EPIC UPPER BODY WORKOUT – Powerful Push & Pull | EPIC III Day 2

– Hi, everyone. And Welcome era 2 inour Epic 3 Program, and today we’re hitting the upper form. We’re gonna be doingback chest, shoulders, arms, the core will beinvolved throughout. Timer is going to be on. 40 seconds of duty, 20 second residue the duration of this workout. All you will need is yourmat and a pair of boobs. The boobs I’m usingfor information purposes, are 17 and a half kg each. Nonetheless, I will stop toeight kg for the shoulders and the triceps and biceps there towards the end of the workout. So the 17 and a half kgeach, the heavier boobs, they will be for the likes of my sequences, my renegade rows my dresser media. Even though it’s 20 second remain and the beeper may go for the next cause, please just take a couple ofextra seconds if you need it, to make sure you’re in a safeand cozy position.And for full assortment fluctuations, neat and controlled. Throughout this workout, therewill be a staple of pushups. However, the push-ups will be differences. In regards to pushups, merely try the very best. It’s less about how manyreps you actually get done. It’s about hinder authority gestures, trying to get to the depth, the best depth that you are eligible to. Throughout the workout, every fifth exercising will be a variation of those pushups. Some of the pushups will involve targeting the shoulders littlebit more, dresser, or triceps. I think you’re gonnareally experience this one. There’s a great deal of mixture. Pretty much every exercisewill be performed for two decides apart from, of course, thosepush-ups when they appear, they’ll merely be the one name. Hope you really enjoy it. Let’s go ..

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