Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Quick Review ⚡ A True Fitness Companion

[ leading audio] I frequently go to secluded residences for a roll or else its difficult for me. Ive just finished with my workout. And I didnt rolled much today. As I too had to record while accompanying, but it was nice. Friends, todays video is going to be a little different. As you know, its the Galaxy Watch 4. Throughout the day I do a lot of things where I need a smartwatch. In fact, there was a question in AskArun, whether I elevate earphones or smartwatches? Smartwatches are really important for me! Because I move a lot of my state tasks on my smartwatch. And after nearly a year Ive shifted to the Galaxy Watch 4 for the past two days. And Ive had some interesting experiences. Ive got to know a lot more about my health that other ordinary watches dont render.[ Intro] Im going to show it all to you& youll see how I track my activities.So be there till the end of this video. Unboxing – Lets prove you by rapidly unboxing it. This Galaxy Watch 4 has a 44 mm dial. And there are various phones from 40 mm/ 42 mm/ 44 mm/ 46 mm. With both Bluetooth& LTE editions. And in terms of pricing, it starts from Rs 23,999 all the way up to Rs 39,999. Design – I like the thing that it has an downplayed scheme when you look at it. It looks nice, naive& premium. Because, you get an armored aluminum metal dispute substance just like the Z Fold3/ Z Flip3. It looks good together with a matte finish. Gives rapidly look at other materials in the box. Its a long box& you get a nice magnetic pad where you can keep the watch to charge.It doesnt have a cradle to employ it in. So this will be long-lasting. And on 1 back, “youve had” the USB port. Is there any documentation? No, I dont see it here. What else is there? Oh yes! The guaranty card here is hidden. Look at this. Thats about it in the box, makes talk about the watch. Build Quality – To talk about its straps, theyre very good& are of excellent quality.Ill placed it on& appearance you.[ audio] It has a very nice fit! Look at it. Yes, the buckle goes folded in so the fit& finish of the watch is very good! Friends, I reckon the 46 mm dial watch would be somewhat bigger in sizing. If youre into bigger watches, you can look at them. But I review 42 mm& 44 mm are excellent in width. Friends, generally I talk about peculiarities during an unboxing, but today well go outside the studio& do some activities together. Because I have a routine, I invited to participate in the morning& I represent table tennis in the eve.I patently take care of my state& I check all its constants. And this watch cures me a good deal in knowing all those constants. Eg) I guide 3km/ 5km outdoors in the morning& sometimes I run on the treadmill. But I definitely check my heart rate while moving! Typically I stop at 140 -1 50 heart rate& then I pass again when it slips to 110 -1 20. So that I maintain the optimal heart rate. And it helps me lose my body fat. So it’s important to know your heart rate while exercising.And not just while moving but even during additional activities, I closely got my eye on my heart rate. Its important, as it lets you know whether youre fidgety/ stressed or pacify. Water Content – Theres 1 thing I liked, the water organization material. Its certainly very important! Its good to know your body water content before& after you start exercising. Because you need to drink that much water& hydrate yourself. So the watch too tells you the irrigate material before& after practising. Friends, I shifted to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for a conclude. It has a body composition scale that tests about 2400 data points. And returns a deeper to improve understanding of your different health constants through these data points.And testing it is very simple, it hardly makes 15 seconds. You just have to go to Measure >> Body Composition >> Measure >> Confirm. And remain 2 paws on the side bezel, so that it gives you the title data. So Let investigate. 80% 100%. Its 24.5 person overweight. And all parameters can clearly be seen. Features – With the body solid fraction, it helps you plan your diet as per carbs/ protein etc. And theres GPS now at times where I dont like to carry my smartphone as its heavy while passing. So even if you keep the phone at home, youll be able to track your direct with the GPS. Generally we listen to music while loping/ employing, so its good that you wouldnt need a smartphone there as well. The watch has 16 GB of storage, where you can store your music, so you can connect your earphones wirelessly& listen. You wont need a smartphone there as well. And theres a thing, Im unusually absent-minded, I forget my smartphone in my compartment/ studio/ terrace.But whenever I get asks, Im connected with the watch so I can immediately pick up bellows through its orators& microphone. So I can take my calls on the Galaxy Watch 4. You can also reply to the notifications, with auto-replies rebuttals too you can send. OS UI – Theres 1 good thing, its no more on TizenOS. It comes on WearOS& its customizable! Which I think is extremely user friendly. So your swipes/ animations etc. are actually smooth! You get an app drawer just like a smartphone& the icons are large-hearted too. So even if you buy a Galaxy Watch with 40 mm/ 42 mm, you shouldnt have problems linked to accidental impress& opening apps. I like that it has big-hearted icons. As Ive already said, it has 16 GB storage, 1.5 GB RAM& theres PlayStore subscribe as it has Googles WearOS.So you can download 3rd party apps, to apply watch faces that support WearOS. So there are limitless opportunities to customize your Galaxy Watch 4. And friends, if you hear Googles Wear located watches, there are 1 problem! As “thats a lot” of features& power consumption, the battery backup experience is less. But I was actually surprised that after doing so much, I didnt think itll last for a daylight. But instead, after heavy habit throughout the day, theres still about 20 -2 5% artillery that remains. I study one of the above reasons is its chipset, it has an Exynos W9 20 chipset thats based on 5Nm. Which builds it more capability efficient& so the battery life is extended. Under regular consumption, youll get 2 or more periods of battery life. So you can look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 if you like to keep items& was aware about your fitness. As Ive mentioned, its expenditure starts from Rs 23,999& it goes all the way up to Rs 39,999, depending on the discrepancy you buy.Im showing you some volunteers on the screen, you can check it out if youre interested. Also its concoction attach is in the description. Do check it out! Thats all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin& Stay Safe !.

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