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I think we’ve seen a lot of tagsrecently and I think it’s time I actually did my own call yeah if you wantto know who’s been called and what I’m gonna be tagging you in bide aria beings. Hello and welcome to Jon sheppardfitness. Today I’m gonna be doing a call yeah I’m gonna be tagging some peoplebut I’m gonna leave that to the end because you’re all dying please baby Iwouldn’t be dead reservoir if you want to be called laughterthis find out at the end if you’re not tagged still make love but I’m sorry if Ididn’t mention your appoint anyway I visualized I was like the call recentneat about the full label go and see it it’s in the specific characteristics down below therewas of many questions in that really tag that I could answer it was a bitAmericanized I’m not saying anything about American beings because some ofthe American people who follow me and I watch I affection piecing hello Kevinyou are one of the main ones I watch and and it it was it was just a bitI know Americanized for my lightning you are well aware apparently fall is a very big thinglike I look thank the ah Thanksgiving and stuff where we don’t so I’m gonna do onethis is going to be mainly based for the UK because I know Americans don’t dothis and if they do I don’t think they do but maybe they do something similarbut you can still joining with this and I think it’s going to be an interestingone because it’s coming along and it’s on the 5th of November yes I’m talkingabout bonfire night if you don’t know what bonfire light is basically it’swhere we mostly burn everything down and we matched off rockets blow up stuffstick a person on top of a big big bonfire and burn him to hell yes we aregruesome we are vile human beings we just like sticking parties on bonfiresand there’s brew and watching and then to celebrate welllet some fireworks off and disappear hmm yes I’m talking about Guy Fawkes night thatis another thing for you probably if you’re old enough are well aware or intelligentenough know it if you don’t know it you’re probably under 10 or you’ve got abrain of a slub but mostly in the olden days I actually don’t know thatthe actual time because I can’t remember but it was in the olden days back when Ididn’t have TV and they it was about the Parliament and they didn’t want to agreewith certain things about priesthood and they wanted to set get their own littlepriesthood thing and so beings was getting killed like clergymen and hidinghim apart in cabinets and mostly a group of people decided to burn thehouses apart of them that is where perfectly Prime Minister and all themnot talk see that would have sorted out bricks it straight away if it just didnot now because then we’ve had fireworks night Guy Fawkes night and it’ssomething that I like I actually do like I affection fireworksand that so I’m gonna be doing a question err and calling certain peopleso I’m gonna get on the way because I’m talking too much I’m jogging a lotverbal diarrhea and I’m gonna go through so then question number one what is yourfavorite memory of bonfire light so then my favorite recall of bonfire nighttime hasto be in my local field before video melt softening before competitions and I was bornin the 80 s we never had watch on Tv you knowSaturday night needs to be the TV darknes and we need to have like Mabel Hoodwatch where people to get together in the neighborhood and there’ll be lots offields about because lives wasn’t around as much now where they tried tobuild Evan and we had a lot of feels needs to get a group of parties togethertheir hands they’ve organized a bonfire darknes on the regional arena and they’llhave a few little stands where they be food stands fur potatoes sellingsparkers so all the families could come and watch a regional bonfire and it wasjust nice it was like homemade and it was all coordinated it was all properlyraw and he wasn’t you didn’t have to pay you know it was all community located youknow where people if you wanted to put in money you would have to put in moneyyou know merely to help out and beings do it the charity would help and stop byblast-off was the donation base so local companies would give him pallets fortheir actual bonfire people who said if you’ve got any old grove chuck it onthere you know and then they get soul the local kids to build a guyfolks you know we’re straw and remain him on there and you know then somebody letoff the fireworks which is half half these and fireworks you know and thenthey’d determine the money through selling whatever is on their stands you knowlike it is sparklers and nonsense like that so that is my favorite remembrance of actualbonfire light number two what is your favorite firework a favorite fireworkhas to be the big-hearted fireworks I haven’t got clue what they’re announced but theones where they go up for miles and perfectly exactly this huge explosion youknow I like the big fireworks I’m not really keen on the little spinny thingswhere to stick on the foot and you know what the worst fireworks are theones that tour you know we want fireworks we want youknow stuff like that yeah but my favorite firework is the big ones youknow the one where they save is the one that’s the cost of most coin and thesave it to the energies but free have you ever make any fireworks off yourselfmmm no I haven’t I demand actually saying that with my ex-girlfriendwe went to next-door neighbors and she couldn’t actually like the lighterbecause I don’t know why so I lit it off the actual stove and then positioned it on thefirework and it set off and it was one of them and it was like wow I wouldn’teven consumed my season if it was that firework if I knew about it so yes Ihave let up a firework but not one of the good ones like my favorite one doyou prefer the fireworks or the bonfire personally myself I like bothI like the fireworks if they are good fireworks but I love the bonfire whenit’s cold and you stand next that bonfire it’s just smellings delightful I affection thebonfire smelling and it hinders you warm it’s just I like flaming not in that arsonistway in it you know like I like the winter I like burns which allows you justlike heated you know and it’s him if you got a girlfriend or spouse is quiteromantic you know just watching the fire burn and youcould abscond it’s quite that oh no I’m just recollected I’m single high-pitched so Iwon’t suffer that oh well anyway yeah as well that so that’s my handsomeand so that I would choose both time “youd prefer” traditional bonfire wedge justthat fireworks and the bonfire or the foot bonfire whatever it is you mostly gothundreds of rides and the bonfire and the actual fireworkswell when doing this question I actually I didn’t know what to answer I didn’tknow what to answer right we have quite a few fireworkdisplays around here and I’ve been to most of them I do like the traditionalones I think it’s it’s more grown-up it’s depends on who you are and you knowif you’ve got family you’re going to get people who are a bit more sensible attheir traditional ones you know because they are there just for the fireworksand the Volvo we do have a big fireworks are presented in two plazas ones in WesternPark is quite well known place where they had the V Festival for years and itones in Donington which down the road which the dodgy part of Telford the onlytrouble about these ones whatever it is you get a lot of recreation patently they’ve gotthe fireworks display is it sort of devastates the atmosphere of the actualfireworks people are going there and they’re not even going for the fireworksthey’re not even going for the bonfire they’re just going for the razzs becausethat’s all they be concerned about and specially the one in Donington where isthat it’s because it’s in a I would say a dodgy country it’s not the best but he’sgot large-hearted disciplines it’s great lieu to have it everybody leads and he’s as full ofjust dodgy parties you know girls you know all in the whole hoodiesall there with their little soldier pockets on envisioning old-fashioned thugs disappearing yeah boyyeah boy I’m on a mod you know no you’re not you’ve got a handbag and I’ve nevertook my chap there and I don’t want to make my lab there because one I don’tlike walking around getting booed capitulated by aten-year-old gangster wannabe and – it’s just it only wrecks the whole atmosphereplus there’s so many lightings starting off of flashing and all this and all that itactually shipwrecks to fire display and the bonfire itself because all you’re seeingis these lamps going and all these music leading yeah and you can’t it’s notpitch-black and that’s why the traditional ones are better becauseusually they’re in a twilight plaza and there’s no igniting around it’s just afire and it’s just a fireman so I probably used to select a traditional oneand my cub would probably choose the other one but I expect if you’ve gotkids and that now you you do it for the children but I still say it’s justtraditional if you had the choice to go anywhere in the world to watch afireworks expose where would it be see I cherish fireworksyou appreciate New Year’s bonfire darkness a bit poor because Bob my another imply forfireworks and then you get New Year’s and you go wow look at that you knowobviously this waste thousand of pounds only putting these photos you know whenyou look London celebrating New Year’s and it’s just like and you’re like yeahthis is eight and you’re like wow I care I could go there and that’s not theplace I don’t want to go to I don’t want to go to London there’s still one placeI’ve always wanted to go and I will go eventually and I if I do go it mightactually be a bit hard now because I’ve got my sword because I’ll verify I can’tleave my son through that time because it’s the biggest time of year yeahbecause patently it be Christmas and New Year’s but then I can’t perhaps whenhe’s older but he would be New York I would love to go through NewYear’s Day I convey I would love to go through New Year’s Eve with thefireworks expose there you know only the ambiance you know and gathering lifeeverybody’s celebrating it just looks like a fun place to be on a date likethat and the fireworks would be amazing it’d just be awesome what is yourfavorite food at a bonfire right there is a quite a few of my favourites atbonfires there is Lowe’s I make it’s cold and you’ll exactly require heated meat butthen you check undoubtedly in the big carnivals they have like candy floss and stuffwhich I’m not a big fan of but you still buy it well if I had to choose anythingover any menu and because my snout reeks it more and if you ever been to abonfire it is burger oh my god or a roasted red-hot actually no not a burger aroast swine where it’s etched it’s turkey and stuffing with gravy on a backoh my gosh you miss one no I actually do want one yes they are amazing you you’regoing there you’re gonna remain hi I’m gonna gonna goand keep watching the fireworks I’m gonna go on go on a few journeys or whatever whicheverone you’re going to and then you’re like what is that smellI need it so you’re just like this you basically move trying to smell it tryingto find out where our food is coming fromand then you find it and you’re just like you know what I don’t care aboutanything else they call it the pitch-black is what I camefor and yes that is my favorite meat at a bonfire be related to everybody but itcould be too parties and it’s about swine rightobviously bonfire night is a very loud banging day night and it’s a occasion whenanimals to be scared I’m not just talking about bird-dogs and cats I’m talking aboutall swine you know imagine what the animals outside and live outside youknow I get stamps and I know chicks now there must be frying hearing all thesebanging things and I only want to know what your actual feelings are like onthat subject do you think it’s actually fair on swine do you think it’s cruelon animals to leave him in the house while you’re at a bonfire doing scaredand I don’t know what’s happening but a panic or even worse you’re actuallyhaving a bonfire and firework display in your own back garden when you knowyou’ve got a scared little hound crying and personally I don’t like it I thinkif you’ve got babies and you know they are scared and I think you should not do itdefinitely nowhere near your home because it’s unfair it’s cruelty if youyou wouldn’t do something to somebody who doesn’t mind something only becauseof your own selfish needs with you so why do it – something like that I thinkit’s wrong and patently we have to enjoy ourselves and go and watch thesethings so I would just make sure that somebody who’s not going to see a bonfiremaybe come and take the dog around or whatever pay you got and and so there wethen say inspecting self-confident or with my two puppies if they don’t care they don’tcare because patently my two pups are like why is itOh what do after period of sleep regardles and there’s always soul in the houseoh they’re there all right final question is is your favourite fireworkfrom anywhere on movie myth it could be anythingprogram you’ve ever seen which could be coffee so impractical you’ll never everbe able to be made well what is your favorite it and threw it up on screen youknow if you’ve got it if it’s a depict if it’s a movie time or whatever it ismine is mine has to be slaughtering the keennes the first ever one when Gandalfcomes in and he does a fireworks explai and obviously the hobbits mess up thefireworks and that big-hearted dragon thing “re coming” as a firework that was good let’s get another one thatis wicked imagine that as a firework where fireworks come alive so and looklike animals and material it to speak all CIN CIN real life if it was actual truebut yeah that would be my answer to that so thenif you want to do this and pass it on and label it on then do so you know it’stotally up to you I have not got any copyright on this so it does not makeany difference but I am going to tag mmm I’m gonna tagRachel Scarborough and and it’s gonna be great wall fitness as ever it’s gonnabe curtis hi Fitness my manager is gonna be Kevin Clemens because he’s Americanit’d be quite interesting to see what he actually says as the dog thing theycelebrate actual bonfire darknes and Chris Homer so there you go there’s my tax lawthat said subscribe to my direct and if you did like this please like it andsubscribe and wait for my and next few videos trust me they’re gonna be goodI’m gonna kept myself through inferno and back because I’m doing a challenge andI’m not telling you what it is but in my current state of fitness as I am likewalking and I have not done any cardio this involves cardio but that’s all I’msaying anyway I will see you next time see youlater you

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