Plus Size Smart Hula Hoop For Beginners & Fitness Workouts Tutorial

Hey everyone I’m hoopsmiles and in this videoAbbey right here is going to use this smart hula hoop for the first time. So let’s get to it. I’mgoing to go ahead and take this thing apart right here and now Abby go ahead if you don’t mindput that around your form like so and settled that together. Now here’s issues and questions I have because Icurrently have all the parts made here.What happens if this is too small? What do we do? Ihave a technique to solve this problem. I used to go and just bought another smart-alecky hula hoop right hereand what I want to do is I simply want to attach some of these pieces. It looked like you may beable to get it actually close-fisted around your organization, but was that really that comfy? No. No okayso let’s try this out. I’m going to try. Let’s just try a pair extra pieces now and let’s seehow “whos working”. So go ahead and now fix that together. How does that feel? Much better.Feelsmuch better. So for the people out there that want to get a smart hula hoop and you know maybeit’s too small, this could be a technique that one can use is getting two of them and then puttingthem together. But now let’s get to the fun part here. I’m interested, this is her first time.For the person or persons that don’t know how to do this, what you’re going to do is you’re going to takethe little centrifugal pellet on the end and you’re just going to spin it around your body.It’ssimilar kind of flows as to hula hooping. So you can rock back and forth. You can also stand withyour legs about shoulder thicknes apart and then kind of depart slope to side as well. So go ahead and giveit a gyration. All liberty you’re smart hula hooping How did that feel? Very weird! Veryweird? It might take a little bit of time to get used to it, but goahead and yield it another slant. Yeah it’s very awkward. Very awkward.Yeah now I’m interested, what is this like compared to hula hooping? I like hulahooping better. You like hula hooping better? okay. I want to go ahead and take out one ofthese parts here and let’s make this slightly smaller.Put that together now. Give that one aspin. Let’s see if that is a little better now. Yeah. Is it better than Do youthink to have it tighter on your figure versus liberate? Yeah that’s so weird.I think this is Abbey’s best go right here. Now maybe your opinion has changed of a smarthoop? Yes. Okay, so now it’s fun. So I’m just curious, if I invent my hula band around here, although I feel like my centrifugal ball is really far out in front of me right now, whereasyours is really close, but with these ones now, you can adjust where the centrifugal ball is.You can make it go out further or shorter.Was it better to have the centrifugal lump furtheraway or closer to your form? When it’s longer, it’s easier. And when you really simply heave it andjust over exaggerate all of your campaigns. And, then what about for works out with. Do youthink this is a good thing to work out with. Yeah I feel like I’m breaking a sweat. You’relike barely moving and you’re just like … It’s very interesting you said that you had toover overdo your torso. I think you can get to a quality where you are barely moving to getthis going. But here’s issues and questions I have about these smart hula hoops. Do you think adding extrapieces was helpful or do you think that that will compromise sort of the stability of the smart hulahoop? Do you think that it’s not a good opinion? How does it feel to have the extra piece in there? No, it feels fine.It feels penalty. Okay, compel that is interesting. If parties go out there and they buya couple of these things and positioned them together, was down in the comments section and let me knowwhat your experience was. Not going to drop the band this time. I guess it doesn’t actually falloff, but it may uh … It is time for a random smart-alecky hula band engagement. Oh this actually lookskind of scary. I feel like this is not safe. Please this is only entertainment. Don’tgo and do this. Don’t do this at home. No , not a good thought. And if you want to seesome more smart hula band videos on my direct, go and check it out.I have a bunch of smarthula hoop videos. Thank you so much better for watching ..

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