MODERN Home Office Setup & Transformation – 1 Year Later (DIY Update)

Converting this workspace over the last yearhas been one of the best financings. It has started from this rather dark cluttered office to somethingthat’s more inspirational beneficial and clean-living. Today let’s take it up a notch with morechanges I want to share with you in this video and possibly precipitate inspiration to manyof you who continue to work from home. Plus, I’m giving away prize backpacks to 3 luckyviewers to help spruce up your own space! So, keep until the end of this video for moredetails. The giveaway is a small thanks to the growing number of new readers and recentsupport on this path which I certainly appreciate. So, if you’re new now my figure is Andrew.I waspreviously operating as a Digital Marketing Manager, which I’ve since quit and now passed a couplebusinesses so a great deal of my time is depleted right here in this home office. Anywho, let’s get right into informing this cavity. Starting with this IKEA Kallax bookshelf whichsits humbly to the left side of my table it may not seem like it but it’s a little bit of a mess i’ve beenmeaning to supplant it with something clean and more minimum in scheme after months of looking forthat perfect shelf i settled on this beautifully simple bookcase from otto being an open four stackshelf it was a breeze to assemble and best of all it’s not expensive either i’m a worshiper thatyou don’t definitely need the latest greatest and most expensive pieces my favorite purchasesfor this home office have been more cheap with a smash of thoughtfulness i absolutely lovethe design of the rack because unlike the Kallax it’s horizontally open with finer linesgiving this gap a much more open-ended feel the laminate finish on the thick-skulled planks of maplewood foreground the rich specks of wood it partners neatly with the acacia grove on the sit stand deskthat i use while the black lines also fit the other darker items in this office now that it’sall assembled it’s time to redecorate you may have heard the related proverb a home for everythingand everything in its plaza in other words all components should have somewhere to be stored andthat it should be returned there when not in use so this is the perfect time to reset andbe very mindful of what sits on the shelf commencing with the central article of thebookcase i looked for something that was unique in scheme as the primary focal point i foundthis ingenious levitating light bulb from Flyte and knew it’d be a perfect fit can i too say i’ma fan of the stylish box too it’s designed in Sweden and made of quarter sewn oak wood andthis item incarnates is not simply the woody theme in this home office but the seamless minimalism it’sgentle infinite pirouette evokes a particularly ethereal tranquilize to the space while working yet also inspiresan edison-like creativity throughout the day the levitation works with you predicted it magnetsand is all powered through simply the ac adapter turning it off and on is just as sleek bysimply stroking the surface of the oak cornerstone without disrupt the levitation it definitelyis on the pricier extremity but overall i think this one component elevates the entire room alone while thatflight bulb is levitating apart let’s move on to the rest of the shelf i reserved the top rack tohouse my camera lenses and camera figures it’s a good idea to display items in your own space thatshow your temperament and the diversions you’re into bearing in mind the practical placement and use inthis case having the camera gear on the top shelf establishes for easy access when i need them next i’vepicked out a few cases of my favorite bibles actually more than a few to display on the shelf for dailyinspiration this is obviously more an aesthetic than practical because i won’t be rereadingthese anytime soon but it proceeds a long way in adding attribute to the room one of those bibles ismarie kondo’s spell of straightening up highly recommend contributing it a read if you’re looking to making morecalm and cleanliness to their own lives i grabbed got a couple of these wooden diary missions from amazon and ithink it duos really nicely with the rack itself for a little bit of hue and extent i are caught up this faketrailing ivy plant i’m actually not a fan of counterfeit plants but other than snake plants or basicallya cactus regrettably not many plants exist in this room because of minimal sunlight so you guysknow i’m naturally a big fan of grove realise so i couldn’t help myself and became a little crazy withthe brand-new expansion made additions this time around so starting off with a headphone stand this headphonestand was a no-brainer previously these bose qc35s were sitting on my orators which not only lookscluttered but isn’t enormous for the headphones cushioning this stand contains the headphones nicelyand in typical grove obligated pattern is made of top notch cloth solid hardwood vegetable tanleather and stainless steel for a high and layered gape i likewise enjoy the pan stand that i have so muchso that i got another in titanium this time around simply to put on display it’s precision machinedfrom solid titanium and you can definitely see that detail and feel the quality it sits next tothis complementary clean flip page notepad perfect for scribbling down those quick thoughts and ideasfinally for the shelf i grabbed a sculpted pen bowl which is hand sanded and finished with vegetableoil to top it off i’m placing this incredible smelling velop spot diffuser right here honestlyi’ve yet to come across anything that flavors better than a velops but candle and diffuserand their concoctions all watch truly classy extremely now maybe my least favorite thing to do cablemanagement but it’s something so underrated and forgot with the open-ended bookcasethere’s no easy space to hide the sea of cables so this cable box from amazon that i got comesin exceedingly handy rather than just the dominance council and cable sitting out in the open i’m ableto have it sit in this box with the cables neatly looping in a small purchase but again it makes abig difference in the overall aesthetic and feel of the space as they say out of sight out of mindfor additional storage i snagged this amazon cable pouch for unionized easy be made available to daily cablesand it makes a world of a difference and also this bamboo drawer an easy situate to throw small-minded usefulitems into i can’t forget about the orbit key den was sitting which i’ve mentioned in a previousvideo not only does it look great with its genuine leather top and polycarbonate eggshell it doublesactually as a wireless charger so i typically throw either my phone or airpods on top of the nest fora immediate indict the dividers inside the nest too cure organize small-minded components there is a requirement to fast be made available to orthings i need on the run since i can easily throw the nest into a container and then head off now movingback to my desk the latest tech upgrade that i’ve fixed is superseding my logitech MX2S with the MX3i thought it was going to be a small redundant ameliorate but it’s surprisingly a big improvementthe most obvious is the new design which feels even better in hand and that’s saying somethinggiven the mx2s is already quite comfortable another big change is the transition over to USBCfrom micro usb for faster blaming and the new max rush scrolling on this thing is so satisfying ifind myself scrolling around for the sake of it and superficially it precisely gazes a whole lot nicersitting on the desk with the trackpad and keychron the trackpad is totally unnecessary but it givesfast access to enjoyable small gestures and changes like website scrolling or multi-touchgestures what i’ve done is i’ve slotted the trackpad into this fitting grove acquired tray with anatural cork base which heightens the line pad and acts as a wrist remain after a year the intentionaldesign effort and financing moves a long way in curing me remain focused and fertile whilei moved my customs remotely i stressed the fact that redesigning and improving your workspace doesn’tat all need to be an expensive exertion in fact i’d argue that there’s more identity in findingaffordable and attentive components is in addition to your cavity piece by piece so as promised the giveawaythis video isn’t patronized but i did reach out to orbit key and have teamed up with them to hostan exclusive giveaway for this channel and we’re giving away three of my customers prize bundles tohelp unionize your opening and modernize your everyday carry with some stunning goodies but firstly ijust want to say a big thank you for the love on the previous sentiment table and tech videos i honestlydid not expect them to be viewed as much as they have and the feedback has been really positiveand so if you’re a brand-new subscriber here and there seems to be many of you well relish yoursupport and i’m looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible so to win oneof three trajectory key honour battalions which include goodies like the path key nest and the chic deskmat and their key organizers i totally cherish and have used for many years now all you need to dois quit a comment underneath this video telling me what your favorite piece is on your desk andwhy then make sure you’re subscribed to this channel drop a like on this video that’s moreoptional but it makes you one second and it truly does help this canal out and then headon to the link in the description box below to add your contact details we’ll be picking outa champion from the comments in one month’s time so keep tuned good luck and thank you orbitkey for organizing this giveaway for my viewers everything you’ve seen in this video i’ll leavelinks to in the description box below and if you can’t find the product you’re looking for therebecause the roster is actually fairly long already just ask in the comments and i’ll do my best toreply to you if you’re on instagram by the way go follow me over there @ AndrewEthanZengand don’t forget to dm me giveaway over there too good luck to those who enter thegiveaway and as ever thank you for watching

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