BODYBUILDER vs 11-YEAR-OLD – Cute Fitness and Gymnastics Challenge

one two three go oh that’s awesome three four five it’s gonna be quick it’s gonnabe pretty cool he’s messing with the wrong gymnast hello everyone i am in culver metropoli at jag gymwith muscle coast icon ike and me very me you’re going down this turn i was just letting you wincause you’re 9 years old now you’re 11. you’re old enough to lose i am going to win last year salishbeat ike in a forte and fitness challenge i got beaten by nine time old girl this is theofficial rematch obviously i’m gonna win this thing because i’m the muscle coast fiction six footnine and 270 pounds highly trained like a marine i’m going to reclaim my preeminence even my muscleshave muscles there’s no way i can lose i’m gonna win this thing because i’m an 11 yearold height six gymnast four hoof four inches of pure muscle he went down last-place age he’sgoing down harder today he’s messing with the wrong gymnast we are going to do 10 roundsand the win gets to condition the loser oh one more he triumphs one more you win one more thanyou prevail it’s all over ike earns round one you’re struggling i let you in that way yeah right we’ve gotone nothing ike round two lasso clamber rope descend two ropes one short one tall we’re gonna do a gameof rock paper scissors whoever acquires gets to pick which lasso they use rock paper scissors and shootsalish earns okay salish which one do you want yeah you demand the short one right whoever getsthe top and sounds it firstly triumphs remember the consequence the champion gets the condition theloser that’s gonna be intense one two three salish what the heck salish look at this my foot slipped and then i recognise he was goingto win try to stop tarzan ain’t got nothing on me he’s not messing around this time roundthree tumble racetrack do your best trick i picked the winner hey you expect me to tumble with sixfoot nine you you’re biased again right no no i’m not biased you’re gonna cheat no you’re gonnacheat no gonna cheat no i’m gonna go watch this stretch out a little bit i’m ready to get anawesome photo of you right now i’m ready you ready to lose say if he if he nails this yougo down three good-for-nothing let’s see what you got she is all over you ike right now all right man you win this one let’s moveon man all this conceal challenge since jordan I imagined gonna be strength and fitnessthat was fitness that’s a fitness challenge right there that’s an olympic subject might aswell indicate me up for the olympics 2020 huh round four “were having” embed bothike and salish up to their cervixes in the foam pit whoever gets to the endfirst earns foam excavation scoot ready adjusted go sailors just wait she’s already behindshe didn’t realize oh here she comes oh it’s going to be quick it’sgoing to be quick we’ll make it dive he typically does the intro and then we stop and wetalk about things and then we start exiting but we just did the intro and then we started so that’snot fair hey don’t let on all our secrets what are you trying to thumped me is this whatyou’re trying to do what are you trying to do jordan just wanted to get to 10 million subscribersby the end of the year and all that huge content that he makes for you foryou to be caused and training and go out the house and stand up you better pushthat agree button you tell all your friends because we’re gonna get that 10 million byend of 2021 okay are we clear we’re clear one luck subscriber is gonna win somethingbig that customer is sophie crane thank you so much everybody else reached that subscribebutton you might be next let’s see what you got what it’s gonna be for sophie crane she winsa photo shoot sophie i’m gonna dm you you’re gonna get a photo shoot wow round five warp wallround five warped wall round five warped wall i think we need a new mean round fivewalk wall versus climbing wall firstly one to get the all the way to thetop and make their way to the end triumphs this round you’re going down bigma’am oh you wish this time it’s not going to be that easy i got ready it’s goingto be very easy even though you’re taller no but like you’re losing okayokay okay okay okay okay okay okay i’m done okay if stalis loses this there’sa serious opportunity she’s gonna do stated by the muscle beach icon i wouldn’twant to have to make love one two three oh god this is not looking good hurry know go croak he’s got it oh no by the manspiderman none knows what the spider can’t you said that we had to ape rail across he hewalked across i never said that i didn’t say sandy could you rewind that please first one to get theall the way to the exceed and make their way the end prevails this round see i never said monkey tables lookslike you in for some conditioning no for the next round keep in mind balance is a very importantpart of fitness dad you’re cheating oh you noticed next round balance beam first one to miscarry thetrick loses firstly trick stroll to the end and back i bet you can’t even do that yeah right it’snot even a talent it’s gonna go faster because it’s going in a relatively pretty that’slike i just got my own room of doing it hey chiselling reviewers cheating guy i didn’t seeanything what do you necessitate five kickings on each leg you’re looking a littlesketchy there other leg one two three four one more he did it okay we’reon to talent digit three handstand whoa she held out a long time ike for the prevail your weapons feet together pointed more straight in you’re saying mine wasn’t impressive his washorrible it was like this cartwheel lock made dismount he’s never gonna be able to do it thisis not fortune telling okay you don’t know what’s gonna happen oh my little girl did you learn whatshe only did did you see that i think i need some popcorn this is gonna be funny we’ll also needto call an ambulance like right now get it ready tiny stair to a giant but a big leap formankind it’s gonna be like the moon ground oh my goodness i nailed that one allright everyone we’re in a tight one four to two salish you gotta pick it up girl round seven linesprints whoever gets back here firstly triumphs they each got to carry a little something say all rightlet’s go no you got to use the big one let’s get it on seems fair to me you go hereyou go back you go here you go back the first one that gets backto the thing acquires this thing one two you got the ike salish is going you got this ike you gotthis looks like she’s gonna here it comes the win 100 days heavier look at your muscles you’regoing to somebody up you’re going to lose 11 years off like an airplane take off and take the win andnow so far this is a fair match next round still further like ever we got to get a thumbnail there itis right there hold it nice one two three go oh that’s awesome wow you can really lift the holderlike that that was incredible listen guys i’m really too old to do all these stunts i just dothem to entertain you it would necessitate a lot to me if you subscribed thanks all right get me down nextround is a series of push-ups now ike is earning four to three so that means if he does morepush-ups than two daughters he wins this whole thing yeah not again sandy we weren’t supposed to revealthat you just say he’s pretty good at push-ups but if you win this round it’s all tied up areyou ready yeah okay let’s do it nice push-up two three look at those push-ups ike fourfive she’s gonna do this all day nice four right there not bad for an 11 time old 28 29 30. i travel get this 31. I’ll do a lot more than that i can do at least 150. 41. keep going lot more tobeat me seven can she do 50 can she do 50 49 50 50 push up way to go little girl 50 push-upsget ready for this you do 51 push-ups you win this thing you think you can do iti don’t need nothing i’ve got an idea one two three four five six seven eight nineten eleven twelve thirteen oh this is a really fun photo but are you gonna be able to do5 0 like that i don’t think so 24 25 26 27 28 for the championship ike 43 4445 46 47 48 49 2 more you earn 50 for the triumph he prevails everything there is 50 5151 it’s all over yeah expressed appreciation for cause the conditioning begin all right here wego five minutes more don’t stop fitness and necessity bring them up bring them downyeah consequence requirement conditioning reconditioning your mas oh my god absolutelystill come on now we go come on five more at least five more we conditioning to you you tobe a real warrior superhero yeah beings twinneds whoa wow is everything all right one two three andfour that’s what you call conditioning lover what the heck i thought i was the giantthose swingings are more beings than me i’m dizzy now we gotta keep going a hundredthousand likes if you want to see segment three you want to learn to get fit likeeye catcher like me you subscribe to eye catcher right now you do it right now link in descriptionyou better do it did you do it i’m right

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