Brandon Curry looking bigger & Freakier – Sergio confident to face young guys – Logan Roasted

Whatsup guys, Welcome to Fazifitness. You can Turn on the captions for Subtitles Who else think that BRANDON CURRY will be forcedto play the immensity competition after watching that BIG RAMY is still over 300 lbs with only 5weeks to go .. BRANDON CURRY` s 2018 Arnold classic copy had a mix of everything..he was full round and he out stated WILLAIM BONAC in that show to prevail his1st Arnold classic title..BRANDON knows extremely well what went wrong in 2020 olympia andplan was set right away for his legs to be drawn up and join his upper body and this might bethe year when we will see BRANDON “do ones best” .. 5.5 weeks out of the olympia he appears biggerand freakier than ever& ready to bring a fight People cooked Logan Franklin for postingthis similarity of him vs the dominate classic physique mr olympia champ CHRIS BUMSTEAD checkthe comments section in BISANDTRIS ig page .. the biggest problem every classic physiquecompetitor facing while chasing CHRIS BUMSTEAD is that they are trying to play catch up with aguy who` s tremendously improving every year..i hope all of u people retain whenLogan Franklin was calling out chris last year and he ceased up finishing IN 9thplace .. I am not being a hater now and i admire logan` s faithfulnes and enjoy for the boast ofbodybuilding but he has a track record of talking on social media and than be brought to an end outside top 5.. back when he was competing in boys` s physique he announced out Jeremy Buendia and he completed in 7thplace .. do u guys ponder Logan has a chance against BUMSTEAD next year? Let me bring up anotherimportant point because some supporters still have embarrassment regarding this , even though they are LOGAN winsthe arnold classic 2021 he wont be qualified for this year but next year .. exclusively the advocate inopen partition modifies for this year` s olympia. Even CHRIS and his instruct IAIN dont consider LOGANFRANKLIN a threat now or in near future..nor do they think that BREON ANSLEY has theslightest hazard of reclaiming the entitlement again as long as chris is competing .. two guysthey are watching really closely reach their prime are BRYAN JONES who gazes stunning in his recentphysique update .. “weve had” 4 weeks to go so hopefully he discovers a formula to get thoseseparations in his legs..And the other guy is ROBERT TIMMS who became a real classic physiquesensation after texas pro earn .. without a doubt his concert can be considered as one of thebest comebacks since classic discord started Will HUNTER LABRADA` s shoulder injury retard himfrom discipline the behavior he misses in order to achieve that dense look on the olympia stage..HUNTERhad to change his training and he is staying in comfy assortment of flow for these last 5 weeksor so .. in its most recent progress portraits his waist ogles a little wide peculiarly in thatfront doubled .. might be because they were pushing menu as hard as they could post CHICAGOPRO..weight is in 260 lbs stray and food intake simply went down with increase in cardio..thenext adjust of progress pics will be interesting CEDRIC MCMILLAN is no longer workingfor redcon1 .. his ig dsnt evidence any connected to either redcon website while all otherredcon sponsored jocks have the link in their bio … still just wait the full storybut him being part of the broadcasting team of the Arnold classic 2021 while being part ofthe redcon1 would have created some problems for the brand..We all know Arnold and thecrowd affections Cedric Mcmillan perform there so it would have been a difficlt decision forcedric .. will stop u guys updated on this history .. resolving the video with a little physique updateof SERGIO .. it was shared on his ig story .. the guys who have participated against SERGIOadmit to the fact that he is a lot bigger in person and this physiqueupdate most likely is an aged pic .. SERGIO seemed extremely self-confident that in theyounger generation of bodybuilders that will rule the olympia theatre once veterans retire..guyslike IAIN, NICK WALKER, JAMES Hollingshead, AKIM Williams .. when he eventually facesthem he will definitely come out on top..we only sitting up here 4 weeks to see whatkind of betterments he made in one year Hit the thumbs up button if you liked the videoand knock the subscribe button if you wanna come back for moreThank you.

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