¿ADIÓS AL FITNESS? El cambio que necesitaba…

very good to all if you come to a new video on direct 1 good water very good to all the boys sold to a brand-new video on the direct it has been a long time since I made a video and I think everyone has to give a little bit of explanations of why what are the reasons you give him and why I am going to leave the film is partially due to my disconnection as well and everything “youve had” I had ruminated on so if you want to understand them because this is at the end because throughout This video first of all over the course of two months of lack of motivation sincerely pulls me and I do it because I have to do it or I do it because they truly do it because it is quite different to have to do something than to want to do something and I felt more than I must be given to establish the videos, I was necessary to become them then that pressure that I felt was internal to my enormous drudgery because I am really doing it and forming the game stop you have to give a diary where certainly is and youtube is something you want to do not simply something you have tried and it will not work or it does not work or “youre not” if a lack of motivation but a lack of focus that is to say I am a person who loves to do many things and the busier I am sincerely better but there was a lack of focus, why then because in the end I should not need season what I needed was to concentrate and decide on what the navigates was necessary to do and what I wanted to do the videos on because I certainly felt that the theme of the jaunt was not what crowds me and something that I identified with one hundred had a mix of ideas to say that you are this you are doing this is wasting your time on one thing and researching another I have to learn about another and you are only talking about extremities on the channel so “ve been thinking about” things because it is still the reason for the lack of motivation to do something as easy as simply listening to myself listen to what I do. ism to say so and opened that it is what you really want to do what it is that you want to do and not what people expect you to do is what I always say something that you want to do because you like it because it is your passion and do not expect to be pending the external opinion of no one without level is that youtube requires an investment of meter quite important to you when you ensure a video on youtube there is someone there who has thought he should only speak he has thought about how to edit that video he has thought what thematic is total and what topics not to touch has thought about what music to throw in the video has thought about 50 thousand nine hundred thousand things that I conceived when making a video more then the whole upload process I bid etc a season that I did not feel at that time He was willing to dedicate it to him, why, because he was spending much more time investing himself, continuing to grow, learning about things that genuinely interested me, in the end, Finnish is something physical, he has an ex I want to and the purpose is to mention the two parties go together and there cannot be one without the other and selling Finnish without the two parties then speak alone or transmit only concepts, the suggestions and originate videos about it on the film is clearly physical and I do not I feel fulfilled nor do I feel identified under him, I am that this is the main problem and I think that it is that fitness characterizes me yes but partially dale andrs it is not just fitness there is much more behind Danielle it is then I felt partially restriction because I said uncle, you like personal developing, I like all sentiment set topics and you like all growing topics, so why are you talking simply about fitness roles? It is something important in your epoch to day so it is super significant and It has certainly continues its work the end is someone because always in my life but there is much more there is much more that I want to share and there is much more that I was not sharing so there is the pr ogram and subscribe to the channel to see brand-new videos soon if it ever happened to you but I genuinely wondered why I am impelling YouTube videos because I am making money because I am compiling YouTube videos I am representing videos for myself I am impelling videos for the remain to entertain parties because it truly fulfills me and I are happy to induce them I am meeting videos for public opinion I am forming videos because I guess I can help people and add value to them because the moment “were starting to” indecision the thing about that is that it is complicated is that it is very complicated at the end I felt like I was not in my sauce that is , no no no I was not where I had to be I do not know how exerting the more videos I did about it, the more I realized that I was moving away from what really was andrs so I said husband, this is the moment to detach or unplug because if not, in the end it is what I always say or from the digital account if you are with a digital explanation of yourself that is not what you really are in reality, you are maintaining something that you is not substantiate yourself and in what really in English it was as easy as detaching put everything outside on mute is very well well and truly with myself at the moment in which I started to walk well with myself and say listen well or actually listen and look and see inside you what you want to do is that it cannot be that complicated and disconnecting in that sense to be able to connect with myself helps me to come back with much more strength and with a little clearer thoughts about what I truly wanted to do. Entrepreneurship is the basis, productivity issues, as well as physical fitness I am also passionate about but above all the film is mental very, so that is what we are going to share from now on on this path. rms of flourishing from inside and different forms of durations from the outside because it soothes pass simply that parties as we thrive we ripen our appetites progress just as we do then in the end it is what is solid in life is that it is like this I will not stop doing fitness or nutrition videos clearly not but yes that I am also going to talk about other topics, they ever at the end if you demand something you articulated the symbolizes if you get it if you don’t want something to situate them if this is so I always defend this idea but I was had taken place in me and I am the speciman in the case as is that in the end he is concluding self-justifications for not doing something he required or I thought he craved or must be given to do babies we reached the end of the video I hope that members can liked it the same You share, you do not share my ideas and well have you ever felt that you are doing something the same as each other, you have to do it or you wanted to do it many times logically pu It is because of our indebtedness we have to do things but in this case YouTube is not an obligation and I felt it a bit like that is that it continues to move forward in this city or Madonna clear the comments that you will be reading of course leave you with this short video I will Move it short but simply so that wishes to the bulletin of good-for-nothing that the canal is going to have the truths about my distancing from YouTube throughout this time and because I am going to leave the physical cinema to likewise dedicate myself to what the cinema is is mental that It is what really interests me and I am passionate about it and that I got nothing of you soon I is not have mental and physical fitness I do not know how to say it, we will see you in brand-new videos soon on the path bye

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