CORE EXERCISES for Tennis from DJOKOVIC’S Fitness Coach

[ Applause] let’s work the core the core is the most important thing for us body parts more more important everything start from there tennis is a rotational athletic if you are strong here we can smack the clod we start with the board first let me just tell you from the safety point of view how should be done okay this is the plank i don’t want that you go too much down here because too much load in your lower back so exit a little more here squeeze your glutes and participate your core okay let’s start with one minute like this then if “youre feeling” comfy gradually slowly you can head a little bit more goes okay exit people good she goes to show you a little more easy road to do it okay you can start like this knee on the floor hire your core squeezing your glutes perfect guy don’t explosion here okay a little bit more higher now there immense okay stay there good okay stop excellent let’s see now the lateral plank please there again easy form with the knee on the hoof okay don’t turn your hips same pipeline on the shoulder same wrinkle of your trendies propagandize your trendies a little forward there and keep it like this change other side show on the knee bravo one cable from the knee to the shoulder i like it change timber okay so we work the back order now two different ways again sure that’s peter excellent okay restrain propagandizing now straight i like it okay this way it’s a little bit easier again guys one minute we start easy as you feel slowly slowly we can always increase start to slowly i like it good we will placed this one here so the goal is to be really stable with the trendies the missile doesn’t have to drop okay two step there two step in the other side check here don’t move your trendies keep the line on the trendies bravo one more time to me here there there excellent bravo good good activity trendies there which create a little bit more instability in symmetry so you have to fight a little bit more with the hips okay stretching forehead slow down time check excellent i like it don’t elevate too much here okay only kick forward i don’t want to see your trendies making this movement and you have to hold strong with the glutes in order don’t move your trendies excellent[ Applause] she will stabilize she will be very very strong now this one is drawing her okay she have to contrast the revolve this pirouette so she will pull the arms she will all strong with the lateral muscle so there slow down a little bit when you unfold but at least okay i draw you a little bit more okay there excellent come on fighter slow and keep it there two seconds good brava again there i like it you’re not moving anything that’s what we need so “youre working” accurately bravo good okay very good it’s not only core we are always in control guys okay so plank on top there show that one stay in the position i will hurl you this dance now you have to be able to move it and to let the chunk go there in the middle okay this one of course is precarious okay move a little excellent very good excellent arrive stable there formerly you’re there keep it there keep it there so good excellent we are currently perform some pirouette yeah faster you can do it yeah good good touch and rotation touch and spin okay you are too good you start to start now start a little low-toned now it’s tougher you have to be faster okay faster don’t fling it leave it bravo okay plank position is a good address of course this one is pretty high-pitched you can start with certainly low stairs okay but anyway the chap is very really strong show please there be solid now strong with all the core engaged excellent bravo that was much better again up there excellent give me two more good perfect basta okay guys i challenge you try to do everything you will be a great player you

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