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Welcome to My Tech Gear. So, if you’re lookingfor some good fitness games to got to get into figure, and deter you entertained whilst doing it, thenyou’ve come to the right place. I’m going to take you through my top 10 register of fitness activities, and at the end of it I’ll give you a little computed bonus and show you how you can track your fitnessgoals over all your apps. Let’s get into it! So before we go any further if you do enjoy thisvideo please don’t forget to like and share it, and if you’re not agreed more thenhit that subscribe button down below, and that notification bell, so you get notifiedabout brand-new videos as and when I post them.It actually helps me building and strengthening my canal so that I cankeep impelling videos for you. Thanks! To be honest, any competition on the Oculus Quest is generally goingto give you some kind of fitness regardles because by its very nature VR spurs flow. Sowhether that’s duck, dive, knitting or whatever, through a game you’re generally going to be quiteactive, and any tournament that are conducive to act is going to help you contact your fitness goals.Every recreation on such lists, apart from one, has been rated by the VR Institute for Healthand Exercise. I’ll put a link to their website in the specific characteristics down below. Now they’ve ratedevery game based on the number of calories per instant that each games burns and too paying it anequivalent ordinary work rating.So this arrays from resting, which is burning one to two caloriesa minute, through to biking which burns 10 to 13 calories per minute. So generally we’ll be workingour method up the ferocity rating as we go through the countdown, and as I said at the start of thevideo, following the adjournment of this I’m going to show you how you move your fitness goals across allof your competitions. Let’s get into the top 10! So we’re going to start off sluggish here with’ SuperHot ‘. Whilst not explicitly a fitness tournament, the nature of the game does action you to movearound, albeit in slow movements, and so is a great intro to getting yourself moving. This gamesees you moving through stop-motion tiers where you have to kill all the bad chaps before they killyou.You move and experience moves. You stop it, and epoch stops moving. It reminds me a lot ofthe stop-motion shooting backgrounds from The Matrix. This fixes it a great entry into fitness as itwill get you slowly limbering up and stretching those forearms and legs as you move around trying toprogress, and as such is rated as a march game, burning two to four calories a instant. It’salmost more a question game than a crap-shooter as you try and work out how you can move about andget into situations to shoot the oncoming bad chaps before one of the myriad of bulletsthat are flying towards you affected you. It’s a great game to start moving. Now that we’reall limbed up it’s time to take it up a little. Eleven is regarded as the best tabletennis simulator on the Oculus Quest, and is rated as an oval-shaped play burning four tosix calories a minute.The physics in this game, as you rotate and slice the clod, is impressive andmakes this the closest thing you’ll actually get to playing the game in real world. You can startoff with the mini games to get you learning the auto-mechanics of the game and improve your skillsand then move on to AI computer dissidents. Crank the difficulty level all the way up to worldmaster though and you could find your activity over in instants! This sport likewise allows you togo online and play against other real dissidents, so it’s a great way to meet up with otherlike-minded beings and become fitness entertaining. Whilst not rigorously a fitness activity it’sthe nature of the game that actually realizes this one of the most significant workouts, and amust-have on many people’s fitness activities list. The premise of the game investigates you donning yourarchery skills to fight your acces through curves of accept targets, samurai and ninjas. It’s asimple hypothesi and simply exhausting.It could do with more mixture in the backgrounds only to makethings a little more interesting but candidly you don’t have much time to look at it as it’s a fastpaced panic ridden attempt to shoot everything in sight. If you’re using this for fitness then I’drecommend switching between left and right handed bows so as to even out the work on your mainarm. You’re certainly going to get hot playing this one, and as such this receives a’ tennis’rating, burning six to eight calories a instant. Rhythm sports were, and still are, one of themost popular categories of plays on the Oculus Quest, with Beat Saber probably the most well knownall rhythm games.You have to do some kind of action in time to the music. In Beat Saberyou have two lightsabers which are color-coded and you have to swipe at the same respectivecolor-coded blocks in the direction of the arrow that’s on the block, as it hastens towardsyou. It is rated as a medium intensity competition. Beat Saber will fail your attempt to the level if youmiss too many blocks. It’s therefore a tough competition to pace in terms of fitness as it can be verystart stop and therefore difficult to maintain an high heart rate for any period of time.Now you can turn that positioning off, but then the game doesn’t record your composition. So I’d say it’sa medium sport at best. As it stands though, Beat Saber is a well polished rhythm sport, and with therecent addition of multiplayer state you can now go online and play the same track with your friendsall at the same time.So it’s definitely a game that contributes fun to fitness which generally meansyou’re more likely to stick with it for longer. This is another rhythm style game which reads youdon baseball bats to thump orbs as they come towards you. However, with a focus purely on fitness, if you miss one it’s not is ended your current session. The orbs are also positionedso as to give you the best possible exercisings. The tournament will reform the frequency and positionof the orbs more depending on your performance so it really is aiming to be the fitness gamefor all people.And that there is the problem, because it isn’t for all beings! You can onlybuy this tournament if “youre living in” the US or Canada. Any other country in the world and you’re out ofluck. This is largely due to licensing issues with the audio tracks that they use in the game, butit’s still disappointing to see. This is also the only game in this list that operates under asubscription model.You have to pay $ 20 a month to access the exercisings. You can get an annualsubscription but it’s not cheaper by much. It is a great game that gives fitness front and middle, with immense soundtracks and new exercisings every day. There’s a lot of selection in the track alternatives, but it’s still all in the same style of activity. If there’s one thing that kills fitness objectives it’sboredom and duplication. For the same annual cost of Supernatural you could buy all the other gamesin this list! So, that, along with it merely being available in two countries, manufactures it a problematicgame to recommend. It does come with a 30 -day trial though.So if you live in North Americathen try it out, you’ve got nothing to lose. Previously known as BoxVR, the re-branded FitXRsees the game studio repositioning itself as a more general fitness scaffold, which now seesthe provision of dance workouts as well as the standard boxing based ones. At its heartit’s still a lilt game but the important difference here is that FitXR is a fitness gamethat happens to be a rhythm game, rather than say Beat Saber which is a rhythm sport that happensto have a fitness benefit. This focus on fitness provides you with a great variety of workoutsto help you reach your goals faster. The dance workouts emphatically add a wheeze to video games thatwas otherwise predominantly an upper body workout, and experiences the game receive a high fitness rating.Thereare four added workout compress you can purchase for $10 each, but with the game once expenditure $30 it certainly racks up the cost of the game. They’re not compulsory buys though and youcan enjoy the game just as similarly without them.’ Oh Shape’ is a game unlike any other, which seesyou abusing your entirety mas to duck, dive and entwine your style around obstructions, swipe walls, collectcoins, and strike a pose to get through the myriad of walls that come straight-out for you. There arefour difficulty heights, so there’s a tier to suit most people. Weaving around the walls, punchingthrough them, and striking a pose like Madonna, is thoroughly engaging and recreation and will see youkeeping active for hours without even realizing it. The developers often liberate new contentto keep it fresh and it even allows you to create your own tiers consuming your own songswhich is awesome. It’s a whole figure workout, which opens it a high fitnessrating and it’s super fun.It’s primarily another rhythm competition here, but thefocus here is definitely on dance moves, which accompanies you moving fluidly from one transition to thenext rather than the spoof and lash attitude that other rhythm recreations such as Beat Saber promotes.If you’ve ever danced to electronica and raved it apart till the early hours then you’ll getthe idea of it. Predominantly stand in one spot, curve your hands around wildly to some superupbeat tempo. The lane that they’ve incorporated transition periods truly does make it feel likeyou’re dancing though and so includes a unique feel to it comparison with other tournaments in this genre.Itwould be good to see more content arriving for it as whilst the licensed sungs from the likes ofLady Gaga are good, they are limited. However, it’s an upbeat and fast sport that is a goodcardio workout and achieves a high fitness rating. Whilst not a fitness sport front and center, I canassure you that this game will get your heart rate up. The sport accompanies you propelled down a move havingto shoot various silhouetted bad guys as they come out of every crevice and cranny is an attempt shootyou, whilst too by-passing the bullets coming at you in matrix-style slow-mo, all the while doingthis to the thump of some awesome soundtracks. The developers are constantlyreleasing brand-new material for this, and certainly some of the recent heights releasedwill have you exhausted at the end of it.It’s that constant motley that keeps the game engagingand new. It’s an action-packed and fast-paced game and on the harder positions your quads are goingto be killing you with the amount of ducking and diving you do in this game to avoid thebullets, walls and difficulties that path your room. So this activity receives a high fitness rating.It’s stupendou recreation. Altogether engaging. It makes me feel like I’m in a John Wick film. Inever get tired of it.It’s awesome fun! This is the highest rated fitnessgame that the VR institute refreshed, throwing it a’ rowing’ status, equivalentto burning 8 to 10 calories a time, and it’s easy to see why. Whereas other boxinggames opt for more of an arcade wording of boxing, this is a true-life simulator where you get as muchout of it as you lay in. The tournament observes the strength of your pierces and changes the gameappropriately so no matter how strong you are you will have an equal likelihood of progressing andcompleting the game. There is a training gym so you can practice your combos and fasted undertaking andtrain with a sparring partner before manager into the ring. But it’s the ring itself where you willspend most of your time.This is full room scale VR. You is certainly need space for this one, as you find yourself moving around the boxing ring trying to find that opening to take youropponent down. It is not simply activity your arms and upper mas but your core will feel ittoo as your person stabilizes you through full-on ponderous air perforates. This activity is a serious fitnessworkout, if you settled their own efforts in. The actuality that it’s only $9.99 is the icing on the cake now, and prepares it the number one fitness game for me. As I’ve said, pretty much any VR game is goingto keep you active to some degree or another, exactly by virtue of the pulpit. However, these arethe top 10 activities I think you should look at first if fitness is your goal. Now with all ofthese fitness activities it’s really useful to be able to track your fitness points regardlessof video games that you play.So this ties into what I said during the early stages of the video with howwe’re going to do that. Fortunately Facebook, at the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, announcedOculus Move. This is a fitness tracking app which will be permitted track things like youractivity hours spent, and your calories burnt, across numerou sports. So regardless of whichone you play it’s going to track it all from a single residence. Facebook say they’re going tostart going this out to customers by the end of the year. Now if you can’t wait till the endof the year, or you don’t want Facebook to grab more of your data than they’ve already go, then you can check out YUR. I’m not too sure how to enunciate that but we’ll go with that fornow. That is found in the SideQuest platform, and that’s been around for a while now, andit’s not only is it cross game, but it’s cross programme as well.So it will run on the OculusQuest platform and also the Steam one as well. That will allow you to track all of your goalsacross multiple scaffolds across multiple plays. I exhaustively recommend you check it out. Link in thedescription down below for that one. There are a wealth of recreations to check out there. So it is worthpointing out that Oculus has a refund policy.With so many to choose from it can be hard to decidewhich one to get. The indemnity programme allows you to return a game if you’ve toy it for less thantwo hours, and owned it for less than 14 days. So if you come under that criteria you can applyfor a refund get your money back and then go and buy something else instead. So it’s great to knowthat that insurance policy is there if you want to go and try a game and aren’t too sure aboutit. So I hope that members can enjoyed the video. If you did, don’t forgotten to like and share it, and ifyou’re still here but not subscribed yet then stumbled that agree button down below.And as always…See you in the next one!

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