feel , now I will never get angryat all, or jealous, or go on an ego trip. Right now you feel that it’scommon sense to make like this, And things should nothappen otherwise … If this remains generally, thenit means your eligibility has increased. Otherwise, it can be said that youare presently in a good humor. That is all I can say for you. But ifyou can maintain your firmnes, Then this is your inner strength, this isyour eligibility, which is very important. Till now you have been looking at theworld while being upside down yourself. How will you perceive the world? How will your wife, your daughterand your mothers seem to you? Everyone will appear upside down to you.Now what are you supposed to do? Are you going to go about straighten everyone? What are you going to do about it? Why don’t you straighten yourself.Then everyone will appear perfect to you.Everything will appear superb to you. Youwill feel you are in a designer’s world. Therefore, we rehearse in Devvandan,’ I bow to the One who endowedme with privilege insight .’ In simple terms – I bow to theOne who straightened me out. I visualized everyone behavedbadly with me, And You cured me realise thatit was I who was upside down. You taught me that if Ichange my viewpoint, Then the whole worldwill appear lovely to me. Are you understanding? This is the benevolence of the Guru.So, recharging is so important. You start …; as a seeker, youneed to generate compassion in you. Presently, compassionis just a mood for you. If it awakens, then so be it; andif it doesn’t, then so be it. It’s just a mood, or it’s a pastime, or it’s a dres, or it’s a penalize; I have decided that for 8 eras I shallnot do a certain thing … and you, It ought to have yourfaith; your nature.Compassion should not be yourhabit, it should be your quality. You have to generate compassion, and how will you do that? Stop thinking about who isright and who is wrong. Just learn to show love, forgiveness and empathy; That’s important. Our ego is bent on proving I amright with supporting reasons, And that you are wrongwith supporting arguings, This practice you can nevergenerate compassion. Compassion is not basedon right and wrong. Compassion is based on affection. Irrespective of whetheryou are right or wrong, My love for you shouldnot change based on it.This should be yourbase of sorrow. So don’t get drawn in someone’senergy if somebody is reacting to you. Don’t get plucked, don’t getsucked into that low-spirited intensity. In actuality, learn to sanction that person andpull that person into a higher energy; Acknowledge,’ Right now you are upset, which is why you acted this highway ,” No problem. I is certainly not feeling hurt at all.In happening, I’ll try my best to sanction you .” And you too come back toa serene, joyous regime .’ So, a seeker is actuallya transformer of energy. If anyone is in low-spirited vigor, thenhe returns him into high-pitched vitality. If someone else is in low-toned power, thenhe doesn’t get sucked into low-pitched force. He is so high due to his spiritual practicesthat he has managed to pull the other up.And isn’t that why we go toour Gurudev for blessings. You are in higher energyso satisfy attract me up, Please empower me so that I cansee this world differently. So the road of Lord Mahavira is to freethe mind of thought process. More, at an fortuitou epoch ..

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