Das NON PLUS ULTRA Selbstbewusstsein stärken! -MOTIVATION VIDEO- [Teil 2]

Video becomes more self-confident this is asking me again and again clients and all sorts of other parties stick with it and I tell you the first practice to become more self-confident is in the vast majority of cases simply[ __] making decisions that you have been putting off for a long time, for example if you simply noted like the person or persons I was talking about yesterday on the phone, for example, he thought about joining the mentoring program and whom I couldn’t accept.No one exactly lives in a damn small village and 45 minutes while the next big city “re going to have to” drive and only has no chance at all to address fairly maidens to get from the spot where he was standing to the point where he wanted to be, namely that he can approach the maids in a totally loosened and loosened nature maybe you want too and I’ll tell you if you personally just know that you have to do something what right I would now like for example to change a damn job because you just have shitty works because you hate a boss he precisely doesn’t see even though you really give everything if you really open everything that you have a promotion from them or lying only doesn’t give an opportunity I personally don’t like it or because you started back then when you simply still had a rag or if you personally just came across that point that says I don’t want to move like that, I don’t have a chance in a small coffee shop in this place where I’m just really getting to know the seniority I want to get to know or to get something we don’t want to get damn it, really to have the chances in lifetime to have the people around me who can inspire me then damn it you have to really move but hey, candidly , no matter whether it’s about the job , no matter whether it’s about his place of residence , no matter whether it’s about his things in life-time t yes there are so many grains that are too you will finally like to go to the gym at some top but they just say yes i’ll do it someday or something like yes i want to be able to[ __] come exactly the women i really want someday, i retain not when i do eventually i will do it in any case and i’ll tell you what this one at some time it will never be for the ants because people are just men of dres people are animals of garb senility the biggest urge we have as humans is the fact that we follow what as usual Do you think why people in “peoples lives” ever is stuck at some sweat moment in their lives , not coming any further , not getting to the top , not getting the life that they once dreamed about why they will eventually give up their fianc dreams because they succumb to the habit I swear to you, I am so glad that back then when i was younger I got hold of the book b Foto Schfer will have their first million in seven years.I have never consumed all of these savings tips-off, but he said one thing and wanted you just can’t get stuck where you started early and you really have to be careful because back then I certainly made proportion many of my friends had the same job just like that in their trip position and I knew accurately if I would stay here long enough then I would be comfortable there I crave just like the person or persons I am working with and then I can’t travel any further hey not against the people who work there maybe they just don’t have any bigger destinations but you probably have bigger goals what if you weren’t here at all what would you not watch videos from me where it’s about how do you become aware that you are obviously “workin on” you and I tell you without joke if you do that yes if you get stuck somewhere if you precisely get over it at some point t get stuck then you won’t get any further and i was really lucky that my friends back then some of them at least simply they stayed there i framed them on for a very long time so do what you have at home you have so much potential that doesn’t get stuck there and more they were still there years later and they became more and more of members of the public who circled them and then suddenly it started drinking more and more beer more and more after succeed smoking weed more and more damage more and more nothing more simply ever still gamble and at some point there is simply nothing more and that is also what can happen to you if you do not make any decisions you have to make the decision that you know are really worthy and that where they have been postponed from yesterday for a long time at last in the schemer you ultimately learn that you can really address gals if you like yourself then you will not be explained si then you will finally building and strengthening such a self-confidence then you will start with it tomorrow sometime a man will start today with it now be the chap who does the things that you have known for a long time that you have to do them you know that you do them I don’t have to tell you you feel it is turned and if you are asked now say then write again not so yes I told me to her that has a reason why why I am eight yes because it is not because it works if it wouldnt apply you would nod and say yes,[ __] youre right right fortunately i did it but if you time still have topics in your life you havent done it the topic has long been known you have to do it youre get gradual merely cousin if you don’t you won’t get better if you don’t you won’t come over if you don’t you are a time you have 28,000 dates to live you know it’s right time do it, really make love and I swear to you then you will definitely have more self-confidence then you will finally get there that you don’t believe because you damn well don’t know what to do on the one entrust and on the other hand is not doing no different than largely hey, I know sure as shooting, I’ll get a great figure if I don’t[ __] give up the fast food if I don’t stop ingesting the chippings in the evening if I don’t stop fighting and then get some things if I don’t stop on the actor to deplete practice too much time and be in shape if you know that and are still doing what do you think trust in yourself should ripen again that cannot grow that is completely normal that is human that you then spurt in the last lappen that is completely normal and human that or not you have the feeling of the beautiful bride you like that have already been the projectiles or when you just really stand in front of the reader and say hey i’m just going to my boss now and i think asking for this promotion and i just want to get to the point that i get to the point that i know what i have to do to get there about that to create yes that is very clear that you do not trust yourself that you think you can but i will never succeed that there i will never get there yes that is just a result of these actions if you are not sure if you is not do the things that you know you have to do then every damn date you fly your own self-confidence and your own awareness in the ass and then that is not a topic you get up but then it’s just you is stuck, stop and stand biding is really walking down because everyone else is at least not doing it right.I wish you to come up so I understand if even more of the same then you want to trust things first of all, just like you are not looking for the answer anywhere else in terms of things, but first of all the things that you already know about and you know best of all, sees I was already lily-white, are long overdue yes things like i’m ultimately starting play i’m eventually starting to live out a new pastime i wanted to learn hip hop for a long time i just wanted it i have to learn english for a very long time i just do it now i have to stop serviceman i am only do it now I’ve been discontinue for a long time now I just wanted to[ __] address the woman I like for a very long time now I’ll just say the guy she makes it easy now you know what it is you know exactly what things are of whom I am right now speak you find them in you you just have to think you just have to think and you find them and then you just have to implement them and believes me all in then you will not feel damn much better in the morning and that is exactly what you deserve for that you get really active, that you really act finally and “that youre not” like all the other genus that might judge now is me a little too intense i think that now a bit i don’t know if i really want to implement this i don’t know if he has the right to tell me hey you came my video you are the one who is here right now and is watching it and has been looking for motivation because has been looking for reasons that can do more self-confidently I give you these reasons simply situated them into practice I don’t say that from above believes me I was the least self-confident of all I had such a body language for I am like that walking around I always opened a lot more to what others judge than what I thoughts or what I crave myself u “ve been told” yes yes you can never do that then i’ll be okay then i can’t do it i won’t yes i was the person who was right at the bottom and i’m telling you right now you can make it to the top just as you can It is where a entire rectify of destinations manages to develop your full possible because you are the only one who knows how much possible you have no one else can be stated that, his mother, I can’t say that because papa can’t say that now, his friends can’t say that specially not if you are imperfections or if you simply care about beautiful things or nothing and also not if you are already further than pretend you just like to compare yourself downwards and want you to stay there say that except damn yourself and you know that i’m telling the truth at the moment so do the things do the things of those only in here operation of those in here long since understood h ast you have to let the one you feel in now do and you will have confidence in me trust me you will have confidence in me clear the damn decision establish now do not meet you in the morning you are nt someday meet you now and then believe me when you do the next sometimes you precisely stand by the woman, damn it again, hey i’m not putting it off anymore i’m going to the gym mr ever something is slowly happening to you or i stop ingesting all that[ __] now, yes i eat according to you plan i’m now I’m just losing value I’m getting better every day I’m just about to build my own business and I’m really about to work for a new job or a advertisement believes me if you understand then you shouldn’t think about it actually I’m not good enough i sit on the couch the working day and press microchips or some[ __] but then you will know that you are absolutely there It’s the best thing that can happen to her right now because you damn well understood what is important in life and doing the right things and then there is nothing left to do but to feel good if you know how to behave accordingly to be and also to get what you want yes and if you are personally says ok matthus that was the exit that i may have just needed yes we are in principle i know but maybe it is exactly what you simply needed otherwise you would be probably not here either yes you have heard enough hey you just have to do a little more but maybe none have already said it as frankly and directly and as brutally as you sometimes you just don’t need to realize something She’s been driving the whole day and what had to be changed , yes, and that’s what you deserve to change first and to achieve a possible ichen and to get to where you really want you tell me okay, but I would like more of this motivating I would like more of it is not simply ass knocks but likewise explains how I can get to what I truly miss and not only become a little more continent I don’t get more self-confidence but too how I know exactly what I’m doing to myself, woman and can say and have to say so that the damsels I really feel attracted to myself in an honest road to ski with me when we end up in the box in the relations between the two countries Landing then I will be very happy to help you if you wanted to go then you exactly click the link in the description under the video or click on this talk to me management but then he tells me why I can talk and then actually We are happy to just have the free consultations about it, how I can bring you there as part of the people program but serenely independent g of knowing whether you do that or not gesture again you have it in me i know that it has in you because i know exactly where i stood where i am today with now well so here it will go well so start the damn decisions the she damn it through you deserve it yourself she’s through

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