HOW TO SNEAK INTO A HALLOWEEN || SFX Makeup Tutorials and Scary Halloween Costumes by 123GO! SCHOOL

Only gotta file my claws a little. And now it time for a great prank. Hey, check out my toenails. Oh, looks like I have toomany toes. Better fix that. Oh nooooo What “are you doin ” ?! Thats your toe! Get it away from me! Hah! It entirely acted! Shes freaking out! Hold it right there. Stop. Sir, come forward please.Brrrr. Unimpressive! You can go on in. Ugh! I cant believes that they letthat unicorn in but not me! Wait. Is she a harbour? Ohhhhh! I get onto! I gotta vary. Time for some makeup. Ill start with this black and a brush. Its so dark. Ill employed it on my eyelids. I want to make sure I coat them nice and good. Okay, that should do it. Next steps. Im gonna use this red eyeliner pencil. And position my lower lid with it. It doesnt have to be too much. Just a touch. And now more black on my lower eyelid. The pitch-black requires a bit ofwork to make it dark enough.And now its time for my cavity! Ill really reaped a circle around my cheeks. And now Ill dip this material in some outfit adhesive. Okay, that should be sufficient. Ill stick it right here on my kuki-chin. Ill make sure its going to stay in place. Now I need some more and Illput it along the line I drew. All the acces up to the top of my lips, more. Precisely gotta finish the rest of the roundabout. There “theres going”. Its was beginning to cool. And now to fill in the opening with more black. My lips, very. Everything inside the tissues. There. Its nice and black. And now for some fake teeth. I stirred these by take counterfeit nailsand trimming them into shape. Nice and sharp-witted and pointy. And Ill applied them on the material. On the top and freighter for both sets of teeth. This is gonna turn out so good, I just know it. Time for more makeup! I need a foundation thatmatches my scalp colour , now. I want to make sure the tissue is coalesced nicely.Now to add some sham blood on the fake teeth. Gotta make sure I do the bottom teeth, extremely. This is looking so good! Ill add some more fakeblood by dabbing this sponge. Its gonna gaze a littlelike blood spray, I judge. Exactly little smudges all around should go far. Okay , now Ill touch upsome more imitation blood drips. Ill draw some trickle celebrates down my throat. But Ill also cause it drip on its own, very. Yes! Im lastly done! My creepy look is complete! Add in a fun clothing and Im gonna rock it! Theres that security guardwho wouldnt let me in before.Huh? Whos that over there? Time to get into the club. What? Another wet-nurse outfit? Actually? Actually, Im more than simply a nanny Oh my gosh !! Thats panicking! Im outta now! Theyre notpaying me enough for this! See you last-minute! Ill see myself in. This song is great, right? Hey! I brought along a boozing! Uhhh, what the heck? She precisely butted in! I cant repute she time poached that person from me. Bringing him a boozing. Ugh. Huh. Look at these octopuses Yeah. I conceive I need to do something about this Okay, Im gonna need some makeup clay. Ill flatten it and then wrap it around my digit. Ill squeeze it around and make a point. And then Ill smooth it all out. Okay, that looks pretty good. Now I need to add these little haloes. Ill add them across the whole length.That should be enough. Now for some color. Ill use a cover to make it this purply dye. So, it looks a lot like it parallels my skin color. It looks great! Ill do it for all my digits! Yes! This is amazing! All liberty. Time to set my proposal in motion. There they are. Still having a good time, I guess.Oh, looks a lot like hes leaving. Nows my likelihood. Im gonna learn her a exercise Guess who! Hah hahahhhhhh! Monster pass! Monster paws! Huh? Whered she exit? Oh, she had to leave but I dont mind! Where is she? Im so excited for this Halloween party! Dont you want to go on in? Im still waiting for someone Aww man! His cookie costume is so fun! Hey! Sorry Im late! What are you wearing ?! Ugh. Well, I guess we can finally going to be home. Hold it. Well, you can go on in, but not her.Sorry babe! What? He vacated me! And now my makeup is running, too! Im gonna have to do something about this. Ill clean off all my makeup. Ill made this material on my cheek and then wet it. There. Itll stick on its own , now. Only gotta make sure everything there is goes rain. Okay, and now Ill make a tearstraight down from my eye.And then Ill fold it over a bit on the leading edge. There. That should be good enough. Now Ill use some makeup adhesive. Ill dab it over the edges and the tissue. And a little on my skin, more. Okay that should be sufficient. Now Ill dry it with a hair dryer. Nice and heated. Okay its cool , now! Next up, makeup term! I want to use a foundationthat coincides my bark mood. Because undoubtedly I want to hide the material, So, it looks a lot like my actual surface. Itll take a little bit ofwork, but its worth it. Especially because I want it tolook as reasonable as is practicable. Okay! Now for some setting powder. Ooh! Look at it puff everywhere! I adoration it! Now Ill add it over the foundation. Its examined soooo good! Now to add some sham blood. Ill positioned it all inside thetriangle shape I caused. Ill simply speck it around up to the edges. Oooh! So cool! Now to dab with a sponge. Done! One back of my face Im regular, And the other side is super scary! The creepy contact reallyhelps sell the look, too.No one will vacate me now! Oh my gosh! Oh you startled me! Youre um youre free to go in Finally! I impelled it inside the Halloween party! Oh wow! Look at her! Hey! She made it inside! Hey! Hey nothing. See ya last-minute. Hmm, makes read Whats this? A Halloween party today? But I dont have a costume! Ive got to hurry and chassis something out! Do I have anything I can use in now? Ugh. Nothing! Now what am I gonna do? Owww! My foot! What the heck ?! There are Lego all over the floor.Youve do such a mess! Ugh! This is the last thing I need right now, too! Huh actually. I reckon my question is also my solution! Ill merely drop out the rest of these Lego! What nooooooooo! Tough. I need this barrel. Okay, Ill use this bayonet tocut cliques out of this container. And then Ill situated this sud halo on top. And then Ill add a littleyellow sud halo on top. And then another divest ofyellow around the outside. Okay. Now to stick it to the top of the bucket. Just a little sticker or strip should be sufficient. Great! Now to bring out my permanent marker! Time to start drawing! This container needs to have some eyebrows I recall. And of course eyelashes and a mouth and lipstick! Wow! What an astonishing Lego costume! My costume is a huge success! Which of these clothings would youchoose? Let us know in the comments! And dont forget to share this videowith your friends and subscribe toour paths page for moregreat videos like this one!

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